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Current Novus date and time is

▶ Year || 503
▶ Season || Spring
▶ Temp || 43℉ (8℃) - 70℉ (21℃)
▶ Weather || The weather radar really does seem to be off the charts lately...
I wonder what's going on? (#15-19)


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A land of absence
and root and stone

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Bexley and Acton

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"And all the while her mind, her blood, her fierce and fearless heart was singing, singing, singing." — Shrike in We're under attack!

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Eik — Day Court Emissary Signos: 1,550
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They haven't seen each other in a while, except in passing. They are always in passing; Eik going one place, or Bexley going another, or both at the same time, exchanging weary glances across the quiet space between them. In this way they shared a certain something-- a moment of camaraderie, or some other silent communication that has no words. It was just a meeting of the eyes, and sometimes more than that.

He never really understood Bexley, and he doesn't think she ever really understood him-- but to be fair, most people didn't. Anyway they had a certain arms-length agreement. They were on the same team, in the same extended family. At the end of the day he'd kill for her, probably. Probably

(Really it all depends on who, and why. But probably, regardless.)

So when they stumble across each other, each by themselves with seemingly nowhere else to be, it seems like an odd sort of miracle. In the momenta that follow he looks at her, really looks at her for the first time in a while. His first thought is that it is an odd thing to see Bexley so... so fat. 

"Bexley," he says with a wide grin. It is unlike him to smile so broadly.

Part of his mind is racing. Remembering. His heart sings, but it also aches. He has not seen a child since--

Since his own.

It is impossible to not think of his loss, but he manages to do so distantly. He can still find joy in the few places there is joy to be found. His grin still holds steady. "Congratulations." It is the single happiest, most sincere thing that anyone in Novus has heard him say. He half-reaches to her swollen belly, stopping himself just inches away. She must feel his breath on her side. He hopes it will not make her recoil. "May I?" He tilts his head, poised to reach across that last bit of space and feel the child separated from the world by not much more than skin and a thin layer of muscle.

It would be so easy now for him to reach out with his mind and make acquaintances with the infant. He could learn her name, tell her stories of her mother, show her what the air feels like in your lungs and what the earth feels like under your hooves. 

Bexley would never even know.

But he refrains, sensing an undefined boundary that he is not yet ready to pass. Not yet.

Preggo @Bexley <33
Time makes fools of us all

Bexley — Day Court Regent Signos: 445
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one good honest kiss, to feel alright

It’s awful.

The sickness, the ache in her limbs, the heaviness that seems to drag her into the sand until she thinks she might be sinking.

It does not fit her. Bexley is supposed to be beautiful and capable, and right now she is neither - just tired and irritated and perpetually exhausted by how ugly she looks, fat and sloppy, consistently working to avoid her reflection. When she does find the courage to leave her tower, it’s usually in a mood so foul Solterrans weave a wide circle around her, perturbed by her glare and whispering speculations.

She’s not sure how many of them know who the father is, or if she’s fooling herself to think that anyone doesn’t. Still there’s some solace in thinking (whether it’s true or not) that there is a part of her still hidden from the Court, a little silver of her life not overtaken by government, by gossip or political influence.  

And so when she sees Eik in the streets a brief moment of dread overtakes her, dread that he might ask her a favor she cannot complete for him, or a question she will not answer. Overhead the sun winks its easy eye. Still she walks toward him, wearing an expression that is almost sheepish, and when he grins - really truly grins, the biggest smile she might have ever seen him wear - something like relief rushes through her, and she smiles back, wild-eyed and excited.

Sure, she answers, and angles herself closer; the god inside her shifts, slightly, and she swallows the urge to remark on it.  

Eik — Day Court Emissary Signos: 1,550
▶ Played by Rae [PM] Posts: 183 — Threads: 22
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▶ 10 [Year 493 Spring] Active Magic: Telepathy
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He can only imagine what it would feel like to have a tiny universe in your belly. All that promise, all that possibility. It isn't that he's jealous of her. Few things seem more foreign and horrifying than literally growing a child inside of you. But... there is something a little glorious about it.

This thought brings back memories so heavy that he must scramble to think of anything else. In her broad smile is the perfect distraction. Even without flexing his magic, he can read the excitement in her grin. For this one moment they are not regent and emissary. This is not business, or politics. This is a moment of calm between one storm and the next.He enjoys it, knowing full well it won't last long.

With Bexley's permission, he reaches out and gently rests his muzzle against her bulging side. After a moment of stillness, Apolonia kicks out violently at his touch. "Oh," he breathes out in surprise-- and then all his walls are gone. The walls that he spent months learning how to carefully, steadily build-- crumbled at the touch of a tiny hoof. The filly's thoughts slide into his head, mingling with his own in a wave of energy he's never quite experienced.

Oh, she is something special.

Dumb with surprise, all he can think to communicate with her is "hello," but she must also pick up the thoughts he does not have words for: the smell of her mother's skin, the feel of sun on his back, the weight of a long life.

His walls rebuild themselves in an instant, but the impression of her touch remains. In the silence that follows, Apolonia's dreaming mind haunts him like a ghost.

Eik draws back and blinks. "Have you chosen a name for her?" That word- her- is one of those things you can't take back once spoken. Did Bexley know she carried a daughter and not a son? Did she at least suspect? He carefully watches her reaction, heart fluttering nervously.

Time makes fools of us all


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