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Current Novus date and time is

▶ Year || 503
▶ Season || Spring
▶ Temp || 43℉ (8℃) - 70℉ (21℃)
▶ Weather || The weather radar really does seem to be off the charts lately...
I wonder what's going on? (#15-19)


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Thread of the Season
A land of absence
and root and stone

Pair of the Season
Bexley and Acton

Quote of the Season
"And all the while her mind, her blood, her fierce and fearless heart was singing, singing, singing." — Shrike in We're under attack!

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World of Novus

Map & Locations

katie's original (and slightly less professional) map can also be found here! (;

The world of Novus is vast and covers a wide variety of geographical features. We've given an overview of each region below, but feel free to use your imagination during your character's adventures!

Delumine; Realm of the Dawn Court
Northwestern segment of Novus. Full of lush prairies with an abundance of flowers, thick forests of lush green trees and bushes, and a river that slices through the middle with rapids ranging from roaringly dangerous to soothingly slow. The Dawn Court can be found in the southern part of Delumine, between the meadows and the river.

Solterra; Realm of the Day Court
Northeastern segment of Novus. Overwhelmingly arid with a vast desert and canyons as far as you can see, and a small oasis that offers a welcome reprieve to the inhabitants. The Day Court can be found in the northeasterly part of Solterra, in the middle of the desert but with an astounding view of the ocean surrounding Novus.

Terrastella; Realm of the Dusk Court
Southwestern segment of Novus. Boasts of an expansive field that seems to touch the sky, a large swamp with dewy marshes and waterlogged trees, and dangerous but beautiful cliffs. The Dusk Court can be found in the central part of Terrastella, surrounded by the fields but also very near to the southern cliffs.

Denocte; Realm of the Night Court
Southeastern segment of Novus. Protected by a nearly unpassable and utterly breathtaking mountain range, with grassy prairies and a large lake if you can make it past the mountains. The Night Court can be found in the southern part of Denocte, in the middle of the prairie with a beautiful view of the lake.

Ruris; Neutral and Scattered Lands
These lands separate all of the Realms except Solterra and Denocte (the Night Court's mountain range does that for them). They offer neutral lands for worship, battle, stealth, and simply roaming around. Ruris is made up of a long and thin plain, a carpeted field, a cluster of peaks in the very center of Novus, an intricate cave system that runs underneath them and offers passageway between all Realms, and the sea that surrounds the entirely of the world.


You enter a small clearing in the middle of a forest, ringed by large oak trees whose bark is gnarled as though they’ve been standing there for thousands of years. The strands of grass beneath your hooves are kept meticulously trimmed, most likely by the Dawn Court citizen lying beneath the canopy of a drooping oak. His sunken eyes follow you, his expressionless face revealing nothing as you approach. This meeting has been expected for a long time, but you have only just finished your journey to the lands of Novus. You came to start a new life, and you thought understanding the lands would be a great place to begin. Stopping a respectable distance away, you get straight to the point and ask the elderly stallion how Novus came to be.

Closing his eyes, the scholar chuckles and admits that not even he can tell you about how the luscious lands were created. He can, however, tell you all about the history of Novus’ realms and citizens. Upon your nod of consent, the sage man begins to weave a tale that you will reflect on throughout your life in Novus.

Many, many years ago, Novus was a new and alluring land unknown to all but one. His name was Tempus, and he would come to be known as the founder of our world. Tempus was a powerful being with the ability to manipulate time itself; with this talent, he was almost omnipresent, seemingly everywhere and even beyond. Upon observing the vast beauty and the whisper of promise beneath the skin of its lesser creatures, Tempus decreed that he would bring life to Novus, in all of its wonderful and terrible forms.

It wasn’t long before three foals were by his side, all the product of another world’s goddess and each blessed by their father with control over one aspect of time. Oriens made the sun rise in the east with one simple blink of his eyes; Solis kept the sun bright and shining with one stamp of his hoof; and Vespera laid the sun to rest in the west with one sigh from her lips. Their duties of continuing the passage of time were as entrenched in their beings as breathing, and their bond with each other and their father was only further solidified by their shared gifts and responsibilities.

As with any legend, there must always be a source of strife and tension. While Tempus loved his children dearly, he knew the importance of balancing time, and so he left in search of something more, something other. The god returned with Caligo, the daughter who would be blessed – or cursed - with the control of night. The hatred of her siblings was instantly palpable. In their eyes, she was impure, tainted by the blood of a mortal mother. Furthermore, their powers had become twisted into their very beings; they were not just the masters of their gifts, but their gifts had become a part of their very essence. How could their new sister possibly reside over controlling darkness without allowing that very darkness to consume her?

