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Current Novus date and time is

▶ Year || 502
▶ Season || Summer
▶ Temp || 74℉ (℃) - 100℉ (℃)
▶ Weather || With the end of Spring comes Summer's warm embrace. While some flourish in the comfortable glow of the sun, others take shelter from its sweltering midday heat. Even so, it is now that the continent bustles with life, for it won't be long until a cool chill returns.


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Bexley gives him a cold, dark, beautiful smile. “Wanna see a trick?” she asks, eyes glowing with feral self-satisfaction. The bare of her teeth in a mock-grin is nothing less than terrifying. “I can make you see ghosts.” do the hungry ever sleep?

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The Character


▶ Age: 5 [Year 497 Spring]
▶ Gender: Female [She/Her/Hers]
▶ Orientation: Heterosexual
▶ Breed: Arabian x Appaloosa
▶ Height: 15.3 hh
▶ Health: 13
▶ Attack: 7
▶ Experience: 10
▶ Signos: 115 (Donate)

▶ Joined: 05-09-2018
▶ Last Visit: 10 hours ago
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Lisseut is a personification of simple elegance. Her looks in and of themselves are striking enough without her needing to add extra accessories and garnishes to embellish her visage. She is leggy and thin, suggesting an agile youth and sprightliness to her movement and carriage. Some might say she has the looks of a dancer, flitting from flower to flower as she hums tunes to herself. She keeps her wings folded close to her most of the time, not drawing attention to herself unless she means to. When she does spread them, they give her a slightly more grandiose silhouette, creating a regal effect. She stands at an average 15.3 hh, not short but not tall either. With her wings unfolded, she takes us much more space and can make herself a more demanding figure of attention.

She looks like a classic varnish roan appaloosa with various light and dark specks covering her coat. She has light points on her belly and hindquarters that are almost clean and untouched by spots. Her face, knees, and hocks are touched by dark, almost black, points with scatterings of dark speckles creating the look of dark stockings. From her muzzle up to eyes she has a white splash marking with a pink nose. Her wings are dark, almost black on the outside and fade to a light brown at the tips on the inside. The tips are also streaked with white stripes.

Her hair is usually loose and wavy, curling at the ends and blowing in the breeze. Both her mane and tail begin dark like the colors on her back and face, but ombre into a lighter, chestnut color at the tips. Occasionally, such as for formal gatherings and social events, she will add a few loose braids to her hair for extra effect.

Her eyes are a light blue that reflects the shade of the sky on a clear summer day. They appear serene and content the majority of the time, light and unveiled as to what she's thinking beneath the visage. Whenever she feels threatened or hurt, they darken a couple of shades and seem to lose their luster, dampened by her mood.

Lisseut looks harmless and trustworthy to most strangers, and once they meet her not much about that impression changes. She's usually quick to smile and slow to anger, appearing joyful and intriguing, inviting. Something about her grants others a sense of security, allowing them to relax and talk freely with her about whatever is on their mind. She has that effect on others, the one that encourages them to open up and not even realize they're doing it. It must be her demeanor, calm and honest with a not a hint of anything ulterior written in her eyes.

She wears flowers in her hair that perfume her body in a delightful fragrance that always announces her presence. She does not discriminate between different species or colors of flowers, and will pick up new ones to tie into her hair whenever the old ones wilt. She enjoys the sweet aroma and nearness to nature it gives her, unashamedly spending more time than she should thinking about when the next time she can go flower picking will be.
honest | loyal | adventurous | creative | entertaining | resourceful

aloof | daydreamer | sarcastic | drifter

She is a constant traveler, a searcher of adventure and chronicler of the times. During her ventures, Lisseut takes pleasure from being in nature and surrounding herself with it (via flowers and animals) when she is away from it. She spends her free time writing songs and singing about her adventures, a creative soul with a sentimental heart that are both inspired by nature. She enjoys her solitude but can also find joy being around those who are dear to her, closer to an ambivert than a true introvert or extrovert. She is an entertainer at times, gathering others around to tell them her tales, sing her songs, and offer relief from the stress of every day life. She has a big heart, capable of much joy and love. Yet, sometimes she disappears into herself and retreats in the forest. Nature seems to recharge her in a way that nothing else can.

Lisseut is a bard at heart; she lives for sunshine, flowers, adventure, and the thrill of not knowing where she will wind up. She tells her stories to whomever will listen and knows how to make them interesting, even enchanting. She has a melodic voice that is flexible and capable of many intonations, instilling her words with emotion and sincerity. Audiences are usually captivated by her tales, the way she is able to voice them, and forget whatever else is on their minds when she breaks out into song. She lives for her storytelling and music, constantly caught writing her thoughts down as soon as she can. Still, while she enjoys being around others and offering them such entertainment, she also feels the need to move on a venture out in the wilds again after being in one place for too long. For this reason, she comes and goes and rarely stays in one spot for very long.

