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Current Novus date and time is

▶ Year || 503
▶ Season || Summer
▶ Temp || 74℉ (23℃) - 100℉ (37℃)
▶ Weather || The end of Spring brings about, once more, the warm embrace of Summer. While some flourish in the comfortable glow of the sun, others take shelter from its sweltering midday heat. Even so, it is now that the continent bustles with life - for it won't be long until a cool chill returns.


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"Her mother lives all in day, her father all in night, and Apolonia straddles the thin, dusky line halving her heart with not so much grace - startling awake in the middle of the night or at the crack of dawn, trying to find some way to compromise." — Apolonia in
The Vine & The Rain & The Light

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Somnus — Dawn Court Sovereign Signos: 1,146
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The evening was growing late, but there was much to discuss. The red sun bathed the courtyard in a dim glow, catching the three figures that stood in radiant light. The sun would soon set, but they had plenty of daylight remaining for such an important event. It had been a busy day, but it was not yet over. Not yet. Perhaps after this, he would settle down with Alba over a mug of spiced cider and unwind. Perhaps Po or Ulric would be willing to join him.
Standing with Po on his right and Ulric on his left, his Regent and Warden respectively, the newly crowned Dawn King allowed word to spread among the numbers of their Court, rippling like waves of the ocean until they reached every pair of awaiting ears. Alba sat upon her customary roost upon his croup, silent save for the occasional clack of a beak. Somnus inhaled slowly, keeping his mind clear and clean, not allowing the stresses or uncertainties to rise. He was safe. They were safe. With Ulric and Po, everything would be alright. They could rely on one another. Somnus could rely on them, trust them, and he would. Breaking all stipulations of decorum, Somnus turned his head to the right, then left, dark lips seeking out the shoulders of his companions to press against. For a few selfish moments he took from their strength, their dedication, their faith, and let out a deep, measured breath.
’Come,’ he had instructed, sending the pages out with a warm smile and an unusual bout of confidence, ’There is news. Meet in the front courtyard.’
The members of their Court arrived, slowly, but inevitably. The amount was an abysmal few and it caused the dunalino’s lips to curl downwards in a concerned frown. Where had they all gone? Familiar faces were now simply gone, as if they had never existed. Perhaps they were simply busy and unable to attend? That reason would have to suffice. Somnus loathed to think of any other reason as to why they would not all come.
Inhaling slowly, Somnus waited in respectful silence as they all situated themselves, waiting for the reason of their summons. The confused murmur danced around, the atmosphere one of uncertainty. Surely they would all notice the absence of Kasil. Deciding to have mercy and not keep them waiting, the dunalino spoke, the polish of his accent carrying easily through the evening air. “Thank you all for coming,” he began, casting a look around, meeting all of the curious eyes and thoughtful expressions, “It has been far too long since we have come together as a Court.”
Somnus honestly couldn’t recall participating in a Court meeting during his life here in Delumine. He resisted the urge to frown. Those days were behind them. If they were to succeed as a Court, they needed to be.
“There are multiple events that need to be brought to light, so I’ll begin. Kasil has stepped down as Sovereign.” A cursory glance around those assembled around him let him know that the former King had presumably already departed from Delumine. Kasil was nowhere to be seen. A pity. He allowed for a moment of silence to spread, to give them all some time to process the sudden, unexpected change before going on, his voice strong with conviction. “In the wake of his abdication, Kasil asked me to rule in his stead. I agreed. I know that this is quite sudden and unexpected, but I promise that I will do all I can to see that our Court thrives under my care. I have already approached Ipomoea to ascend as our Regent. He has accepted.” Somnus paused once more and smiled towards his newly named Regent, emerald eyes glittering in affection and warmth.
“That brings me to our next change. We need to fill our ranks. For far too long the Dawn Court has remained idle, our ranks barren. With good Po’s ascension, the rank of Emissary is now open, as are the stations of each of our Champions. Speak now, if you express interest in either the position of Emissary or any of our Champions.”
With that, Somnus grew quiet, allowing for his words to sink in and for Ipomoea or Ulric to say words of their own. There was much to discuss, and he hoped that everyone present would offer their own thoughts or opinions on the matter. It was the only way they could pull themselves from the stagnant pool of complacency that had Delumine enthralled for so long.

