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Beautifully drawn by Sid (Erasvita@DA)!
Current Novus date and time is

▶ Year || 503
▶ Season || Summer
▶ Temp || 74℉ (23℃) - 100℉ (37℃)
▶ Weather || The end of Spring brings about, once more, the warm embrace of Summer. While some flourish in the comfortable glow of the sun, others take shelter from its sweltering midday heat. Even so, it is now that the continent bustles with life - for it won't be long until a cool chill returns.


Character of the Season
El Toro

Member of the Season

Thread of the Season
Bring Me Thunder; Bring Me Steel

Pair of the Season
Eik and Isra

Quote of the Season
"Her mother lives all in day, her father all in night, and Apolonia straddles the thin, dusky line halving her heart with not so much grace - startling awake in the middle of the night or at the crack of dawn, trying to find some way to compromise." — Apolonia in
The Vine & The Rain & The Light

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All Welcome - twin flames
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Artesia was still getting sand out of her mane and nostrils when someone seemed to have joined her. Her ears swivel around at the noise he makes and she turns her head to look at him for a moment. He is not someone she's really had much to do with but that could be said for most everyone within Solterra. Artesia wasn't a very sociable woman.

"Yes..it is. Solterra is never forgiving it would seem." She replied quietly herself as she turned towards the male, surveying him quietly to herself. The wind rustling outside with the sand and stone who knew when it would be over. Sandstorms were unpredictable. "Looks like we're stuck here for a while." She commented with a glance towards Eik and tilted her head slightly. "Name's Artesia."



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