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Current Novus date and time is

▶ Year || 502
▶ Season || Summer
▶ Temp || 74℉ (℃) - 100℉ (℃)
▶ Weather || With the end of Spring comes Summer's warm embrace. While some flourish in the comfortable glow of the sun, others take shelter from its sweltering midday heat. Even so, it is now that the continent bustles with life, for it won't be long until a cool chill returns.


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.. Cool your fever ..

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Ipomoea and Messalina

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Bexley gives him a cold, dark, beautiful smile. “Wanna see a trick?” she asks, eyes glowing with feral self-satisfaction. The bare of her teeth in a mock-grin is nothing less than terrifying. “I can make you see ghosts.” do the hungry ever sleep?

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Ipomoea — Dawn Court Regent Signos: 340
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▶ 4 [Year 497 Winter] Active Magic: Nature Whisperer
▶ 16.0 hh Bonded: Odet (Stellar's Jay)


Taking that first step into the Dusk Court had felt like coming home, like the trees themselves were welcoming him back with the gentle waving of their branches in the wind, showering him with a flurry of fallen leaves and flower petals. Every sight, every scent, every sound was familiar to him, a hundred different comforts that seemed to ease his mind in nearly an instant. He had come at dusk, having watched the sun carefully during the day so that he could be sure he arrived at the perfect time to experience Vespera’s pride and joy.

For a moment, he was still: listening to the wind whisper sweet nothings to him, carrying with it the music of the Dusk Court. He brushed his muzzle delicately, sweetly, every so gently across the trunk of a tree he stood beside, hovering a fraction of an inch away before taking the plunge to press himself firmly into the bark.

A myriad of colors and emotions flashed inside of his mind like lightning. An interlocking web of energy from not only this tree: but from several of the trees surrounding it, and the grass, and the woodpecker hiding far above in it’s branches, and the line of ants trudging up one of its exposed roots. With a startled snort, Ipomoea pulled back sharply, the tip of his nose tingling like he had been zapped by electricity.

He sat back into a mini rear, his sudden movement startling Odet into flight, the stellar’s jay abandoning the safety of his withers for the open air.

Dirt was kicked up behind him as he took off, shooting like an arrow through the swamp, hoof beats echoing loudly on the wooden walkways. He spun and cavorted, kicking his heels up like a young colt on his way, thundering through the swamp without a care in the world. Odet swooped along behind him, chattering angrily at the unexpected change in his companion’s behavior. Ipomoea simply laughed in response, the sounds of his joy loud in the otherwise still swamp.

Trees flashed by in a whirl as he passed them, hardly aware of where he was going, simply following the strip of wood beneath his hooves.

Until suddenly he burst through the trees and into a clearing, where the swampy ground was replaced by tall grasses and wildflowers, the wooden walkway disappearing suddenly under hoof. Ipomoea skid sharply to a stop, his breath catching high in his throat as a kaleidoscope of colors greeted him from above, the skies turned into a canvas for the Terrastellan goddess.

The deepest of purples and blues brightened the closer they got to the horizon, where reds and pinks and golds flamed brightly. It was breathtaking and beautiful, arguably the most mesmerizing sunset he had seen to date. Ipomoea was so caught up in wonder and awe that he failed to notice anything else about the meadow, so enraptured was he by the skies.

@Florentine i am so excited for them! <3
”here am i!“
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Florentine — Dusk Court Sovereign Signos: 1,020
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He had been spotted.
Did he know?
Florentine smiles from the sky as she watches Delumine’s Regent running through the swamp. Even from above she could hear the splash of the mud and the clatter of feet on the wooden boards. From on high she follows him, wings tipping as she studies the flower boy below.
He was just a shadow, a streak of brown, but she knows the gleam of those pale wings, the bright of his flower crown.So it is no surprise when he erupts from the cover of the trees. The twilight sky arrests him with its colours and the boy skids to a halt. Mud and petals scatter and Florentine sinks to land a few feet from the spray.
“I did not know your tree-hugging skills were so up to scratch, Po.” The flower girl remarks with a smile. Her tail flicks, lavender petals scattering into the long grasses at her feet.
The meadow sighs, a sleepy exchange that promise the coming of night. “You are far from Dawn.” The fae-queen remarks with a smile as she steps close to him. Her lips brush his cheek, a warm greeting for an old friend. “Each time I see you I hear of a new promotion. Somnus had better watch his back, hmm?” The girl adds with an impish smile and the tip of a gilded wing nudges against his side.
“Walk with me.” She hums, as she turns from him. Not giving him a chance to escape, she leads them on through the brightly coloured meadow and its sea of flowers.
Florentine has pressing matters to discuss. As they walk she plucks a daisy and then a dandelion, and then another flower and another, weaving them all together. On and on she picks blossoms as they walk, threading them into a chain.
“There have been many rumours circulating Novus of late, did you know?” It was such an innocuous beginning, so quietly does she weave her flowers into jewelry, so steadily does she walk beside her friend. “The one about you ascending to Regent was true, but, I was wondering if you could shed light on another?” She lets the question hang for a moment before slowly lifting her finished garland to drop it about his neck. It is as she lowers it that she asks, casually, “Who is this Messalina, Po?” And it is only when the garland is settled about his neck that the Dusk queen peers up at him with a mischievous smile.
“I want all the details. Is she nice? Does she treat you well?”  Her smile fades for just a moment, her eyes drinking in her fellow flower-boy. A protective instinct, fierce and strong slips like gasoline through her veins. She did not wish for him to suffer the pain she had when a love became so terribly lost.

@Ipomoea - I thought she was going to be more subtle than this. Apparently not, sorry Po xDD <3

She is clothed with strength and dignity, 
and she laughs without fear of the future 


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