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▶ Year || 503
▶ Season || Spring
▶ Temp || 43℉ (8℃) - 70℉ (21℃)
▶ Weather || The weather radar really does seem to be off the charts lately...
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▶ Age: 13 [Year 490 Spring]
▶ Gender:
▶ Pronouns: Male [He/Him/His]
▶ Orientation: Bisexual
▶ Breed: Paint Overo
▶ Height: 15.3 hh hh
▶ Health: 15
▶ Attack: 5
▶ Experience: 10
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Apollo the Merciful

Breed: Paint Overo
Gender: Stallion
Race: Unicorn
Eyes: Honey-Brown
Horn: Spiraled, Crystalline Blue
Mane: Black
Body: Black body with white overo markings along his underbelly
Hooves: Dark Grey
Markings: White blaze, white sock on front left leg, and white sock on rear right leg.
Tail: Black

Apollo is, at first glance, quite plain. With a monochromatic palette and the build of a traditional stock breed, he is nothing too spectacular to look at.

His coat is a sleek, glistening black, marred only by the white overo markings splotched alongside his underbelly, and the brief accents of chrome along the rest of his person. A wide blaze extends from forehead to the end of his nostrils, the marking ceasing before it could trail down onto his lips. A tall sock, not quite a stocking, sits upon his front left leg, ceasing at the knee. Upon his back right fetlock is a small white sock, stopping just at the fetlock joint.

The Merciful's mane and tail are both thick hairs of black. They are long and straight, his mane extending to the broad plains of his chest, and his tail resting at his fetlock joint.

One of the most prominent physical features about Apollo, however, are his eyes. They are warm pools of honey-brown, almost a rich, mahogany amber. His eyes are his key form of expression; they are warm, they are comforting, they are the windows to the Merciful's passionate, loving soul. Rarely are his eyes cold with loathing, or wide and rolling in fear. Oftentimes they are steady, soothing, loving, warm pools accepting and assisting to those in need.

The second most prominent physical features Apollo may carry is his horn. It is opaque, not quite see through but not a solid color, a bright, cheery, crystalline blue in color. It is long with the traditional, spiraling twist of a unicorn, resting upon the center of the overo's forehead, nestled in the middle of his white blaze.

Items: Apollo carries upon him two items of vast importance.

Band of the Tree: A bracelet of gold leaves and green emeralds, worn on his left front leg. (Given to him by Ktulu)
Jewelry: Various blue beads woven into his mane.

Lost Items: Apollo lost this item upon his arrival in Novus.

Satchel: Hemp carrying satchel on shoulder.

And I don't want the world to see me,
'Cause I don't think that they'd understand

The Pros... (WIP)

Dependable | Kind | Genuine | Heartfelt | Engaging | Charming | Steadfast | Empathetic | Boyish | Tender-hearted | Nature-loving | Tree-hugger

A medic and lover-of-life at heart, Apollo the Merciful has become everything that his title insinuates. Tenderhearted, loyal, and loving, this stallion adores and respects all forms of life, from the mighty Gods themselves to the smallest and weakest of creatures. He feels companionship with nearly everything and everyone around him, and relishes in the company of those that he loves the most. He cherishes his loved ones and close friends, considering them all his 'brothers' and 'sisters' as opposed to simply 'herd mates', believing that 'family' is what you make it and is not solely defined by blood.

Ever since settling in Helovia and receiving the blessing from the Ancient Tree Stag that allowed him to heal the injured, Apollo began to feel a warm, familial camaraderie with plants and trees. He can often be found in the forests of the world, speaking to the trees as though they were long-lost friends.

He is dependable, steadfast, and heartfelt. While not a warrior in any sense, Apollo will fight to defend the ones he loves, but only should the situation ever arise. He is not one to go 'picking fights' or 'getting into trouble', much preferring to remain in the background and helping others.

The Cons...

Hydrophobic | Scared of the dark | Severely empathetic | Trusts too easily | Passive | Soft-spoken | Self-doubt

First off, Apollo is hydrophobic. This is not something that he will openly admit to those he doesn't know very well, as he is a creature that is easily embarrassed. He is, and always has been terrified of the water. The ocean is not to be trusted, nor are large or deep bodies of water. Just ask him about the one time that he tried to overcome his fear in the Endless Blue ocean of Helovia, where he encountered a hungry kraken hell-bent on making the stallion into a snack.