-- As stated before, this meeting is not mandatory. However, if you are interested in Emissary or Champion ranks, you will need to post to express this to the Regime/Ulric!
"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self."

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Ipomoea — Dawn Court Regent Signos: 970
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The day was turning into an emotional rollercoaster for the Dawn Court’s Emissary-turned-Regent. The shock he felt when learning of Kasil’s leaving was still fresh, running like an undercurrent through his mind. There was no escaping it; the dread and sick feeling overcame him when he was least expecting it to—in the middle of a laugh, or the moment he was about to fall asleep, it was there, gnawing anxiously at his subconscious brain. Kasil has left us.

He wouldn’t pretend to know the past Sovereign’s reasoning—Kasil had not deigned to let the Emissary know in person—but nor would he hide the pain, the rejection the sudden abandonment left him with.

His wings flutter nervously, and he’s suddenly self conscious: should he keep them open or closed? Are they folded too tightly? Does it even matter to anyone but himself? He fidgets: reaching up with his telekinesis to straighten the flowers arranged so delicately atop his poll. Odet taps at him with his beak, a subtle ’Stop that,’ prompting him gently to straighten his back and shoulders, lifting his head attentively.

But there’s still the itch; it crawls uncomfortably up his spine, no matter how he shifts his weight. Did everyone feel this way when they stood in front of a crowd?

When all eyes were on them?

Somnus’ touch was a reassurance; grounding him, reminding him that he was not alone in this. Kasil’s absence affected more than just himself—he would focus on that, for now. On his friends standing at his side and the Court they were here to serve.

He was silent through Somnus’ announcements, adding only a punctual nod to the end of his speech. He could feel the gaze of the Court on he and his compatriots, could feel the same shock and emotions that they must be feeling.

“Kasil’s leave surprises us all,” he began tentatively, his voice carrying poorly across the courtyard. “The rest of Novus is changing—” between the other three Courts, it’s amazing this is the only one affecting us,’ “—but we are here together; and together we should remain. We must look strong and be strong now.”

He’d have to remember to have Odet write his speeches for him the next time he needed to speak publicly; simply winging it wasn’t his forte it would seem.

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Ulric — Dawn Court Warden Signos: 4,270
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Warden of the Dawn Court
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It was time.

There was no telling how the Court would react to the sudden news that the King they had once known was now gone – not from the earth itself, but from Delumine, his reasoning and current whereabouts unknown. Perhaps that was what had Ulric most concerned. Somnus would no doubt lead Delumine into a new era and make a fine King, but how would the others react? Would they believe that it was all so simple, that Kasil could really just leave without a single word to anyone but Somnus himself?

Together, the three of them waited. Ulric was a silent sentinel standing to his King’s left, square and at attention as any proper soldier should be. He was a little more than that now, he supposed, but his purpose was and always would be the same – to serve and protect he who sat the throne no matter the cost. At Somnus’ gentle action, the roan bumped his whiskered muzzle briefly against the dunalino’s own. He was surely anxious, as any man suddenly turned King should be, but Ulric found there was truly little reason for Somnus to fret. He had known the man for a number of years now, and quite honestly, there wasn’t a single individual in the world better fit for the role of Sovereign of Delumine. Somnus possessed all the necessary qualities to rule, and now, it was time for him to show the world just that.

Some arrived in small groups while others came alone, but eventually, the denizens of Delumine had gathered together. Their numbers were, quite honestly, pathetic. They would be an easy target for anyone looking to strike, whatever their reason may be, but with the changes that were soon to come, hopefully it wouldn’t be that way for long.

