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Current Novus date and time is

▶ Year || 502
▶ Season || Summer
▶ Temp || 74℉ (℃) - 100℉ (℃)
▶ Weather || With the end of Spring comes Summer's warm embrace. While some flourish in the comfortable glow of the sun, others take shelter from its sweltering midday heat. Even so, it is now that the continent bustles with life, for it won't be long until a cool chill returns.


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Bexley gives him a cold, dark, beautiful smile. “Wanna see a trick?” she asks, eyes glowing with feral self-satisfaction. The bare of her teeth in a mock-grin is nothing less than terrifying. “I can make you see ghosts.” do the hungry ever sleep?

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Dawn Court Caretaker

The Character


▶ Age: 5 [Year 497 Summer]
▶ Gender: trans male [he/him/his]
▶ Orientation: pansexual
▶ Breed: arab x welsh
▶ Height: 13.2
▶ Health: 15
▶ Attack: 5
▶ Experience: 10
▶ Signos: 30 (Donate)

▶ Joined: 05-04-2018
▶ Last Visit: Yesterday, 07:49 PM
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dancing with the flowers
rigel is and always will be a slender built man, with long legs and curves that are extremely subtle, but there. the homeland where he hails from calls him a kirin, though there are really only very slight differences between a kirin and a horse.

a body standing at thirteen two, he's the color of champagne gold, a very light hue that can easily be mistaken for a pink color. you have to be up close and personal to realize he isn't exactly pink. with a single white sock, and a small blaze that runs down to his lips, there are few markings, other than the dots of white and darker hue speckling him here and there.

rigel possesses pink scales that patch along his body, including parts of his face, and his tail is rather unicorn almost in nature (leonine and long), but thicker, with more hair, from the base to the tip. his hair grows in white, turning pink near the ends, and spans from his forelock all the way to his tail in a continuous line, though the hair on his spine is shorter and softer. it's more plush along there. hair also grows at the back of his hind legs, and at the elbows of his front, again more plush in feeling than his mane and tail, remarkably soft.

he is indeed a strange creature, with cloven hooves and sharp horns that don't really seem to fit any particular creature in looks. top it all off with pale blue eyes, and you have what is called a kirin in his old lands.

sweet child
rigel is and always will be a sweetheart, no matter which way you look at him. he's a kind and loving character, one that wears his heart on his sleeve and enjoys a good romp through the grass and flowers. most days you'll see him, you will see him among flowers and birds, generally attempting to get a flower crown made for himself so he can wear it.

he's innocent and naive in most aspects, a kind character that can be timid when someone big and burly comes around throwing their weight. he is a pacifist and prefers to not confront someone if something goes wrong. not only that, but he believes there is a good somewhere in everyone, and will always give them the benefit of the doubt. this leaves him vulnerable to attacks, as well as called stupid for such beliefs. he marches to the beat of his own drum, however, and the insults will roll off of him.

due to his kind and naive nature, he's had a few rough meetings, though nothing too harmful to him, only something to spook him. he will always be a gentle soul, reaching out to attempt to help, to care, and to show kindness to those that need it. even if it means laying his life on the line for something. this marks him as easy pickings for those that want someone to push around, though he tries not to let it happen, running off from it rather than sticking around.

he's easily spooked when he gets nervous, flighty and jumpy and one to squeal. it isn't that he means to, it's simply because he grew up in a herd that really.. had no need for fear or protection. it doesn't help that he's smaller than your average horse, even if he is fine legged and well proportioned.

he dreams of love, to have it some day, perhaps. it's not unusual to catch him daydreaming about things if he isn't on duty for his caretaker job. they're mild though, nothing to really fret about, as he isn't spacey. he's just a dreamer.

darling love me
rigel was a birth that was celebrated in a herd of gentle creatures, a mixture of horses, of kirin, of unicorns, and of pegasi. they lived under the rule of an emperor, where many of their kinds thrived. it was a peaceful land, with no wars of any sort to plague them, no illness. seemingly it was the perfect place to live, to thrive. it was something out of a fairytale book, perhaps. too gentle, too soft, for the cruel world that lingered beyond their borders.

rigel, being ever curious, was a sweet foal that tended to the flowers and birds, to the small animals that he enjoyed so much. growing up, he began to discover he could commune with the animals. not control them really, but commune and have them listen to him. it was a wonderful thing, something that grew with him, to the point where he spoke to the predators of the land and became close with them and their children. it was something of a wonder to see him sitting and talking with them, as if he had some sort of power to do so. the magic of the lands was something that curled deep in his bones, took a seat. at least for a while.

alas, at three years old, he finally decided it was time to leave, to explore new lands. he left home, and was guided by small birds and animals as he did, saying his goodbyes as he did. it was nice, until he passed the borders of his lands, and the small animals, the birds, they left. he called after him, but there was no single look back, no response, and the magic seemed to drain from him. the world outside of his homelands was.. something to be feared.

he soon found out that life was not all sunshine and soft colors and flowers. it was scary, and though he tried to keep his head up above the proverbial waters, rigel was soon beginning to slip under. more than one encounter had left him with bruises and a small limp to his step, aches in his chest and head. but it never deterred his beliefs. after all, perhaps they had just been angry, or maybe he had made the wrong impression. he never once blamed his attackers.

it didn't take long for him to wander to the new lands where whispers of deities and courts tickled his ears. ever the curious, he found himself wandering in, and taking up residence within one of the courts. dawn seemed the place most suited for him and his caring nature, so he soon found himself there, settling on the role of a caretaker.

he's young, and he's only been here for a few weeks, his wandering of the past two years doing nothing to diminish his innocent nature. rigel wants (and desperately hopes) to find a home among the dawn court and its people.
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