Second, much to his chagrin, Apollo is petrified of the dark. It started in his youth, irrational and foolish, and during his time in Helovia and living beneath the thick canopy of the Deep Forest, his fears lessened and he outgrew his childish phobia... But upon the destruction of his home, of darkness wiping out the lands he loved and Kaos murdering his friends and loved ones, that old fear of the darkness returned, wary and anxious of the unknown that might be lurking just outside of his field of vision.

Now, less of a phobia and more of a fact, Apollo is severely empathetic. Normally this would be a good thing. And it is, except when he does not have the emotional capabilities to handle his gift. The stallion is easily overwhelmed, overstimulated by too many loud sounds in one place or too much commotion. He takes on the strong feelings of those who are around him, and if unable to properly channel those emotions, they leave him feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and emotionally spent.

One of his greatest downfalls, however, are that he trusts far too easily. Apollo is a gentleman, through and through, and one built on trust. He is the first to offer a stranger the benefit of the doubt and welcome them with open arms, and as such, it makes him an easy target for manipulation. Having become aware of such a flaw, however, he has since struggled with it. Apollo is also considerably soft-spoken, allowing others to speak over him and refusing to force his way into conversation or instigate his opinion where he fears it may not be needed or welcome. Because of this, he is also the first to doubt himself, believing himself to be 'nothing special' and, quite honestly, belittle himself for things that, realistically, no one had any control over.

When everything's meant to be broken,
I just want you to know who I am.

Early Years:

Born into a unicorn herd that resided in lush grasslands, Apollo had a happy foalhood. He laughed, played, and learned, adored by his parents and his older sister, Andreas. They taught him love and compassion, and contributed greatly to his kind charm and sympathetic heart that would one day fuel his life. A summer wildfire, however, stole all of that happiness away forever. In the wake of disaster, the once lush grasslands were now brittle and lifeless, unable to support the herd of unicorns that called it home. Soon, disease swept in, stealing the lives of Apollo's mother and father, and leaving he and Andreas alone in a herd of struggling survivors. The herd grew unsound volatile, other members becoming power hungry and greedy while others bickered and fought over what they should do, or where they should go.

Unable to handle the stresses of the herd, mild, meek Apollo left it and his sister behind in favor of venturing onward, searching for a place where he could finally belong and thrive in a structured, secure environment. It was that journey that brought Apollo to Helovia.

Arrival and the Grey

At five years old, Apollo entered the Threshold of Helovia during the winter season of Frostfall, just as lost as he was since the day that he had left his herd, and sister, behind. There, cold and petrified, he stumbled across Phaedra, a spy of the Grey. The Grey, as he was quick to find out, was a mercenary group lead by twin sisters Ktulu the Constrictor and Ophelia the Forsaken, a band of rag-tag mercenaries who swore to defend those that could not defend themselves. Eager at the prospect of joining such a noble, devoted cause, Apollo ventured with Phaedra to the Deep Forests of Helovia, to join their ranks.

After meeting the two sisters that lead the Grey, Apollo is accepted into their ranks as a Spy. Over the following months of acclimating to life in Helovia, and life in the Grey, Apollo slowly began to settle his new life, meeting the other members of the Grey and other denizens that called the massive continent of Helovia their home. It was on the night of a full moon, however, that changed the course of the stallion's life forever. Awakened one night from a fitful sleep by a baritone voice resonating in the air and trees around him, Apollo discovers an ancient, mighty fir tree in the depths of the forest, and a wise Tree Stag Spirit, who bestowed upon him the gift of healing others. It is this encounter that breeds Apollo's respect, love, and adoration for nature and, in particular, trees.

Discovering that his heart lay in healing and medicine, Apollo pleads with Ophelia to become the Grey's Healer. She agrees, and almost ravenously, the young, eager stallion begins his studies in botany and medicine, desperate to learn all he could and prove his worth to his family.

The Invasion of the Windtossed Foothills...

By now, Apollo had been in Helovia for half a year, celebrating his sixth birthday in the spring month of Birdsong. It was summer, or Tallsun, and the Grey was continuing to grow and expand, accepting eager and able-bodied individuals into their fold. The increase of numbers, however, caused strain on the land around them, and soon, they would need to find a new, larger location to call home. The Grey, calculating and volatile, decide to act.