As Somnus spoke, followed closely by Ipomoea, Ulric’s golden gaze swept over the faces standing before them. These were the faces of their people, of their family, those who he, Somnus, and Ipomoea would fight for and defend, and the Warden wished to commit them all to his memory.

Silence spread for only a brief moment after the Regent had spoken before Ulric took the chance to say something himself. "Delumine is also in crucial need of warriors," he stated, once more looking across those gathered before them and doing his best to gauge their reactions to everything. "Even if you don’t wish to become one full-time, or only wish to learn how to defend yourself, I would be more than willing to teach those who are interested."



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Liesel — Guest
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Word of a gathering spread like wildfire through the Court, the scrabble of hurrying hooves soon echoing throughout all of the rosy streets and pale walls of Delumines city. Liesel followed the array of wandering bodies, her slim frame flowing easily through the milling crowd. The setting sun cast her in lilac and rose, a stark contrast to the summer sky blue her fur usually represented. She wore her finery, hair loosely tied back with silver rope to accompany the thigh chain hovering upon her right leg. 

Liesel arrived within the courtyard as Somnus' booming voice captivated it's audience, the small gathering of bodies a little dismal in comparison to the wealth of citizens she'd seen and experienced at The Night Court just recently. Still, she thought, quality over quantity. 

Her golden eyes widened ever so slightly at the announcement of Kasil's abdication, her heart stumbling as she realised he'd left without saying goodbye — hurt flickered within the depths of those lupine eyes, but she said nothing, only listened. 

Somnus would make a good King — perhaps even more so than Kasil. Their ex-King had held great weights upon his shoulders, the crown had weighed far too heavily for him to truly bloom... and perhaps this was why he had left, in pursuit of happiness. 

Happiness was always the end goal, after all.

Somewhere, somehow, she knew she had experienced true despair — and had learned that happiness was worth more than all the titles in the world.

As Ulric began to speak the she-wolf made her way fluidly to the front of the crowd, pausing momentarily within the front lines before stepping forward as the handsome winged man finished.

"First, I must congratulate you Somnus — I cannot think of a more capable man to take Kasil's place. Secondly.. I would be interested in being the face of Dawn, our Emissary."

Liesel paused, her gaze sliding between the three men standing at the head of the courtyard. Too long had the other courts looked down at Delumine, seen their warriors as inferior... too peaceful and stuck in books to really pose a threat. That time was over — it was time to show the others that Delumine and Dawn were a Court worthy of their respect. 

"We must remind the world that The Dawn Court is strong and smart and true,"

Her voice, sweet and light as a wind chime, floated toward the newly formed Court with strength,

"Failing that, we must step into this new world and prove that we are not to be forgotten, not to be overlooked.."

Her lupine gaze set upon Somnus, then Ipomoea and finally Ulric — a fellow warrior.

"I will leave the decision to you, my Court."


Eulalie — Dawn Court Tactician Signos: 20
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The echoing of steps followed Eulalie down the Court streets as she moved in the direction of the flowing crowd. The encroaching night made no impact on the gathering called to the courtyard and she, like all the others, was more than curious to know what news was to be had. Although, she thought, that there seemed to be very few to fill up the yawning space, the shadows growing thicker as the sun set. It kissed her in a golden glow, her ivory coat reflecting the warm rays as they haloed the stray pieces of hair that were not tightly woven into her braid.

The warrior moved her way closer to the front, her dark chocolate eyes sweeping over the assembly before them, confusion pinching her brows together. Each of her internal questions was answered as soon as Somnus began to speak, his voice filling the empty spaces between the few who had arrived to hear the message. Though she had not resided in Delumine for more than a year’s time, Eulalie understood the gravity of what was being presented. Kasil, who had been king upon her arrival and, until now it seemed, had resigned, leaving Somnus to ascend to the throne. As they were all faced with the truth of the Court’s numbers she could see how this would look to anyone looking for a reason to strike out.