She always finds her way back to her home base, but along the way she may take numerous side trips and wander off lost paths in the forest. She does not ever feel lost or alone, never afraid of how long the journey may take her. She perhaps lacks ties to any one place that gives her a sanctuary from the hardships of the world, but then again, those hardships never truly frightened her in the first place. She may appear dainty and fragile to some, but she is tough and as independent as they come. She does not shy from new things, and rather views them as growth opportunities. She does tend to make her way back to old haunts though, sometimes missing old faces and longing to see them once more. She has friends in many places and is constantly pulled every which direction by her whimsy.
Lisseut was born to a mother who adored her and cherished every moment she had with her. She never knew her sire, but only heard stories of him later in life from her mother. He was an adventurous sort, a roguish fellow who did not see everything in black and white like most do. He took love on the run and his other pleasures where he could get them from, never dreaming of having a family or staying put in one place. It was no small shock to him when he found out that Lisseut was on the way, and he departed before he could ever meet her. Lisseut's mother swore to her as she grew up that she had some of his traits, such as her love for wandering off and getting lost whenever the opportunity arose. She was a small foal, but strong and agile enough to get herself into antics and shenanigans like most young will when they learn the world around them.

She grew up happily, never particularly noticing that her mother and her were alone in the world. They traveled from herd to herd, and eventually Lisseut realized it was because her mother was secretly holding out hope that she would run into her father again, win him over when he saw his family, and finally they would be whole and together once more. She didn't know enough about the situation to form an opinion on it when she was young, but she learned to enjoy the travel and barrage of new sights, smells, tastes, and landscapes. She made friends with other animals along their journeys, never having time to get to know others her own age for very long before they moved on. Her mother was dedicated in her search, refusing to give up her dream or accept the idea that she was truly abandoned. Still, the two managed to be happy during this time. Lisseut had that infectious feeling of goodness about her even as a young foal.

That persona never faded away like most youthful innocence does as the world takes it toll upon its inhabitants. Hardships did occur, and Lisseut did learn what sorrow and tragedy were eventually, however. Eventually, her mother's search came to end when she stumbled upon an unfriendly group of bachelors with Lisseut close at hand. The bachelors were not kind to her when she inquired about the whereabouts of Lisseut's father, jeering and circling the two in a caging manner. They had heard of him though, and decided to tell her mother where he was if she'd agree to some terms. Lisseut never realized what happened then until she was much older, because her mother asked her to go off and play while she spoke with the stallions alone. She had her ideas that it was nothing pleasant or good, but later realized just how far her mother had been willing to go to achieve her dream. It was for nothing, in the end. When she returned to her mother, she was bruised and hurt, exhausted and barely able to stand. They rested for the night and the next day ventured to where the bachelors had told her to look for Lisseut's father. They found him, but still it was nothing like Lisseut ever expected. He didn't recognize them, and when her mother told him who they were and tried to remind him of the past, how long she had been looking for him, he flattened his ears and told her he had left for a reason. He rejected her in a cold, dismissive manner that broke her mother's heart. He turned them away, their search and years of traveling all for naught.

Lisseut's mother did not live much longer after the end of their expedition came. Her spirit was damaged and her will to live shattered by all she had sacrificed and poured her soul into. Lisseut stayed with her until the end, angry and sad, helpless and desperate. There was nothing she could do, though, as she simply watched her mother fade away. She struck out on her own after that, not caring to find her so called father again. She regretted that she had to be related to him at all, and for a time the impact he had on her mother kept her from ever entertaining the idea of love for herself one day. What good could it bring? She returned to traveling and adventures, the only things that had ever brought her joy and contentedness before everything had become dark and hopeless. Her nature did not allow her to dwell on the past or her grief for very long; she recovered and found herself in her journeys, learned what it took to sustain her soul and satisfy her longings for freedom and expression. She learned to communicate through stories and songs, having never spent long in the company of others. She became friends with numerous people, finding joy in learning that not everyone turned out to be like her long lost sire. Still, the trials and loss she went through had made their marks upon her mind; she would always need to retreat eventually to reconnect with her roots in nature.
Active & Parvus Magic

When she gets her magic back, Lisseut expresses many qualities of a Bard. This is perhaps more of a passive ability with her, something that occurs without her actively willing it to be. Her more conscious abilities are musical in essence: musical abilities that influence mood and emotional environments when she sings her songs. She can lull a crowd into a peaceful serenity, or inspire warriors to perform their best on the battlefield. This makes her an invaluable companion for a variety of tasks and quests ranging from entertaining important visitors, providing stability during emotionally charged situations, and inspiring others when the pressure is high.

Passive Magic

She is deeply intertwined with nature, flowers, plants, and animals. Her passive abilities include feats such as encouraging things to grow and thrive around her. Without thought, new flowers will sprout and bloom around her and struggling plants will gain strength and vibrancy once more. Animals are drawn to her, trusting her with no trouble, and seem to find peace while in her presence. This effect is somewhat projected onto other horses as well, but not as much so as smaller critters.


Lisseut loves nearly all animals, but eventually she will befriend one in particular who will bond with her in such a way that they will never want to be far apart. Her companion will be a common red fox, unnamed yet until it is found.

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Lisseut is a singer and entertainer and as such, she will eventually gain an instrument with which to share her talents. She can play most common instruments, but her favorite and most trustworthy one is her lute.

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even the birds above the lake are singing of my love,
and even the flowers along the shore
are growing for her sake

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