First, the Spies search the herdlands surrounding Helovia, setting their sights on the Windtossed Foothills, a quiet, tranquil land of rolling hills and ample space. Second, they planned their attack. Finally, the time for the Grey arrived; Ktulu and Ophelia lead the Grey into their invasion on the Foothills, to stake claim on a new home. There, Apollo found himself, for the first time in his life, locked in battle, fighting hoof, teeth, and horn with a ferocity that he did not know he possessed, but the act of fighting left his heart heavy with grief and guilt.

The Grey emerged victorious. There, they settled, Ophelia and Ktulu taking leadership of the Windtossed Foothills. Apollo, graced by the will of the God of the Earth himself, became the Head Earth Medic of the Foothills, a role that he embraced wholeheartedly.

Eventually, the life of the Grey began to dwindle. While procuring a herdland to call home, it was difficult to be a mercenary group who swore to serve others and not instill grudges upon the other Herds. It was risky, and it was dangerous. Eventually, Ophelia stepped down. In her departing wake, Ktulu approached Apollo and appointed him to lead in her sisters stead. Apollo accepted, becoming the Chief of the Windtossed Foothills, and earning the title the Merciful to his name.

Life of a Chief, destruction of the Grey, and the fight between Life and Death...

It was Birdsong. Apollo was now seven years old, a gentle, inexperienced, but no less passionate Chief to the Windtossed Foothills. His studies in medicine were set aside in favor of keeping the morale and strength of his herd up. One night, in the midst of spring, he was summoned by Ktulu, who informed him that she would be leaving the Foothills and stepping down as Chieftess. Apollo would, however, always have a friend and ally in her. Reluctantly, he let her go, and Ktulu left the herd.

Now ruling the land alone, Apollo made a crucial, potentially damning decision; he deconstructed the Grey. As a land, they were weak. They could not afford to hold indifference to the herds around them and not form alliances, and so casting aside the ideals of the Grey, Apollo made the transition from the Foothills being home to a mercenary group, to being the true home of a herd. Desperate to have someone lead beside him so that he alone did not shoulder the stresses of leadership alone, Apollo appointed Phaedra to rule beside him. She accepted.

Desperate to obtain some kind of companionship, Apollo treks to the Veins of the Gods, where he implores the God of the Earth to bestow him with a Companion, who will share his mind and heart. The God of the Earth granted Apollo his wish, on the condition that he would quest for his reward. His quest? Speak with two individuals with Companions of their own, and learn about the deep and meaningful relationships between bond-mates.

Apollo meets with Archibald the Dauntless, a former member of the Grey, and his Companion Loretta, an Alaskan Malamute, and learns of the depths of a bond from them. Then, he meets again with Ktulu, and her Grizzly bear Companion, Eytan, and learns not only what it is to be bonded with another soul, but also, that his heart may have been stolen by the Constrictor herself.

For a time, the Foothills is peaceful. Members come and go. Friendships are made that would last a lifetime, but that peace would not last. During the midst of a mid-summer's raging thunderstorm, Apollo is challenged for his leadership by Confutatis, a new member of the herd who had been accepted only days prior by Phaedra. Against her, Apollo encounters the toughest fight of his life.

The fight is ugly. It is unfair. Rain falls, Mud churns, and blood spills, and Apollo, a medic at heart, a lover of life, the furthest thing possible from a soldier, somehow overcomes her. Somehow, he wins, and remains Chief of the Foothills for awhile longer.

The Fall of the Windtossed Foothills...

It is fall, Orangemoon. Hell, quite literally, breaks loose in Helovia. Darkness descends upon the land, and demonic wraiths plague the inhabitants. The wraiths carry infectious diseases, poisoning the blood of any they come in contact with and turning them into wraiths as well. Apollo leads the members of the Foothills that he can gather to the one safe place that they know of; the Sanctuary, a series of underground cave systems protected by the might of the Gods themselves. It is there that they stay until a select, gifted few, can fight the plague and restore light to the world.

The world, after the plague is lifted, is ravaged. The Windtossed Foothills are no more. Instead, in its place, is the Hidden Falls; a sanctuary created by the God of the Earth himself, standing proud amidst the ruins of the land that Apollo had once served. Stricken by depression and fear of where his loved ones had gone, perhaps turned as wraiths and forever lost, the Merciful secludes himself away and does not venture to the Hidden Falls, a land now ruled over by Midas the Gallant, one of his closest friends and allies. Instead, he returns to the Deep Forests of Helovia, his first home, and that is where he stays for a long time.

Zola the Eyeless Cat and the World's Edge...