She had, of course, spent much of her life looking for those exact reasons in order to avoid them.

They were capable of forging ahead, however, and projecting a firm image Eulalie was sure. In fact, they had to be, and in her mind Somnus was only a small part of that. She did not know him well, but watching him now she was sure he would be a fine king and would do everything he could to ensure Delumine’s progress and protection. He was not alone in that. He had his regent and warden, and each of the citizens as well. Together, as Ipomoea said, they were strong. They had no choice but to be.

Though she did not have half the connection to Delumine and its people as no doubt many of the others here, she had found solace and comfort within these walls. More importantly than that, she had found freedom, and she wished to see them all flourish rather than simply get by. Her mahogany gaze flickered in contemplation, wondering whether she was good enough for any of the positions that their new king sought from them. She would put her all into them, she was sure, but would she succeed? She would never know if she didn’t try.

“Pardon,” Stepping out of line after Liesel, another of the Court’s warriors, Eulalie raised her alabaster head high on her shoulders, projecting a confidence that was more understated than she would have liked. “Delumine was my sanctuary when I first arrived within its borders, and now I would like to serve it and its people in whatever way possible.” She glanced over the amassed bodies, unsure even if they wanted her to represent them in any way but knowing she would give her all regardless.

“Above all, it’s important that we do not give in, and that we continue to strive, to climb, and to always look toward the rising sun.” This was what had gotten her through, for each new day was a promise of new beginnings and hope. There was always hope, no matter the darkness that surrounded you.

[Image: eulalieicon_by_fintron_by_nocturnalowlet-dc5dvhc.png]
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Messalina — Dawn Court Champion of Wisdom Signos: 15
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“The birds’ chatters are especially loud today, to reach even my ears. They chirp that a Court meeting is taking place this very evening – my, I haven’t uttered those words in years. Not since I was Champion of Wisdom.” The retired Champion's keen gaze dropped to rest upon a slim-boned girl quietly perusing a heavy tome in the corner.

“It must have been a while then, Master Xander,” Messalina quipped, setting the book aside as a sly smile slipped easily upon her lips.“I suppose you wish for me to go on your behalf?” she asked, voice airily innocent as the old sage shot a stern, creased glare at her jest.

“It’s high time for you to attend Court, rather than catalogue books all day for an old scholar like myself,” he replied gruffly, but Messalina knew her employer well enough now to recognize the concern that churned in those wise, cobalt eyes. 

“I’d planned to, anyways. And I also plan to secure a place in Court soon – I can’t infringe upon your kindness for much longer, Master Xander, without tearing my dignity to pieces.”

The sage chuckled. “Good lass. Though,” and he paused as his amused voice carried across the marbled floors of the room. “I don't suppose the prospect of seeing that Emissary of yours has affected your decision at all?”

"Of course not –" the girl coughed in indignation, but Alexander was already gone. To his beloved library, no doubt. “Those were not my intentions,” Messa huffed, though the pink flush creeping across her porcelain skin would suggest entirely otherwise. 


Under an ember sky, the citizens of Delumine arrived in twos and threes as their shadows merged with the looming silhouette of a solemn, ivy-cloaked citadel. The meeting had begun. 

The location of the assembly had been chosen with obvious care. With minimal effort, even the softest of voices would echo from wall to mossy wall, resonating easily through the curious crowd. Messalina frowned as she surveyed the faces around her–it struck her, then, just how little she had acquainted herself with Dawn’s populace.

Uncharacteristically late (she had spent a touch too long perfecting her braids), she rose on the tips of her hooves in an effort to see anything over the tide of clamoring heads. The crowd hushed all at once as a voice rang clearly through the courtyard. 

Cerulean eyes widened in momentary surprise as she placed the accent at once. She had been expecting an unfamiliar one, as she had never met the Sovereign, Kasil, before. But there was no mistaking that golden visage, and as Somnus' lilting voice carried on, her confusion quickly dissipated as surprise replaced it. Somnus is King, now! 

