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▶ Year || 503
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Something Canary makes no attempt to conceal, the little mare is obsessed with the abnormal. Diseases of mind and body but especially death, her biggest fascination. She wants to know what it’s like to bear these ailments. What monstrous little things that go through their minds and their weaknesses, but especially why they were born that way. Canary observes the sick even more than others, taking mental notes and writing them down whenever she can. It has become more of an obsession because she will go to great lengths to observe these things, become more of a stalker to her specimen if they are alive. Canary will not rest until she knows everything about them. Canary prefers to observe her specimens post-mortem because it gives her the ability to cut through skin and muscle, to break bone and let blood flow. To understand how the body works and how odd the inner workings could be is Canary’s drive, death is her ultimate obsession.

Having little to no positive loving contact growing up Canary both craves it and fears it. Its something Canary yearns for, yet physical contact causes Canary to go into fits and panic attacks, like a wild animal coming into contact for the first time. It is so strange to her. She would rather stand from afar and stare at the normal lives of others, never really in touch with society simply just observing. However, her hunger for a caring touch and a parental figure that she never had leads her to become extremely attached if you stick around and give her time and show you care. Or you manipulate her into thinking you do. Canary becomes dangerously attached once she ‘imprints’ on someone, willing to do anything, and everything for them. Even if that means self destruction. Canary would rip her own heart out for them, and if she sees her imprint with another she will go ballistic and turn violent. With this comes the intense need to please her imprint, she feels she is not enough and even the littlest thing she feels she did wrong Canary will self destruct. Tearing at her own skin and ripping out hair, a horrible fit where she beats herself up and blames everything on herself. This causes her to rip and tear at the flesh of her legs leaving scars.

In her eyes Canary is worthless and nothing. Put on this earth to simply exist and take up space, she was told no one would ever love her. Lacking all social talents and knowledge if you somehow manage to get Canary to actually speak to you and actually befriend you she is perhaps the gentlest creature ever, almost childlike in her kindness, bringing you small gifts or shiny things. Canary collects jewelry like a magpie, anything sparkling she will collect, stones, bracelets, earrings, necklaces. Like an animal she keeps them somewhere secret and cares for them fondly, her one secret pleasure. However she also collects taxidermy, many of her specimens held still in jars, dead animals and the like. The only time Canary’s murderous side appears is when someone she cares about, her imprint, is being hurt or disrespected. Canary seems to become a complete other horse. A spitting rabid dog she seems almost to lose all control of herself, attacking the nearest thing and not stopping until its heart does. Canary also gets a little weird when blood is spilt in any way, her eyes track like a lion about to pounce in prey, her actions a little more jerky and violent.

Sludge and decay. Rot and fear drowning all other scents creating a blinding veil so thick you could cut it with a blade. Blow flies crawled in and out in thick masses of the bloated discarded bodies. Any sudden movement sent them all flying in a humming storm before settling back into the decayed holes of the corpses. The sky was black and blue and green, the color of a nasty violent bruise. This was all that was left of the small caravan, attacked in the night and left to rot and sink into the black mud around them. Only a week ago were they slaughtered yet no one had found them, no one to find the two frail foals who were not even a year old. Covered in mud and starved, clinging to each other for warmth. They would not leave for they knew nothing of the world but their mother and she lay in the mud, her stark white ribs beginning to poke through her skin. They clung to her lifeless body day in and day out and this was how it was, until one night they came. Like ghosts they slipped into the caravan ruins and began scavenging for what remained until they discovered the twins.

Shivering and wide-eyed the skeletal foals were found lying in the crook of their mother's legs when a stallion draped in gold and silver approached, looming over. The twins were something of a wonder to the man for they were unusual and something of a wonder to the land. Little did the twins know that this man was the leader of a very dangerous, very feared, cult. To him, twins were a sign from the gods. This man called himself The Father and with cool kind manipulating words he got the foals to follow after him. The Father would give them a new family, where they were going they were all one, no one was special or singular. They were one. So the twins were taken in and given names for she was Canary and he was Liam. They were raised in a filthy swampland where the hundreds of members of the cult slept in huddles in tiny huts, covered in mud and feces and you couldn’t breathe without inhaling a fly. They were violent and wicked things with little respect for each other and every full moon they would sacrifice a member to the gods. They believed in doing so the gods would make them their helpers, so The Father said. Growing up Canary and Liam never really talked to anyone and never seemed to communicate verbally to each other, rather they spoke in bird-like noises to each other and seemed to understand each other. They were raised without contact or love from a mother or any other. To others, they simply stared and observed quietly sometimes cooing softly to each other. Canary and Liam also were oddly fascinated with death, often dissecting dead things or killing frogs beneath their hooves and The Father seemed to embrace it. Their unhealthy habits were embraced and encouraged and when the sacrifices were being held the twins stood front row to watch. With their demented sadistic personalities growing so did the complete dependence on each other, if ever separated the twins would simply shut down and refuse to function in any way. However dependent they were on each other Liam was extremely abusive to Canary physically and verbally, yet she still loved him.

Growing up it was extremely hard to tell how old the twins were for there was no record of their age but around the age of three Canary began receiving sexual offers from The Father. Neither Liam or Canary liked it, however ever denial of The Father’s advances was met with violence and brutal beatings. Therefore the twins devised a plan to run away, and so one night during the full moon sacrifice they ran through miles of thick mud and filthy water. However, the thick canopy blocked out any light and they became lost, giving The Father enough time to realize that they were missing. The Father sent out a search party with him leading the way and after hours of searching, they found the twins and they descended on them with a violent fury. They beat both of the twins to near death leaving Canary to be rendered unconscious. They were left there to die.

When Canary awoke, soaked in black mud and filthy water, she found Liam next to her. Cooing softly the mare had nudged him gently, her bones aching, yet he did not move. More frantically she nudged him as her heart beat burst from her chest until she noticed the cave in his head made by a pair of hooves. Liam was dead and that was when she began to scream. It was said you could hear that painful screech echoing through the swamp for miles. The pain in it was unbelievable.

No one for sure knows anything that happened after that. What they do know is Canary retreated into the swamp for years and never left and never spoke to anyone. Often she could be seen staring blankly out of the swamp like she yearned to step out but she never would. She could be seen mumbling to herself. Like a ghost, you could hear her wailing in pain on full moons. And sometimes horses could be seen disappearing in the swamp only to be found dissected laying in the murky green water. Canary became somewhat of a ghost story.

Years passed when a group of travelers were passing through the swamp and found Canary, tied and bound with thick vines, her legs, and body bound to trees as if someone tried to kill her. Canary was skeleton thin and half dead when they dragged her out of the swamp to nurse her back to health. They covered her in animal furs and fed her food until she was strong again. A few days later after the news reached the nearest village about the travelers finding the ghost of the swamp a search party went out to find them. What they found was the travelers gutted, their entrails strewn everywhere and no sign of Canary.

No one knows where she went after that. But because of the murder of the brother, it seems she has adopted him in a way, unable to handle his death she has become one with him. Saying we instead of I, us instead of me. With escaping Canary is also paranoid that the cult is coming after her.

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