Apollo is eight. Despite his self-imposed exile, Apollo was able to find the few that he loved, safe and alive despite the madness of the year prior. Among one of those he was able to reconnect with was Ktulu, and finally admit his love to her. Due to the circumstances, however, nothing comes of his revelation. Returning to the Veins of the Gods at last, the unicorn tells the God of the Earth what he knows about Companions and the bonds they share with mortals. Satisfied with his answer, Apollo is given a small, round egg.

He has a new purpose. Every day, Apollo lives for the egg now at his mercy. He tends to it, loves it, and cherishes it, even though he has no idea what might be inside. Due to an unexpected trauma, however, the egg hatches prematurely. A black, tiny kitten emerges, but it is not completely healthy. Where the black kitten's eyes should be are just blank sockets of emptiness. Despite her blindness, however, Apollo is instantly smitten with the bundle of fur, and names her Zola, his precious ball of clay.

Realizing that he could no longer continue to live as he was, needing to protect the new life that he suddenly found himself in charge of, Apollo left the Deep Forest and sought out the World's Edge in the midst of Frostfall, where many former members of the Grey had began to call home. There, he is welcomed by Ktulu, Lakota, and his closest friends, who welcome him into the folds of the World's Edge. With Zola in his life and his family at his sides, Apollo's life settles for the better.

As a member of the World's Edge, Apollo once more throws himself into the life of a medic, drowning himself in what knowledge of herbs and medicines that he could grasp. He felt at home, amidst those that he loved, with a new, kindled sense of purpose. His purpose is disrupted, however, when the World's Edge invades the Hidden Falls and emerges victorious. When his family goes to settle in the Hidden Falls, Apollo goes as well, reluctant to be apart from the members of the Grey who he had served beside so many years ago, and eager to once again serve the land dedicated to the God of the Earth.

Death of the Gallant, and the Fall of the Merciful...

In the wake of the invasion to claim the Hidden Falls, Midas the Gallant perishes at the will of the Gods. Apollo is grief stricken. He recedes from the members of the herd with only Zola at his side, sick with shame and guilt. Succumbing to a terrible, mind-numbing depression, the Merciful frequently ventures from the Hidden Falls in favor of trying to find himself once again. For the following year, he wanders like a lost soul, struggling to come to terms with his loss and make sense of it all.

His relationship with Kulu, with the other members of the Grey, becomes strained. The distance he feels in his heart becomes a physical gap that they struggled to breach. Inevitably, however, Apollo returns home to the Hidden Falls. There, he does his best to settle despite the sadness in his heart, and once more focuses on medicine to help those in need.

A patrol with Ktulu put them back in one another's good graces, allowing them ample time to discuss their friendship and the demons that still haunt them both. They were able to rekindle the friendship that they once had, and that is enough to settle Apollo's worrisome heart. Through it all, they were still together. Through their losses, at least they still had each other. Ever so slowly, Apollo began to find himself.

The Fall of Helovia

Apollo is eleven years old when Helovia falls. By now he has served as Caretaker of the Hidden Falls for three years, older, more experienced, matured. He's still very much that easy-going, boyish character, however, all smiles and warm eyes. Still, the Merciful has not settled down with a mate or started a family. The one he loves adores another, and Apollo loves his friends far too much to let his heart be known.

The destruction of their home, however, comes quite slowly.

He called himself Kaos, from the land of the Rift. He came, slowly destroying the lands of Helovia, one by one, until none were left, corralling the inhabitants into one location, and then gave them an ultimatum; pass through a portal and travel to the Rift, or die. Many tried to defy Kaos, furious by the loss of their homes. Everyone who opposed him met a swift end. No one could defeat him.

Knowing that he would be a fool to try and desperate to protect Zola, Apollo passed through the Portal to venture to the Rift. He did not, however, make it... And neither did Zola.


Coming to, Apollo found himself in a land that was new, foreign. Not only that, but he was alone. Zola, his precious ball of earth, was nowhere to be found. At eleven years old, Apollo finds himself in the land of Novus, a place that is neither Helovia or the Rift. What he does know, however, is that he must find Zola, no matter the cost.

Active & Parvus Magic

Passive Magic


Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Apollo the Merciful

Items: Apollo carries upon him two items of vast importance.

Band of the Tree: A bracelet of gold leaves and green emeralds, worn on his left front leg. (Given to him by Ktulu)
Jewelry: Various blue beads woven into his mane.

Lost Items: Apollo lost this item upon his arrival in Novus.

Satchel: Hemp carrying satchel on shoulder.

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