And there was no man better suited to the role. The pale dancer had met the then-Regent only once, and even then only briefly – but it had been enough for his even smile and wise eyes to leave her with an impression as deep as the green of his gaze. Delumine would not find herself in more noble hands.

From her poor vantage point, however, she could see little of what was transpiring. Swiftly, she ducked her way through tangled limbs until she emerged again at the front of the crowd, next to a girl with the loveliest, silver-blue skin. Like the ocean, Messa thought, and she inclined a polite nod to the girl before returning her gaze to the three figures painted gold by the rays of the fading sun. Her searching eyes fixed upon one gilded silhouette in particular. 

Ipomoea… what of his role, then? Somnus’ next words confirmed her suspicions with brevity. “With good Po’s ascension, the rank of Emissary is now open–”

There was no surprise, this time. A soft smile pressed against her lips, as eyes as blue as a summer sky flicked towards the crown of flowers she’d grown so fond of. Yet the barest tinge of sadness leaked into those azure eyes, and Messalina looked away before the Regent would feel the weight of her stare. 

Quietly, she watched as the people began to speak one by one. The girl with the ocean in her skin, and then one with the sun; each expressed their congratulations to the new Regime, and their eagerness at serving their Court in any way they could. Gods knows how tensions simmered between the four courts, like a flame waiting to catch. Messalina agreed with them wholeheartedly, yet she had no words of her own to add. Perhaps later she would seek a private audience with the Sovereign and his Regime.

For now though, she was content to remain a spectator in these affairs just a little while longer.
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Pavetta — Dawn Court Emissary Signos: 220
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p a v e t t a - - -

Pavetta’s first two weeks in the Dawn Court had been spent mostly alone.

She had not yet been quite strong enough to wander very far from the quant little grotto where Somnus had brought her to heal and rest after bringing her to Delumine. The grotto was cool and dry, tucked away like a secret. It was not but half a day’s walk from the capitol and was situated near the beach. The days passed slowly. Her daily routine was simple: sleep, eat, drink. She could amble awkwardly on her three good legs to the nearby spring for a drink and managed to graze a short distance from the entrance, but for the most part she rested in solitude and waited for her leg to heal.

When boredom threatened to overwhelm her good senses, she took to decorating her new living quarters: strings of colorful ocean glass, dried bunches of roots and herbs that hung from small strings on the stone walls. Soon she could manage a daily “physical therapy” walk. On these walks, she collected junk and odds and ends. Soon she had an impressive collection of small glass jars and vials that were scattered haphazardly (yet somehow organized) on stone ledges that worked nicely as shelves. She gathered herbs and healing plants, organized them into small, dry bundles, and hung them across the ceiling with old rope decorated with flowers. Her mortar and pestle rested on the wide, flat basin in the middle of the cavern. There she began sorting and crushing certain plants and filing the jars and vials with her various healing remedies.

When her leg had finally healed, she soon wandered far and wide across Delumine, and then even venturing on to explore other courts. She had robbed a bandit and made a dear friend in the canyon of the Day Court, met a mysterious handsome stranger at the Night Market (even now she wore the lavender perfume he had bought her), and had met a regal golden queen and lady of time in Amare.

Without entirely realizing it, all of Novus had become her home, not just the Dawn Court.

On a day much like any other, she was gathering herbs when a young messenger showed up at her little abode, bringing word of a Court gathering to take place. Pavetta set off confidently to the capitol, wondering who she would meet and what she would discover along the way. The capitol towered overhead, ivy and vines running across the stone spirals like green servants. The cobblestone felt strange underfoot, but familiar, much like the pristine marble temple she had been raised in. The Dawn Court was beautiful but not cold. The stone held warmth from the sunrise like an old friend.

