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Current Novus date and time is

▶ Year || 502
▶ Season || Fall
▶ Temp || 35℉ (℃) - 69℉ (℃)
▶ Weather || The heat of the summer has begun to wane and cooler weather is spreading across Novus. Frost glistens in the morning light of some regions and the trees have shed their lush shades of green for those of red and orange. It is Fall now, but winter will soon be fast upon its heels.


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A Midsummer Night's Dream

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Acton and Bexley

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"If Reich had been the gunsmoke, Rhoswen was the gun - their youth swayed like washing in the wind, peaceful and unassuming, as though if they tried hard enough they might be able grab hold of it. Wasn't that the deceit of peaceful things? They drifted like butterflies just out of your reach." — Rhoswen in she was always meant to be a star

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The Character


▶ Age: 5 [Year 496 Winter]
▶ Gender: Male
▶ Pronouns: he/him/his
▶ Orientation: Pansexual
▶ Breed: saddlebred x
▶ Height: 17.2 hh
▶ Health: 15
▶ Attack: 25
▶ Experience: 27
▶ Signos: 0 (Donate)

▶ Joined: 01-11-2018
▶ Last Visit: 07-17-2018, 03:01 PM
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Orion is a man built tall and athletic, less bulky than those of draft breeds but enough to endure and pull what many strong equines can do. He's notably a bit wider in the chest and barrel to make room for his muscle, and his legs are sturdy and somewhat thick (though not remarkably so). With a somewhat thick neck, he holds up a face carved from marble, lacking a roman nose but offering a surprising set of horns. Thick and black, they rest behind his ears, rising up on either side much like a crown would from the back of his head, pointed and sometimes tangled in his ivory hair.

White eyes peer upon the world, while splashes of grullo splatter against a white face. Orion wears the scars of his past, the most noticeable being that around his right eye in the shape of distinct teeth, like someone attempted to bite his eye out, and several scrapes against the sensitive pink flesh of his nose. His head is mostly white, with patches of pink skin showing through near the ears and the tip of his nose.

The white only extends so far, slipping down his nape to his withers, and against his chest, down the inside right leg just a little, while the left holds more of it. The rest of his body is a hefty grullo, darker on the lower halves of his legs to the tips of black hooves (and a single peach one). Barring runs over his spine, spreading out on either side of his back, as well as marking the rear of his back legs. His tail is the opposite of his mane in terms of color, sitting as black and wavy, hardly touching the ground, but just as likely to get as tangled as its ivory counterpart.
speak no evil
orion is more well known to be softer in voice, though adamant and firm in his beliefs. he believes in a freedom of people, of a system where none are oppressed, should it cause a riot like that he had lived through in his younger years. he's among the kinder side, though he's far from a pushover. well versed in the world and its workings from what he's learned with the nomads, he's intelligent, like many that learn from the world are. though he carries trauma deep in his belly, it does not stop him from reaching out and meeting others, from attempting to make his way through the world.

he knows not what he seeks, but it is something that further drives him. perhaps some sort of peace, or a kingdom where many can live without fear of outside attacks or inside attacks. perhaps he strives for a sense of purpose. whatever it is, it continuously drives him forward, seeking what he isn't sure can be sought.

orion is a family oriented man and extremely loyal through and through, refusing to leave anyone behind in any sort of situation. in possession of plenty of charisma, he prefers to talk rather than fight, taking a more pacifistic route to find solutions, avoiding violence until he can no longer avoid it. this leads to many seeing him as soft-hearted and easily pushed over, though he is far from it. there are times where he will fight, but it takes an extreme degree of pushing to get him to that point.

groomed as a prince heir at birth, he's very well versed in politics and the workings of empires, though he tends to stray away from such things, preferring to never be mingled in what was the cause of his strife. orion is .. a complicated man, needless to say. he strives for a future somewhere, to cover his past.
the fall of a prince
born in to a royal family, orion was hailed as the heir, the crown prince to the throne that would soon belong to him. the country that was ruled over was fair, the monarchs just, a seemingly fairytale land where none could go wrong.

the outskirts were another story, where rogues and vagabonds roamed outside of the jurisdiction of the law. it was here that orion's story would truly begin, with the forming of a gang that could settle on no true name, with a leader that carried a false visage and hid behind a mask. a monster that gained followers in the outskirts and stormed the city and its magic wielding denizens. guards fell and citizens ran as the attack came full force, surging up from secret passages that had been kept off maps and out of sight.

the palace was overrun, and orion was merely a young boy. a two years old, he was attacked by those bigger than him. covered in the blood of his parents, they sought to eradicate any trace of the lineage. he was lucky, really, earning a bite to the eye that would nearly blind him, and damage that had him staggering. lucky that there were other guards and servants that would keep the attackers at bay, and with a bloodied face, he would be led away through passages in the palace and out.

behind him, the city burned, as he emerged from the dark and crowded passages, turning his head to see what had become of his home. everything he'd known was lost to the vicious tyrant that had overtaken, and he was the only one left to flee through the outskirts. flee until his legs could no longer carry him. he collapsed, a young boy, near a water source and was soon found by a nomadic herd that had no knowledge of where he had come from. the empire was nothing to them, knowledge they did not possess, and they took in the then bleeding boy to join their ranks, healed him, taught him.

soon enough, he forgot his title, his birthright, but he never forgot his home, the burning buildings and screams, the itching smoke in his eyes. he will never forget it. not even as he steps in to a new land, to give himself a proper new start. no longer is he an heir, but merely another face in a new land, seeking to begin anew, to attempt to escape the demons of his past.
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