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Current Novus date and time is

▶ Year || 502
▶ Season || Fall
▶ Temp || 35℉ (℃) - 69℉ (℃)
▶ Weather || The heat of the summer has begun to wane and cooler weather is spreading across Novus. Frost glistens in the morning light of some regions and the trees have shed their lush shades of green for those of red and orange. It is Fall now, but winter will soon be fast upon its heels.


Character of the Season

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Thread of the Season
A Midsummer Night's Dream

Pair of the Season
Acton and Bexley

Quote of the Season
"If Reich had been the gunsmoke, Rhoswen was the gun - their youth swayed like washing in the wind, peaceful and unassuming, as though if they tried hard enough they might be able grab hold of it. Wasn't that the deceit of peaceful things? They drifted like butterflies just out of your reach." — Rhoswen in she was always meant to be a star

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Dawn Court - Pavetta
Pavetta — Dawn Court Caretaker Signos: 470
▶ Played by Pres [PM] Posts: 35 — Threads: 7
▶ Female [She/Her/Hers] Hth: 7 — Atk: 13 — Exp: 15
▶ 3 [Year 499 Spring] Active Magic: N/A
▶ 15 hh Bonded: N/A
Character Application

Player: Pres
Referred By: @Sparrow
Characters: http://novus-rpg.net/member.php?action=profile&uid=513
Are all characters active? n/a
When was your last character approved? n/a
Have you filled out the "OOC Account ID" Field? Yes

Name: Pavetta
Age: 3 years
Birth season: Spring
Court: Dawn
Rank: Caretaker

Health: 7
Attack: 13

Items: Silver septum ring, small satchel, morter pestle
Item Explanation: Nose ring from initiation into her husband’s clan. Satchel and mortar from the priestesses she studied under. 
Incentives: Outfit
Other: Wahoo so excited!


sid — ... taking bets on how long until Sid notices this! Msg inkbone ;D Signos: 3,091
▶ Played by sid [PM] Posts: 86 — Threads: 10
▶ Female [She/Her/Hers] Hth:Atk:Exp:
▶ 21 [Year 481 Spring] Active Magic: sees through skin.
▶ ***** Bonded: mustangs for days

Your character has been approved! This thread has been moved to the Accepted Characters forum. If you make any significant updates to your character's profile, make sure to respond to this and let us know!

Phew I read her appearance first and the way you described just the general feel of her already had me hooked! And then the beginning of her history is so drastically different, I loved watching her develop throughout her story. ;u; And welcome to Novus!!

The Outfit item will be sent over once you redeem it over at the Restricted Items Redemption thread! Please keep in mind that this item may only be redeemed for Pavetta!

And I’ve already sent you the 20 signs for her visual reference, so no need to redeem those yourself c:

@Kasil is the Dawn Court Sovereign! <3



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