Most of the Court that heeded the King’s call were somewhat familiar to Pavetta. There were a few faces she did not know, but recognized Somnus’s regal bearing instantly. She mingled easily in the throng of gathered bodies, settling in the middle of the crowd, ears pricked and eyes glimmering bright with curiosity. To her surprise, and gauging from the similar reaction of the rest of the assembled Court, Somnus announced his ascension to the throne and named his Regent, a certain “Po” she had yet to meet. He seemed an elegant stallion, with a crown of flowers settled in his wild hair. The newly named regent urged them to have strength together. Was a war brooding?

Next Ulrich spoke at the King’s left; a slate colored pegasus with intense golden-jeweled eyes and various braids twisted in his coal black hair. He spoke urgently of the need for warriors and again Pavetta was struck with the feeling that not all was well in fair Delumine. A mare the color of dusk replied briskly, Liesel, presenting herself as an option for the new Emissary. If anything, the mare had a way with words, and Pavetta supposed that was probably a necessary skill to become an Emissary. She spoke with a fervent passion that was almost angry, so fiercely did she speak of the need for the Dawn Court to be respected, recognized, and strong. Egave a similar speech of unity and strength, and some poetic tidbit about the rising sun.

Pavetta did not have much to say regarding poetry or togetherness or anything in the nature of awing the world by the strength of the Dawn Court. “I will fight. Let me be both a warrior and a healer.” But she would say her piece, albeit less elegantly than the others, and have done with it. “I too would speak for the position of Emissary."

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Orion — Guest
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exiled prince

You would think, that someone that had been steeped so much in to politics and royalty that perhaps Orion wouldn't be late to a meeting in a herd he had joined. His hooves pressed in to the ground as he walked himself forward, and soon enough there was the clattering of each step, a thudding rhythm that his heart seemed to beat along with. Really, he should have known better than to simply dilly dally about, but he walked in a calm manner, before he came around a corner, milky eyes blinking as he saw those that were gathered around. Out of all of them, Somnus was the one he recognized, and a small smile pulled on his lips, the scarring stretching just slightly before he pushed forward.

There were voices on positions and many faces he did not know, and yet he held himself high with his horns glinting.

Flicking his ears forward, he chose not to eavesdrop in to what others were discussing, though he cleared his throat softly as he stepped before the golden man. Slowly, he dipped himself down in to a bow, his head sinking low before rising up once more, tangles of white mane curling over his face as he observed his good friend, and those around him.

"Somnus," he greeted, his breath an exhale and his eyes warm as he finally glanced about. So many faces he did not know, but perhaps one day he could, if he should meet them all. For now, his attention was kept by the one that he had first met, as well as the owl that stayed nearby. "And the lovely Alba, of course," he added in, smiling at the avian companion before his head dipped down gently, resting in a more comfortable position. "Forgive me for being a little late," he exhaled, at least properly shameful for it, but not stammering over apologies.

"If it is allowed, I would like to offer my experience for the Emissary position?" He was new to the herd but not to the tangling politics and the way leaders wove words around one another. It was something he had grown up in, and something he wasn't sure he wold be in again, yet... here he was.

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Eros — Dawn Court Artisan Signos: 2,270
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A year in Novus, and what does he have to show for it? An acquaintance or two, and a still-aching heart. He hadn’t even chosen a land to settle in until recently. Delumine, he had decided, drawn by the beautiful flowers and his new friend. Dawn Court values knowledge, yes, and maybe Eros isn’t the brightest—or the wisest, or the calmest,—but surely his curiosity counts for something? Perhaps his love for nature? If neither, at least he is quite fond of the people he’s met here.

He had just finished grooming himself for the night, kohl washed from his lashes and tail combed and oiled, when he’d heard there’ll be a meeting. A meeting? At this time? Outside, the sun had already dropped low in the sky ablaze, shadows stretched long and thin across the ground. What terrible light to reapply cosmetic in, he’d thought. Of course, he’d be scandalized to even consider leaving without it, so he would have to make do.

