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Beautifully drawn by Sid (Erasvita@DA)!
Current Novus date and time is

▶ Year || 503
▶ Season || Summer
▶ Temp || 74℉ (23℃) - 100℉ (37℃)
▶ Weather || The end of Spring brings about, once more, the warm embrace of Summer. While some flourish in the comfortable glow of the sun, others take shelter from its sweltering midday heat. Even so, it is now that the continent bustles with life - for it won't be long until a cool chill returns.


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El Toro

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"Her mother lives all in day, her father all in night, and Apolonia straddles the thin, dusky line halving her heart with not so much grace - startling awake in the middle of the night or at the crack of dawn, trying to find some way to compromise." — Apolonia in
The Vine & The Rain & The Light

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Private - The Dancing & The Dreaming [Festival]
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Akeli has never seen anything like it.

The festival is spinning and churning beneath strings of light, with fire illuminating all of the dark spaces inbetween. Laughter fills the air, jubilant cries and warm voices cutting easily through the crisp fall evening. Bodies dance around a large bonfire, and she watches keenly from the sidelines, the golden glow from the flames tracing her sculpted face and illuminating the edges of her wings with an ethereal sheen. A small chorus has joined in, their lyrics and music calling to her, and with a joyous laugh she leaps into the dance, turning and prancing and shifting her wings in a graceful attempt to match the tempo surrounding her.

There have been few times she has found such happiness, though this may be the most exuberant feeling she has ever experienced. As the light reflects upon the silken sheen of her coat, she seems to glow, all glistening dapples and neatly preened feathers. She is just growing into herself, leaving behind the lanky awkwardness of youth and joining the other yearlings in their new-found swan bodies.  Akeli has found peace here, and though she thinks often of her family, most of all Ktulu, she prays that perhaps her adoptive mother is also enjoying the beauty of the night, wherever she may be.

As they all spin wildly beneal Caligo's beautiful night, the tongues of flame and flying embers play with the girl's vision. Within the fire she sees the swelling of tides, towering trees. She sees a phoenix flapping glorious wings, she sees a bear, she sees a unicorn mare. She closes her glinting amber eyes and tosses her crowned head, pulling her mind away from the captivating fire's pull, and she continues to dance until her sides are heaving and her cheeks ache from smiling. She spins upon graceful heels, turning away from the group, and as she does the light burned into her retinas still hold the shape of a mare with a blood-stained horn and a warrior's heart.

She steps free, moving away from the pack with a graceful highstep, and the air cools the further she gets from the flames towards the form, the illusion, that the fire still plays for her. Her breathing slows, and suddenly her ears are perked, golden eyes wide, and her wings clap anxiously against her sides as they had so many seasons ago when she had first seen the woman who would raise her. A smile then, slowly creeps upon her face, and at first she says nothing, simply watching, waiting, praying this isn't just a trick of the light. When her mouth finally opens, it is a wish she breathes out, hoping it's really true.


@Ktulu <3

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when your eyes are red
and emptiness is all you know
with the darkness fed i will be your scarecrow

Ktulu was not one to partake in festivities, never had been and probably never would be. Even in Helovia she had forgone the parties hosted by the other herds in favor of staying within her own borders. She had not trusted that the parties were actually parties and not some elaborate ruse created by other herds for the sole purpose of infiltrating their lands. While others had partied and enjoyed themselves she had guarded the borders of her home. She stood as a sentinel, a protector of her people, a defender.

But here? Everything was different here. The Constrictor had not been within Novus long enough to have any clear, decisive opinion on the goings on of the courts. She was still learning about the Night Court, so discovering where they stood with the other courts would take some time. She was still paranoid,though. She still didn't trust that parties and festivals were actually parties and festivals.

With that being said, she had not had any intention on making the trip to the Dawn Court to experience their festival, but Apollo had asked her to go. He seemed intent on going and even though she hadn't wanted to, Ktulu went. Apollo seemed to be pleased with her decision, so she supposed that she had made the correct one.

Somehow, much to Ktulu's annoyance, they had managed to be separated by a crowd. "Apollo!" She called for him, trying to raise her voice about the cacophony of voices, laughter, shouts, and various other noises. When he didn't answer she turned, her eyes scanning the milling crowd and catching a glimpse of someone else. Just as quickly as she'd seen her, her view was obstructed. But ... no, it couldn't be.

Could it?


It was.

"Akeli." The dark mare breathed as her eyes took in the grown form of the girl she had sworn to protect. "You're here..." And in a rare show of affection, the Constrictor stepped toward the young girl, draped her neck over her shoulders and pulled her into a tight hug.




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It was.