Despite Caligo’s ominous task, the four deities transitioned into impressive, honorable adults smoothly and without any dissention beyond the quarrels that any siblings would experience. In addition to their physical maturity, they also grew into their own identities. Oriens held a thirst for knowledge and truth that was insatiable; he was the mediator, the devil’s advocate, and the most respected of the four. Solis, who had always considered himself the apple of his father’s eye, became the egotistical brother with the soul of a warrior that none of them could stand – until, of course, he made them laugh. Vespera was eternally quiet, embracing her siblings and the lands with a tender love and attention that would make anyone blossom.

Caligo, however, grew differently. While her siblings had never been truly cruel to her, the subtle spurns and fleeting glances had chafed at her spirit until it was raw; she became a volatile, misunderstood mare concealing a bottomless ocean of anger within her. With one last hope, she approached Oriens for his counsel and opinion, as he had always been the most accepting of her siblings. When the typically wise god attributed her struggles to simply forfeiting to the malevolence of her powers, the demi-goddess broke.

Caligo's anguish was immediate and powerful, an unrelenting wave of darkness that washed over the entirety of Novus and shrouded it in perpetual night. Oriens attempted to elevate the sun; Solis fought to make the sun shine brighter; and Vespera did her best to care for her brothers while they struggled to bring back the light of day. Despite the deities’ best efforts, though, they could not suppress their tormented sister. Even Tempus would not approach Caligo, for the balance of time could never be restored if you simply froze one part of it.

That everlasting night continued for one hundred years. It was only when Oriens could not rise from the ground and Solis’s coat was dull and patchy that Vespera approached her sister. Caligo had retreated to the southeastern lands of Novus in solitude, and it was only Vespera’s plea and the possibility of murdering her brothers that shattered through Caligo’s despair. She agreed to allow daylight to continue, but only if she would never see her siblings again.

Heartbroken at the loss of her sibling, even a sibling that she had never truly understood, Vespera returned to her brothers and nurtured them back to health. Unfortunately, one hundred years of damage had been dealt to the close-knit family of divinities. Oriens was disappointed in his brother, for Solis had always been the one who was most vocal with his disapproval of their dark sister; Vespera couldn’t bear to be near Oriens, for Oriens had responded in what she deemed to be the worst way possible when Caligo had approached him for support; and Solis was angry, so unfathomably angry, that Caligo had ruined everything as they knew it to be. It was he who made the decision to leave his remaining siblings, his resentment too strong to simply allow life to continue the way Oriens and Vespera wanted it to. The siblings separated, agreeing to continue their duties and meet whenever necessary, but allowing each other to forge their own way into the future. This led to the creation of the Courts; Dawn in the northwest, Day in the northeast, Dusk in the southwest, and Night in the southeast.

Tempus was devastated that his children’s unbreakable bond was severed, but relieved that the balance of time was restored once more. Despite his progeny’s abrupt separation, he still did not intercede, for he knew that anything could heal – and everything could change – if it is only given time.

The aging intellectual’s raspy voice draws to a close, bringing you back to the grotto you had forgotten you were in. Glancing at the stallion, you realize the story has drained his energy; his breaths come out in the deep and even rhythm of slumber. Quietly, you exit the area. How much the story of the gods affects your future decisions and activities will remain entirely up to you.

Please see the Court Ideals supplement for further information on each of the Courts.


With the God of Time being the father of our world, time is one of the only things that remains consistent on Novus. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you delve into our community.
  • We have four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.

    • Each season lasts two real life months.

    • One IC year is equivalent to eight real life months.

  • Characters are allowed to live up to the age of eighteen years old.

    • If you have a character born on-site, you could keep them for 12 real life years before they pass away from old age.

  • Characters must be two years or older upon creation, unless they are born on-site.

  • If a character is born on-site, they are allowed to join their character at any age between 0 and 2 years old.

  • Unless a character is blessed with immortality (available for purchase in the Agora), they are required to age. Fortunately, our aging system is automated! Your character's age will automatically update until the time that immortality is purchased and verified by staff.

  • Use the handy table below to see the real life equivalent of each IC season and year.

Date IC Season Date (cont'd) IC Season (cont'd)
June 2017 Year 501 Spring October 2018 Year 503 Spring
August 2017 Year 501 Summer December 2018 Year 503 Summer
October 2017 Year 501 Fall February 2019 Year 503 Fall
December 2017 Year 501 Winter April 2019 Year 503 Winter
February 2018 Year 502 Spring June 2019 Year 504 Spring
April 2018 Year 502 Summer August 2019 Year 504 Summer
June 2018 Year 502 Fall October 2019 Year 504 Fall
August 2018 Year 502 Winter December 2019 Year 504 Winter

Flora & Fauna

There are many types of plantlife and wildlife that can be found within Novus! The biomes that are represented across the contient are vast, so the list of Flora & Fauna is merely a small snippet of those things that call Novus home.

