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▶ Year || 503
▶ Season || Spring
▶ Temp || 43℉ (8℃) - 70℉ (21℃)
▶ Weather || The weather radar really does seem to be off the charts lately...
I wonder what's going on? (#15-19)


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"And all the while her mind, her blood, her fierce and fearless heart was singing, singing, singing." — Shrike in We're under attack!

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▶ Age: 5 [Year 497 Summer]
▶ Gender:
▶ Pronouns: Male [He/Him/His]
▶ Orientation: Homosexual
▶ Breed: Akhal Teke
▶ Height: 15hh hh
▶ Health: 13
▶ Attack: 7
▶ Experience: 10
▶ Signos: 205 (Donate)

▶ Joined: 09-02-2017
▶ Last Visit: 11-06-2017, 09:52 AM
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A creature of molten gold, spun glass held up to a strong summer sun. Vadim is a creature suffused with heat and light and youth. He is forever in motion. He cannot seem to truly be still, always moving with a dancer's grace to some inner music.

His face is well formed and sensitive, shockingly white against the pale metallic gold of his coat. His profile is straight, wide nostrils drawing in breath and expressive ears giving away many of his thoughts. From the border of snow and metal gleam ice blue eyes. For all their color, his gaze is not cold. Rather, his eyes are more often home to laughter and mischief than to sorrow or anger. Long, snow-white lashes veil his eyes from the sandstorms of his homeland. From his head leads the fine, strong curve of his neck. No stray strand of mane breaks the line, neither spilling from between his ears nor falling from his nape.

His build is delicate, leggy without being lanky. His chest is broad and deep, for holding the wind that feeds him. It is the wind that gives him wings, carrying him on it's back so that he runs lightly. For all his delicacy, he is a creature built to endure. Strong, long legs lead to delicate hooves, variegated black and ivory. Sharp for cutting into sand and hard for withstanding the harshness of salt plains.

As white decorates his face, he also flies it for a banner in a sparse tail that only reaches the top of his hocks. He has little shame in the thin, silky strands. His people held little vanity in such things and he has yet to learn the habits of any new people.

Golden bodied but silver tongued, words are Vadim's instrument of choice. Whether in song or poetry or prose, there is little he likes more than language. Behind the tongue is a brilliant mind. Curious and persistant, he has a penchant for logic puzzles and riddles. Stories he collects like currency- there is a culturally engrained reverence for storytelling in him that he is likely to never lose.

As someone who quite obviously enjoys being social and something of the center of attention, he has an odd stage fright. When asked to perform or speak in front of large crowds he is hesitant and careful, even shy. There is something powerful about having an audience like that and he is cautious about that power. It is power he is not sure he wants. Not yet, at least. However, there is very little else that makes this flashy young stallion seem withdrawn.

Spontaneous, charming, and almost painfully optimistic, it is obvious that Vadim is in the period of his life in which he is defining his views of the world. He has the notions taught to him by his parents, then the vague thoughts and philosophies he has begun to piece together for himself. Idealistic perhaps to a fault, he truly believes that horses are at their core good, regardless of how life might have molded them harshly. Words have power, and should be used with care (though sometimes he is not as good at living up to this as he thinks he should be). He lives his life with this vague idea of integrity that he is still working on shaping into something more concrete.

Vadim has had a strained relationship with romance. Though he enjoys the idea of it and indeed even idolizes it, he is a little cautious about showing obvious interest in someone he finds attractive. If they make the first move though, it seems to remove his inhibitions and he has a vibrant sexuality that seems surprisingly untangled with emotions.

Perhaps his biggest downfall is his sensitivity. While empathy to others can be an excellent thing, he struggles with harsh criticism and violent rejection. A pacifist at heart, he does not really understand the desire to cause harm. It makes him skittish and uncertain and sometimes leads his tongue to say things that are unwise. He has little experience handling politics and relationships. He also has trouble leaving things alone that he doesn't understand. It is in his nature to pursue and dissect until he feels he truly understands.

Passionate when he believes he is in the right, he will knowingly and willingly accept the consequences for standing up for his beliefs.

Veter is a land of extremes. Of scorching heat and freezing nights, smothering silence and screaming wind. The horses who live here are built to endure. The Vetish Herds survived for generations. For millenia out of mind. For history unrecorded.

The Vetish herds are dying.

Vadim was born to a small herd, only six members strong. He was the first foal born to them in seven years. His mother was old, but she imbue him with a certain amount of optimism. Like the wind, sometimes the herds died and sometimes the herds swelled. Soon, she believed, they would swell again. This thread of optimism was common among all the horses in his life. So was this belief in the wind. Though they had no name for it except for the land's name (the Veter), it was from the wind they believe they came. It birthed them, it carried them, and it protected them. Even the harsh sandstorms were viewed with a sort of amiable dislike. Though they didn't enjoy the storms, they were viewed as necessary and vital to the health of the region. So they endured.

He grew up on a combination of his mother's milk and the words of his elders. He learned the story of how the Veter had brought forth horses from the sand of the earth, breathing life into their ancestors. He learned the songs to sing the stars to sleep, and to raise the sun from it's height. He learned the sagas of his ancestors, turned to heroes by time and the adoration of the herd.

It became clear as Vadim advanced from a yearling into young adulthood that his sexual preferences did not lie with mares. At first the disapproval was easy to overlook- it was expected that he would grow out of it. His mother worried though. His father did not really understand. A first time father and old for it, he did not really know what to do. Eventually, they did what had always worked best. They took a walk and had a conversation. Throughout his life, Vadim has always been treated like a particularly small adult, even in his foalhood. They explained that to have an interest in other stallions was not acceptable, especially not when the herds were struggling so to produce viable young.

In the months that followed, they saw some hope. Vadim tried to change his behavior, to act as he was expected to. With no real peers, he floundered. He became more and more withdrawn. Eventually, he approached his parents. It was with heavy hearts that they heard his choice to leave and pursue his life outside of the confines of Veter.

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