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▶ Age: Immortal [Year 496 Fall]
▶ Gender:
▶ Pronouns: Male [He/Him/His]
▶ Orientation: Pansexual
▶ Breed: Black Forest Horse X
▶ Height: 16.0 hh hh
▶ Health: 12
▶ Attack: 8
▶ Experience: 14
▶ Signos: 10 (Donate)

▶ Joined: 06-24-2017
▶ Last Visit: 07-14-2018, 09:50 AM
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Camdis Lohir was not born with the build of a King, rather, he had been thrust from his mother's womb with knees knobby and weak, heart fluttering and useless, eyes clouded and blind. He was unremarkable in his fragility, something to be drowned, to be cast aside in the face of his crippled wretchedness; but as it were, they needed him alive, a figurehead for the masses, a breaker for the curse that had plagued them all. The life essence and strength of his sisters' blood that fused with his own caused him to grow stout and strong, to clear his eyes and give his heart new purpose.

Or so they say.

Thick black legs legs with slight red and black barring accompanied by sparse feathering carry a solidly hewn frame. A shining coat of bay is pressed over well developed musculature, though being baptized in his sister's blood upon birth has given him a bit of a 'sacrificial birthmark' on his face, neck, chest, forelock, and front section of his lengthy obsidian mane.

Silver eyes are lined and dripping with thick black down toward his nostrils. Lips are onyx as well as his hooves, mane, and tail. The wretched exile refuses to cut his mane and tail in tribute to his sister - in his kingdom, priestesses wear their hair long - and likes to wear two or more braids draped over his back, uncut and unsullied, a tradition amongst the males of his realm. Long, curving horns of black with ends dipped in crimson serve as a crown, but who would crown themselves King of Bitterness?
Regretful Warrior King in a Self Imposed Exile
Lovingly nicknamed Thaddy Daddy
Brash - Hatefully Empathetic - Decisive - Somber - Observant - Logical - Craves Learning - Educated - Reserved - Honest - Dutiful - Loyal - Stubborn - Possessive - Generally Unlikable

Camdis Lohir is an overall guilty creature.

He feels guilty that he married so quickly and without love or feeling. He feels guilty and conflicted about leaving his two young children to govern a country with the guidance of adults they didn't know and that he has never trusted. He feels guilty that his sister died to keep him alive only for him to flee the kingdom and live as a melodramatic baby. And it is ultimately this guilt that drives him to be the bitter wretch that he is. He lashes out at others emotionally, condemning them and judging them for the slightest infraction while hypocritically ignoring his own sins.

Due to his crass and abrasive nature, Camdis is emotionally starved, throwing himself moreso into the physical aspect of things - fighting, sex, drink - in order to staunch the creeping understanding that what he is doing is wrong. In an odd twist, though, the bitter nit loves to work as a healer - he will never admit that he sympathizes and empathizes or cares any bit about the patients that he treats. Rather, the wretch would prefer to curse and yell at his charges, damning them for being so fragile, so stupid as to let themselves get hurt or sick. In addition, the grooming that he underwent to be king - the endless hours of lecturing and teaching and learning of what belonged to him and to provide for what was his - has given the stallion a twisted sense of possessiveness. He likes to take the dregs, the rich, the cruel, the kind, anyone and anything that catches his eye and he wants to keep them. To provide for them in every single way, but to forbid their freedom from him.

Cares about his appearance for the most part - if only to honor his sister's sacrifice. While he identifies as pansexual, there is a general sense of discomfort around most mares – he feels like they can tell what he did. He will not wield magic other than telepathy (and even that is used as sparingly as possible) as he believes that it is blasphemous for a male to wield it and a shame for him to use it while his sister cannot because SHE IS HELLA DEAD.
Born to historically matriarchal kingdom, the bloodline of the ruling family begat only fraternal twins - one female and one male

Females were the only ones to fit the throne because they were the only ones that inherited the magic necessary to communicate with the spirits of previous queens - this helped them rule better and beget a prosperous nation. Males inherited no magic and the only record of stallions wielding the gods' blessings were twisted, dark warlocks who had sullied the magic's purpose and twisted it into something cruel and unrecognizable. It was common for the ruling sisters and brothers to bond and mate to one another to make the magical link between ancestors stronger. Traditionally, a brother is his sister's closest confidante and most beloved protector. They are inseparable, of one mind and one heart.

Males were their sisters sworn guards and their anchor to the physical realm - a piece of them to bring them back from their trysts with spirits.

A particularly vindictive queen sought immortality throughout her reign and when she could not unlock the secret to eternal life, cursed the throne and crown upon her deathbed. The curse caused any of the queens to take the crown to die an agonizing and bloody death.

As a loophole in the curse, brothers began to rule as figurehead kings in their sisters' wake. The sisters would direct the male in all decisions and etiquette, but the brother wore the crown and sat the throne. This newly allotted flexibility for the sisters allowed for more time spent convening with past queens and ushered in a new era of prosperity.

This was the standard for a very very long time.

Until something wretched happened.

Lohir and Camdis were born to their parents, Brother King and Sister Queen just as so many before them. Camdis was born minutes before her brother as was to be expected. Lohir was weak and not likely to survive his first days, but a male had to take the throne else the throne would go empty as the current king faded - and this was not an option.

So a witch was summoned and a dark ritual was performed where Camdis, only hours old, was sacrificed and her life force was channeled into keeping Lohir alive.

Lohir was raised and groomed as king - though the blood that had both baptized and saved him would forever stain his face, neck, and chest red.

In honor of both tradition and of his sister, Lohir took the name of his sister upon his coronation and became Camdis Lohir - the first monarch to rule alone for the first time since the nations birth. He was forced to rely on the royal council and priestesses for all political decisions, for the sacrifice of his sister did not allow him the magics necessary to convene with the spirits of previous queens.

Throughout the first year of the young stallions rule, though, he was plagued with agony across his entire being. It felt as if his insides were being shredded and his advisers soon discovered that because the life of his sister was the catalyst in the spell that allowed him to live, the curse upon the throne would misinterpret the true identity of who ruled - so as he was physically male, Camdis Lohir would not die from the curse, but he would experience the agony of it.

Camdis Lohir quickly married a close cousin and consummated the bonding, waiting only long enough for the priestess to give birth to a pair of perfectly healthy fraternal twins.

He left his son as a figurehead king the moment the boy understood what it was to follow the directions of the council, relying upon the sages and priestesses to teach the children accordingly. The Coward King fled his kingdom, a brand of failure upon his heart and mind.

Self imposed exile led him to the Night Court.
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