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Current Novus date and time is

▶ Year || 502
▶ Season || Fall
▶ Temp || 35℉ (℃) - 69℉ (℃)
▶ Weather || The heat of the summer has begun to wane and cooler weather is spreading across Novus. Frost glistens in the morning light of some regions and the trees have shed their lush shades of green for those of red and orange. It is Fall now, but winter will soon be fast upon its heels.


Character of the Season

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A Midsummer Night's Dream

Pair of the Season
Acton and Bexley

Quote of the Season
"If Reich had been the gunsmoke, Rhoswen was the gun - their youth swayed like washing in the wind, peaceful and unassuming, as though if they tried hard enough they might be able grab hold of it. Wasn't that the deceit of peaceful things? They drifted like butterflies just out of your reach." — Rhoswen in she was always meant to be a star

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He found himself nodding along subconsciously to Kasil’s words, one ear tilted in each bay stallion’s direction. It was good Kasil interjected for him—reminding him, once again, how much he had yet to learn about politics. The King’s reasoning and diplomacy was far more sophisticated than his own, and Po made it a point to repeat them over and over in his mind, mulling over and committing it to memory. For this was his next task, to know and understand his Court more intimately than any other within its population. Save for Kasil himself, of course.

Ipomoea offered a small smile to Reichenbach, mind already beginning to work out the details of tomorrow. The trip to Denocte was not a short one—he would have to wake early. Maybe he could even convince Nimue to come with him, to save time. Surely, whatever it was they needed to discuss could be done along the way. “I will see you there,” he promised, watching the Night King fade back into the crowd, back the way he had come. The chime from his gypsy coins was soon overwhelmed by the clamor of the courtyard, the wild scent of him fading on the breeze, leaving Ipomoea and Kasil alone.

“He was certainly interesting,” Ipomoea remarked to Kasil, unable to shake the feeling the Sovereign of Denocte left him with. “Very… assertive.” The single word was a poor summary, but it seemed the best fit out of the many words floating through his mind, surrounding the mental image of the sovereign. It reminded him even of Maxence, and Po's brief interaction with the Solterran at the bank of the Rapax.

Of course, he would expect little less from a King.

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