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Current Novus date and time is

▶ Year || 503
▶ Season || Spring
▶ Temp || 43℉ (8℃) - 70℉ (21℃)
▶ Weather || The weather radar really does seem to be off the charts lately...
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▶ Age: 8 [Year 495 Spring]
▶ Gender:
▶ Pronouns: Female [She/Her/Hers]
▶ Orientation: Pansexual
▶ Breed: Donkey x Zebra
▶ Height: 12.2 hh hh
▶ Health: 10
▶ Attack: 10
▶ Experience: 10
▶ Signos: 20 (Donate)

▶ Joined: 11-25-2017
▶ Last Visit: 12-02-2017, 04:15 PM
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Basic Information

Species: Zonkey pegasus

Gender: Female

Age: 6 years

Birth Season: Spring

Height: 12.2 hh

Build: Pudgy

Wings: Kijazza has one set of feathery wings that are black in color.

Coat color: Silver with black stripes

Eyes: Amber

Mane/Tail: Black

"Stripes are nature's greatest fashion accessory. That's a fact!"

As a zonkey pegasus, Kijazza's most identifiable features are her black, feathery wings and the dark stripes on her silver-colored coat. She is among some of the shorter equine inhabitants of Novus due to her donkey genes, standing at only 12.2 hands. She is somewhat pudgier than average, a fact which often makes it difficult for her to stay in the air for long durations and slows down her overall speed of movement. The pudginess comes from an unfortunately deep love for sweets and tendencies towards not getting enough exercise (much too busy studying) Her coat is not entirely smooth and tends to have a sort of fluffy look to it. Her mane is black in color, stiff, straight, upright, and naturally short. Her ears are long like most donkeys and silver in color with black tips. Her tail is short, a slender piece of flesh with a tuft of coarse, dark hair at the end. She has alert, wide amber-colored eyes which sparkle with curiosity and mischief. Typically, she wears a cute red bow on her tail.

Kijazza is a very expressive equine and not afraid to show this in the slightest. Her emotions can be seen all over her face and in her body language (she is prone to making exaggerated movements to emphasize her point). Her voice can be a bit nasally at times, and she has a terribly obnoxious and loud braying laugh. Although, she is far from what one would call elegant (quite clumsy, in fact), her compact and stocky build can hold a fair amount of power to it.

  • Clever
  • Fun-Loving
  • Brave
  • Gregarious
  • Confident
  • Exuberant
  • Negative
  • A Gossip
  • Reckless
  • Stubborn
  • Hedonistic

  • For all intents and purposes, Kijazza is a learned mare, but it might be more apt to call her a lifelong student. She would give just about anything to unlock all the mysteries and knowledge in the universe, but for now, she settles for learning what she can and running experiments on her own. Her areas of expertise include mathematics (statistics, economy), desert ecology, geology, and to a lesser extent, magical and alchemical theory. Her enthusiasm and passion for learning and her subjects of study are such that she will ignore everything else (even outright dangerous situations) in favor of them. For example, upon spotting a rare mineral next to a large, scary creature, she would dive for the mineral, not paying the creature one bit of mind.

    Due to being naturally bright and because of her intense passion, it is generally not wise to get into an argument with her over educational matters. She is not going to give up when she believes she is in the right (and she always believes that). Should someone actually succeed in proving her wrong, she is liable to be upset with them and sulk over the matter for days in overly dramatic fashion. Her stubbornness when it comes to haggling could be considered almost legendary, and any merchants that cross her path tend to regret ever seeing her. Although her scholarly characteristics might lend themselves better to someone of an introverted nature, this is not the case for Kijazza. At least one of the points of learning and acquiring knowledge is to SHARE (read: also bragging rights) that knowledge with others. She is all too happy to talk and gab at anyone who will listen to her, ESPECIALLY about her favorite subjects. She can also be quite a good listener as well, recognizing that conversations are a two-way street and intrigued by what someone else might contribute.

    This can be quite terrible for everyone else involved because Kijazza cannot keep a secret and should she catch wind of a juicy bit of gossip, it's sure to spread like wildfire when she's around. She generally means no harm by this; it's just other equines' lives make good conversation starters, and she doesn't really think through social consequences. Of course, this means that Kijazza isn't very good at keeping her own secrets, either. Her emotions are always plain for everyone to see, and she does not see any trouble that might come with trusting complete strangers with details about her own life.

    Kijazza is prone to having a somewhat vain, spoiled attitude. She knows who she is and what she wants and sees no rhyme or reason why she should ever deny such wants. This has cultivated a lot of hedonism in her. If it feels good, she's going to go ahead and do it, regardless of consequence.


    Kijazza was born a native to Novus, the resulting offspring from a donkey sire (Burrus) and zebra pegasus dam (Parlexa). She knows very little about her parents herself due to extenuating circumstances. Her actual site of birth is within the land of the Bellum Steppe, but on the official side of things, she's known (and believes herself to have been) born in the Viride Forest. Kijazza's foal years were neither particularly sad nor particularly happy. She was raised by a self-proclaimed witch mare (Fabulene) who lived in the Viride Forest and took care of her as if she was her own daughter. Unfortunately, a life in the woods tends to be very lonely, and so Kijazza was without friends growing up.

    At the age of three, Kijazza sought permission from Fabulene to set out on her own and explore what life has to offer, and Fabulene gave her permission and blessing, asking only that Kijazza not forget to visit every once in a while. Unfortunately, Kijazza's first escapade out of the forest lead her straight into the Mors Desert where she might have died of thirst and starvation, were it not for the good fortune of a passing merchant caravan made up of Day Court merchants.

