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IN YOUR PATH - El Toro - 09-14-2018


He was back in the desert. The homogeneous expanse of solid white laid out before him; a sheet of something he could get lost in. He shivered. Quickly El Toro had fled the city; there were too many eyes that traveled along his fresh scar and his jewelry and his horns, too many ears that swiveled at the wheeze; his lips were too brittle to raise at every comment or side-eye, real or imagined. It was too much like home. Out here, there was nothing; nothing but the vague memory of a mare who must’ve laughed at him getting lost for no reason, because he could, because he was angry. He was always angry, except when he was tired, and in this particular moment he wavered on some border between the two. He wanted to get lost again, knew he shouldn’t, though the walls were at his back and he could turn tail if he thought he’d die out here. 

Two tails swished against the cold. He stepped forward. It was a tiny moment, largely irrelevant to anyone or anything around, but in some way it felt enormous and heavy and like there was something waiting, just right out there, if only he’d take a few more steps out. If only he’d disappear into the white. For what it was worth, he tried.

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"What I say,"

What I think,

RE: IN YOUR PATH - Eik - 09-25-2018

Everything is different now. It is hard to say when it all started. When the snow fell is the obvious answer, but not necessarily the right one. It could have been at the meeting of the regimes. It could have been years and years ago, before everyone alive now was even born. We know it doesn't matter, not really. The knowing doesn't change anything. We know Eik is different too. Maybe not as dramatically as Solterra. Maybe more so.

In hindsight, it is almost pathetic how hard he tried to not get attached to anything (anyone). How futile his efforts have been. He has things to lose now (people) and the potential of that loss is terrifying in a way that can only be experienced by someone who has lost greatly before.

And yet.

He can't help himself-- not caring is not an option for his bleeding heart. He struggles against this fact endlessly, for doesn't every man choose his own fate? This is something he believes with such stubborn certainty that it becomes a truth for him, a fact untouchable by chance or god. I choose my destiny, he tells himself, eyes closed, when The Feeling comes and he can't fall asleep... or doesn't want to. I choose my destiny, over and over. A fact. A promise.

And yet.


It has been cold for too long. He has become to feel homesick, a feeling which, once investigated, triggers a sense of vertigo. What exactly is he homesick for- the desert as it was? Or the tundra which Solterra is now a poor mockery of? He has been slowly exploring the snow, circling outward from the court each day. He compares it to the place he once called home (the place which will always be home to a part of him) and more importantly he looks for any change in the landscape. Any melting of the snow, any sign of life that persists despite the cold and the frost. They need food desperately.

He is not so lost in thought that he does not see the two-tailed man. He does not change course immediately, for there is comfort in routine and solitude, but he eventually makes his way to the man in a snaking, roundabout way.

For a long moment (too long?) he simply stands there, a length or two away from the man and his tails, and together they look at the desert. Finally, he asks-

"Going somewhere?"

If someone else had asked the question, it might have sounded snide or nosy.

Eik does not sound snide or nosy.

Eik sounds as though he wants to go too.

@El Toro

RE: IN YOUR PATH - El Toro - 10-10-2018

The crunch of snow belied the stranger’s presence long before Toro was willing to acknowledge it. He ignored the stallion, even as he stood alongside Toro, looking out, together - the word pained him - until, finally, he spoke. 

"Going somewhere?”

Toro does not look at him right away; his lungs struggled against the chill air and he is certain a nosebleed is imminent. He wasn’t looking for company. Eventually, Toro turns his head, just enough to get a good look at this gray man, and says, "No.” His chest twinges with something that forces a vulnerable sentence from between his teeth. "I’m going nowhere.” Quickly, he looks away, as if the words stung his lips as punishment for speaking them. Idly, no, anxiously, his tails swish, more than before, maybe, and his ears flick once or twice until finally he eyes the stranger from the corner of his opal vision and asks, "And you?”


"What I say,"

What I think,

RE: IN YOUR PATH - Eik - 10-19-2018

Briefly, Eik feels the other man's clammy-fingered anxiety. It takes a lot of effort to close his mind to it. His magic is a mostly wild thing, unfettered by his own thoughts and desires. It seems to find affinity with certain minds-- and it reaches for these, despite the walls Eik puts up. Sometimes it feels like there is a childish, temperamental god living in his body.

Other times, he feels like the god.

"And you?" The stranger asks, meeting Eik's eyes for a moment. Eik looks away before his magic gets the best of him, before he can read the man's mind as easily as breathing. His dark eyes are thoughtful as he considers the question. "Not now. But soon." He has not realized this until he says it out loud, breath rising as steam in the cold air. Solterra will drive him mad if he stays here long enough, madder than usual.

"Where would you go, if you could go anywhere."

It is the first thing that comes to mind and it sounds stupid the moment he says it. It is the sort of question he would ask Asterion, splashing around in the ocean, feeling as foolish and carefree as a bird. His ears bat backwards uncomfortably.

"I'm Eik. Would you... like to be left alone." The question is entirely serious, but not unkind. Even without his magic, he understands there is a relationship between a man and his own thoughts.

@El Toro