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Current Novus date and time is

▶ Year || 503
▶ Season || Spring
▶ Temp || 43℉ (8℃) - 70℉ (21℃)
▶ Weather || The weather radar really does seem to be off the charts lately...
I wonder what's going on? (#15-19)


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A land of absence
and root and stone

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Bexley and Acton

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"And all the while her mind, her blood, her fierce and fearless heart was singing, singing, singing." — Shrike in We're under attack!

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El Toro — Day Court Warrior Signos: 0
▶ Played by Muirgen [PM] Posts: 31 — Threads: 6
▶ Male [He/Him/His] Hth: 7 — Atk: 13 — Exp: 11
▶ 6 [Year 496 Summer] Active Magic: N/A
▶ 17.2 hh Bonded: N/A

”Not…me?” “No, of course not,” is what snaps in his mind, but he won’t say it because he frightens this one and for once he doesn’t want to. But he stays flush against the wall, ears still back, and Toro knows this could go sour quick. Now that he is here, he’s not sure he wants the little deer to go.

”Mine wasn’t that great either.”

This would be the one thing they had in common.
Eager as he was to move away from the previous topic, he had no desire to discuss his father, either, or this boy’s, or really anyone’s father because frankly it was the number one thing he was trying to leave behind, so he left a little silence between the stranger’s words and his next. ”What’s your name?”


"What I say,"

What I think,
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Anzhelo — Night Court Commoner Signos: 55
▶ Played by bruiser [PM] Posts: 6 — Threads: 0
▶ Male [He/Him/His] Hth: 15 — Atk: 5 — Exp: 10
▶ 6 [Year 496 Fall] Active Magic: N/A
▶ 13 hh Bonded: N/A
you shouldn't have to pay for your love
with your bones and your flesh

They face off against each other, the frightened deer and the calming bull, but neither are looking for a fight from the other. A heartbeat of silence between the two of them, his pulse pounding in his ears from the sudden adrenaline that came with fear, but ever so slowly it begins to calm when the other stallion makes no other threatening moves.

His ears begin to inch forward once more, swiveling to catch the pale stallion’s question, and at being questioned about himself he can’t help but stare at the floor, the slightest of flushes tinging his cheeks. “Um… A-Anzhelo.” He answers, stumbling over his own name, and he falls silent for a few more moments.

“I, um…” He racks his brain for the tales of these lands, trying to place which God this creature might be, lurking here in the mountains of the Night Court -- and he wishes he had paid more attention, but truthfully, he’d come to this land thoroughly sick of deities.

“Are you Oriens?”

It’s the only one he can think who might fit.

The dragonscale wrapped loosely around his neck gleams, for a moment, offering him the courage to ask.



@El Toro

you were only a boy,
when you were thrown into a war.


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