    She would befriend these merchants and learn their trade, displaying both a keen interest and strong aptitude for numbers. She would travel and live amongst them for another two years. At some point within these two years, she would apply for citizenship within the Day Court and be accepted. She might have continued her occupation as a merchant until fate intervened. A small group of Day Court sages were having difficulty with a problem involving food and water shortages for Day Court warriors. Being the nosy sort that she is, Kijazza inquired further about the problem and aided them in solving it using a complex equation. Recognizing that she had talent, the sages offered her a position with them; a position of learning and teaching. At first, Kijazza found herself uncertain about adopting this new position, but she has in recent months adjusted and become accustomed to it. She absolutely loves her role as a Day Court Sage!

    "A newborn foal is a treasure who glitters in the sun and neighs at night."

    Before Kijazza was born, there lived a young donkey named Burrus in Elatus Canyon. He worked hard every day mining precious stone and metal and bringing it up from the depths of the canyon to the surface for trade. He had dreams, big dreams of saving and settling down in the countryside - somewhere nice, maybe raise a family. One day, he lost his footing on the path through the canyon. But to his great fortune, a beautiful striped pegasus flying overhead saw his predicament and swooped down to his rescue. She saved him, but at the cost of breaking one of her wings. With both of them having sustained injuries, they had to rely on each other to traverse the path back up out of the canyon, and it was there, that a relationship began to blossom. Burrus could see no greater mare than the pegasus before him, the one who called herself Parlexa, a free spirit hailing from Dusk Court. Parlexa could feel only sympathy and an outpouring of compassion for the donkey before her, but she admired his strength and his hope.

    When their dangerous trek through the canyon concluded, both knew in their hearts that they would meet again. And they did. They thought nothing of consequences and were mated. But Parlexa, being a free spirit, would not be tied down quite so quickly as that. It was only until she received news from a Dusk Court Caretaker that she was pregnant that she realized she needed to return to Burrus. He deserved to know.

    But the pregnancy was a long and difficult one. She could not even set out for Elatus Canyon right away due to strict orders of bed rest. And even when she started to get well, she was told to take it easy. She did not listen and made haste to her destination, determined, anxious, and regretful of how light she had made of her and Burrus' relationship.

    Somehow, she managed to survive giving birth to her foal in the Bellum Steppe. She realized it would not be safe for her to cross the mountains while she was still recovering from her difficult pregnancy and that it would not be safe for her foal who was still so very new to the world. And so, she decided to swing behind the mountains through the woods and into Viride Forest. Parlexa became very ill, and when she realized she could go no further, she despaired and wept for how stupid she had been. She would not survive, and her foal would be all alone, and Burrus would never know.

    Fortunately, Fabulene discovered the dying mother and the foal huddled up near her. Parlexa pleaded with the witch to take care of her daughter, and Fabulene agreed - no conditions. She would raise the foal as if she was her own. Fabulene did what she could to make Parlexa comfortable in her last moments, and then she took the foal in to feed her, care for her, and raise her.

    Kijazza was an exceptionally curious foal with a tendency towards getting into trouble, but Fabulene was always there to protect her (and inevitably scold her for doing such daft things). She liked to help her witchy caretaker with whatever it was she needed: gathering plants, brewing, etc. Fabulene provided her with a great education filling her in on anything she might need to know and definitely whatever she wanted to know.

    Kijazza picked up early, of course, that Fabulene was not her real mother. She'd ask a lot of questions, but sadly, there were many things even Fabulene did not know.

    "Knowledge is power, but enthusiasm pulls the switch."

    One day, it occurred to Kijazza that there must be more to life than a seemingly endless array of trees. She had heard of such things, stories from outside the forest (though, Fabulene sounded generally unimpressed with it). Being technically an adult, she found herself with strong desires to leave the woods and see what the world had to offer. Fabulene agreed that it would be good for an equine her age to get out into the world, so that she could find her place in it. So, with some advice from the mare who had cared for her and a pack to get started, she began her journey.

    Kijazza quickly learned a few lessons. One, it was usually a good idea to know exactly where one is going. Two, it is not a good idea to go into the desert alone, especially when you've never been to the desert before. And three, scorpions are not friends. Fortunately, before she could die of thirst, she was met with a Day Court merchant caravan. Never in her life had she seen such a variety of wares and goods! She made fast friends with many of the equines in the caravan, quickly matching names with faces, becoming one of the gang. In her two years with the merchant caravan, she also learned about love (she had at least two on-and-off romances; though, usually not at the same time) and loss (the desert is harsh even to a traveling group composed of members of the hardy and sturdy Day Court).

    She traveled and saw many other places including a few lands of the other courts before deciding that Day Court really was where she belonged. The day she applied and earned her citizenship in Day Court was a proud moment for her. It felt as if she had accomplished something special, as if it were meant to be, as if she truly belonged.

    "A jester and a sage are one and the same."

    With her fairly recent induction into the role of a Day Court sage comes an even greater thirst for more knowledge and, truth be told, more adventure. She can be reasonably content lounging around, eating grapes off a vine, and teaching those who are younger and/or less knowledgeable her what they need to know, but the pride of the Day Court breeds ambition and passion that can fuel a thousand suns. Why be completely satisfied with what she knows when she can know MORE?

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