The girl had arrived here alone, tumbled and collapsed into a pile of feathers and long limbs and fear and longing. She had wandered, met new faces, come to the finite decision that Ktulu wasn’t coming, that she had gone somewhere else entirely, that perhaps she hadn’t escaped at all. Akeli had mourned silently, throwing dried flowers into the rushing Apex River, said a quiet goodbye, and then attempted to move on. Life was short and precious and sometimes things ended.

And sometimes, gloriously, miraculously, things endured.

Akeli moves quickly to meet the dark mare, and she nearly cries out when Ktulu does the same. Burrowing beneath the hug, the precious gesture (hugs and open signs of affection had just never quite been the mare’s style) was enjoyed to the fullest. She buries her face into the white locks of the Constrictor’s mane, and though at their first meeting Ktulu had said that her crying was ridiculous, the sparrow didn’t care. Her mother is here, back from the dead, so they will never be separated again, until death decides to call one of them home. ”I’m here, mama, I’m here,” she says, the words tinted with tears and laughter and overwhelming relief and happiness. ”I never thought I would see you again.”

The girl pulls away reluctantly, but she doesn’t want to push her luck with the embrace. She tips her head, a smile burnt into her features. So much had happened, and Akeli, always the talker, wants to tell her everything. Still, perhaps right at this exact moment wasn’t the best time. They would have plenty of time, after all, to catch up, to discuss everything. So instead she takes a moment and just looks, and watches the golden light from the flames play across the woman’s features. It plays against the golden markings on her shoulder, and then she looks past the mare, into the shadows, wondering where he is.

“Eytan, where is he? I’ve missed him, as well.” The bear had been one of her closest friends growing up, and she wanted to see him again, too, plant kisses on his brow, and talk to him and scheme about their next adventure. She had learned that sometimes, there was never a next time. But this reunion was already an exemption to that rule, and she couldn’t imagine in this moment that he wouldn’t have followed her through the portal.


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And I don't want the world to see me
'Cause I don't think that they'd understand

It was… A lot If he were being honest, anyway, and Apollo always tried to be honest.

Dancing, standing, swaying bodies were everywhere. Lights glittered overhead. Voices called out in joyful laughter and melodious songs, creating a cacophony of white noise in his ears. It was overwhelming, overstimulating, and anxiety began to crawl into his gut. Scents cloyed his nose, from the musk of strangers to the savory smell of spiced treats and beverages, stealing away the familiar scent of his dark lady and the soothing atmosphere she brought him, leaving him floundering for purchase amidst a thick crowd, darting between thrashing bodies and hoping that he wouldn’t catch the tip of his horn on any unfortunate bystander as he desperately tried to find Ktulu.

“Ktu!” His voice was strained, high pitched and anxious, but there was no reply.

Upon receiving the invitation to attend the Harvest Festival hosted by the Dawn Court, Apollo had practically begged Ktulu to go with him. He had eagerly wanted to partake in the festivities all while seeing what Delumine had to offer. After all, he had yet to leave the growing familiarity of Denocte, preferring to familiarize himself with the Night Court before daring to venture too far from the Keep. It was still daunting, this new world of Novus, but he was slowly acclimating to it, even if his heart still yearned for the familiarity of Helovia, the empty echo of Zola like a painful plague in his mind that simply would not heal.

Another inhale, sharp and sudden, as he called out for the Constrictor once more. “Ktulu!” Despite his best hope, there was still no reply. The stallion attempted to look over the crowd, honey-brown eyes wide, before catching sight of his dark mistress. It was only a glimpse before she was gone, shrouded by the sashaying crowd, but it at least gave him a direction to follow.

Pushing through the crowds, murmuring soft apologies whenever unintentionally jostling any of the festival goers, Apollo finally broke free of the thick of the crowds. His eyes skirted the area, searching, hoping that Ktulu hadn’t gone far, when he found himself growing still. Confusion and concern alighted within his breast, brows furrowing in uncertainty as he regarded the curious scene presented in front of him. Familiar with the Constrictor and her ways, he knew that she was not one to give affection easily. It had taken Apollo years to earn such easy and familiar touches, but here Ktulu was, embracing a youth of whom he did not recognize. She was small, clearly young, colored a soft grey with dapples. Apollo took note of her black horns and the wings upon her back, counting four of them. Curiously, he scented the air, but not even could the girl’s scent spark any memory in his mind that they had met. A friend of Ktulu’s then? But one so young?

Taking a step closer, curious but cautious, uncertain where he stood during such a tender reunion, Apollo gently cleared his throat before speaking. “Ktu?” He beckoned, his voice soft and soothing. “… Is everything alright?” Was the girl lost? Injured? The Merciful didn’t know, but he did know that no matter what, he was willing to help.

When everything's made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

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