For any questions, please contact Inkbone!

Biomes found within Delumine
Illuster Meadow: Short-grass Prairie - - - Rapax River: Freshwater Swift River - - - Viride Forest: Temperate Deciduous Forest - - -

Biomes found within Solterra
Mors Desert: Arid Desert - - - Vitae Oasis: Humid Oasis with an underground spring and active waterfall - - - Elatus Canyon: Xeric shrubland/Sagebrush Steppe/Desert Grassland- - -

Biomes found within Terrastella

Susurro Fields: Wet meadow- - - Tinea Swamp: Deep Freshwater Forested Swamp - - - Praistigia Cliffs: Wet Meadows that run off into steep cliffs - - -

Biomes found within Denocte

Sideralis Prairie: Tall-grass Prairie - - - Vitreus Lake: Deep Freshwater Lake - - - Arma Mountains: Coniferous Boreal Forest (at midline), Alpine Mountains (at topline) - - -

Site History

    After the great unexplained exodus that left Novus near deserted, it seems that the will of the gods has begun to pull inhabitants back to the beautiful continent. The few that stayed repopulated and birthed some of the natives that now wander the lands, and others stumbled in via less... conventional means. But still, the gods kept a quiet watch upon their realm from above as life began to once again flourish.

    Dawn Court saw Kasil, the crowned pegasus, rise to power as Sovereign of Delumine. Soon after, he appointed flower-clad traveler Ipomoea as his Emissary. Kasil introduced a sytem previously unknown in all of Novus: the Marks of Sin, where those who commit acts of wrongdoing will be judged and physically scarred, to make others aware and to shame the wrongdoer.

    It was also around this time that Florentine, of the Dusk Court, ventured onto Delumine soil to bring warm greetings to the Court of the early morning. Pleasant memories and a trust between the Courts began to form. The gods smiled, even if for a brief moment, pleased to see life returning to normal.

    Day Court saw Maxence, the painted pegasus, rise to power as Sovereign of Solterra via trial by battle. However, instead of Maxence proving his worth by sparring the natives of Solterra, he impressed many by taking down a creature often deemed untouchable: an Elder Teryr, native only to the Elatus Canyon and one of the largest threats in all of Novus. To this day, its skeleton still bleaches in the sun at the ridge of the Canyon: an ominous warning to all who gaze upon it. Soon after, Maxence made the wise decision to appoint native Solterrans to his Regime: Avdotya as his Regent, and Seraphina as his Emissary.

    Maxence, whose history revealed him to be a decorated warrior, and his rise to power brought on some integral changes within the Day Court. Physical changes began shortly after the Teryr fell, and the warriors aplenty began training. No one can deny, some of the figures within the Solterran borders are as intimidating as they are powerful. Eden, who is quicker on her feet than you'd first think; Leviathan, whose size is only outmatched by the number of scars on his hide; Avdotya, with her spear; Seraphina, with her military loyalty; Torstein, size unmatched by any other inhabitant in all of Novus. What they are preparing for is unknown.. but one could only guess.

    Dusk Court saw Rannvieg, the winter wolf, rise to power as Sovereign of Terrastella after her arrival from Veteris, the Old World of the Seasonal Courts. Her love, Máni, followed soon after her and was appointed her Regent. Florentine, the time-traveling flower girl, was appointed as Emissary shortly after.

    It was around this time that an Obelisk appeared deep within the Tinea Swamp, and a mysterious individual named Yana - later found to be of the Dusk Court - staked her unofficial claim on the Swamp itself. But can Tinea be claimed so quickly, so innocuously? Or perhaps there is more to this Obelisk and the Swamp than everyone initially assumes.

    Night Court saw Reichenbach, the Gypsy Crow King, rise to power as Sovereign of Denocte. Soon after, Camdis, the exiled Coward King, was appointed as Regent and Lothaire, the man of scales and wings, was appointed Emissary. As Reichenbach found Novus, so did those from his past - and it slowly became apparent that this was more than just by happenstance.

    For the first time in years, the Dusk and Night courts met in an amicable setting. This marks a particular turning point in the Night Court, which has always been seen as the lesser and often worse-off - whether or not such a sentiment is because of Calligo's Demigod status has yet to be seen.

    But even with the tension between the gods themselves, each Court has taken the time to flourish. Those of all beliefs have been seen converging and sharing their own knowledge and insight upon the gods, who remain peacefully observant from the heavens. While the lore of Novus is unfamiliar to some, to natives - like Inkheart - it is scripture. And to others, it is law.
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