Presently, he stops at a puddle for a moment to reexamine his reflection, blinking once, twice before picking up a brisk trot. Running late to his first Court event, how embarrassing! He cannot afford to go any faster and risk sweating, though, having foolishly left his perfume behind.

As he nears, he can hear a familiar voice begin to speak. Eros recognizes it as Ipomoea’s—the first horse he’d met in Novus many, many months ago,—although he does not speak for long before a deeper voice follows. This one talks of warriors and defense, and Eros cannot identify it. Upon reaching the gathering, he places it as the eagle-winged roan’s, but the face itself is unknown to him. So many horses here are unfamiliar, such that Eros instantly finds the only two he has met.

He makes his way toward Messalina as the people gathered begin to speak singly. They all offer congratulations, and…are speaking for positions? Eros does his best to follow the exchanges with a polite smile pulled across his lips, but cannot help but feel he’s missing something important from earlier. For now, he keeps quiet, and resolves to ask Messa after everyone has dispersed.

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Somnus — Dawn Court Sovereign Signos: 1,146
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As the members gathered, there wasn’t much to be said other than what he had already stated. Yes, they needed to fill their ranks. They needed to bolster ever wall, fortify every mind, strengthen their numbers and confidence to something to be known, to be respected. After his piece, Ipomoea said his own, followed by Ulric. These were the only two he could trust at the moment to help him lead, but they could not do it alone. Despite their good intentions, they needed the help, needed to bring the court together as one, solid unit. Somnus hoped, prayed, that they could somehow make it all work.

Delumine was far too beautiful to disappoint, Oriens too ancient and knowing, and already the fear of failure was spearheading an anxiety into his breast like any sort he had ever felt before.

One by one, volunteers stepped forward, voicing their thoughts, their minds, and their offerings. Many of them vied for position of Emissary. Somnus listened to each of them, verdant eyes keen as he regarded them with a silent, thoughtful stare, mulling over their words. Were many of them cut out for such a position? Yes. Such knowledge wouldn’t make their decision any easier.

Liesel, Eulalie, Messalina, Pavetta, Orion… They all broke from the crowd and spoke, voicing their desires to help the court in one way or the other, or to simply offer their services in the way of Emissary, or even that of a Champion. The newly named Sovereign gave a nod to each of them, admiring their spirit, their desire to assist. Together, he hoped, they would make Dawn Court strong and wise.

“Thank you, all of you,” he began, his voice a soft, patient lilt as he addressed all that had spoken, and all that had gathered. Odd. Somnus could have sworn that there would be many, many more of them in attendance… But, it was an abruptly summoned meeting. Perhaps they were busy. Attending was hardly mandatory, of course. “We’ve heard your thoughts, your suggestions. Po, Ulric, and myself will deliberate among ourselves and pick the candidates that we find most deserving of such available positions.” Already, however, ideas were forming in the dunalino’s head. A few within the crowd would serve them well as certain Champions. Hopefully, once offered, they would accept.

He took a deep breath, and then went on, head high, shoulders back. Proud. Every inch of a king trying to find his place in a position he felt that he did not deserve. “Though there is much more that we must do than simply fill our ranks. Ulric is right; we need more who would be willing to fight. Pacifists though some of us may try to be, I’m certain that I can speak for all of us that war or battle strikes when we least expect it, and truth and honor does not always mean fairness. For any who desire to better themselves in armed combat, please see Ulric after the meeting.” Somnus paused long enough to nod his head towards the said Warden, grateful for his strength and his presence. “Just as well, if you feel as though the art of war is not your style, then please, speak with Po. We are planning to bring to life a judicial branch within Delumine’s borders. Justice and fairness will be our main prerogative, to follow the patience and understanding provided to us by Oriens himself. To any of you who are curious, I encourage you to speak to Ipomoea. To anyone else… Should you have any concerns or questions, speak them. I will listen. We will listen, without ridicule or judgement.”

With that, Somnus grew silent at last, letting out a slow, measured breath as he waited for anyone else to say their piece.

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