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be careful with this one love,
he will do what it takes to survive

Carefully crafted by loving hands, Valefor displays a muscled, elegant build typical of warmbloods, with a wide chest and deep barrel. By adulthood, he will stand a full nineteen hands at the shoulder, mirroring his twin. Instead of a normal tail, his is a long, slender leonine tail with fluffy hair along most of the length of it. He has two deep red horns,a longer one on his forehead and one shorter one down towards his muzzle that curve slightly backwards and are kept sharp. If one were to look inside his mouth, they’d notice that many of his teeth come to an unnaturally sharp point. A thick mane of hair seems to sprout from his chest and encircle his neck, much like a lion’s mane, and both front elbows have similar tufts of hair.

His base coat is a deeply saturated red dun with pangare traits that fades to a light orange along his limbs and face, featuring light cream stripes along his legs, belly, neck, ears, and face. These cream stripes turn to circles around his horns, as though to emphasize them, and appear in a pattern near his eyes that seems to accentuate them. Black spots that range in size up to a quarter are scattered across the top half of his body, from his ears to the middle of his tail. His hooves are wide and solid, colored the same deep red as his horns. His eyes are a bright golden color.

His hair is a deep reddish orange to light yellow that seems to resemble fire.

they tell me think with my head not that thing in my chest,
they got their hands around my neck tonight

He is hungry, oh so hungry for both power and affection, and it rages within him like a fire. The power to control his magic, to no longer be a threat to those he has loved for so long -- the power to go home without fear heavy on his tongue like bile, the power to feel like a person instead of a living weapon.

He does not mean to be cruel, but perhaps he doesn’t mean to be kind, either -- he is a creature of conflicting emotions and motives, one who has been raised in such turmoil that he recognizes it as peace, and views the world through the rules of a being at war: survival is tantamount, but sometimes, death can be bargained away, and knowledge is the only form of absolute power that there is.

He hides anxiety behind bared teeth and a habit of isolating himself, a social outcast at the fringes of the crowd, and he tells himself that he doesn't need to play the hero -- except that he will always step in if he thinks that he can help, because he doesn't know how to just keep walking.

He is lonely, skin-starved even, and it has guided some of his worst decisions -- he would melt for a caring touch, and he would kill if it meant someone could love him.

i never had a chance to be soft,
i was always bloody knuckles and shards of glass

Born in Caeleste in the late spring from the murderer Selene and the rogue Mathias, he was a bastard child from the start -- abandoned in the tavern where he and his twin were conceived in a drunken bar brawl, they were raised by the bartender in exchange for a hand around the bar occasionally. Vale adored his twin Hex, who was quick to take advantage of this -- he often told Vale that he wasn't as intelligent, wasn't as strong, wasn't as useful, eager to keep his twin under his thumb and have someone to do the dirty work whenever the twin had some sort of plan.

As a yearling, he met Winifred, and he and the witchy child were fast friends -- angering Hex, who noticed that Valefor was beginning to slip away from him. During this time, Valefor began to struggle with the mind magic that he was blessed with, finding that it was rapidly growing powerful and out of his control.

He invited Winifred to a coronation ball, and that was the night everything that went wrong. The magic imbued a plea that left his lips, and Winifred was not prepared, trapped by the coercion of a lonely little boy.

It awoke something that had been sleeping in Winifred, and Vale never noticed. She died on that mountain, and was reborn -- and he began a lifetime of nightmares, of him screaming while she bled out into the snow, of the dark rituals Desdemona performed to save his friend, of the way Pentecost stared at him.

His magic grew more unstable with every passing day, with every new nightmare and surge of grief. Even when Winnie forgave him, he couldn't stay. He left Caeleste in the late Fall, seeking out somewhere where he could learn to control his magic.

Active & Parvus Magic

Mental Manipulation

The user can manipulate, modify and control the thoughts, mindsets, and upper brain functions, allowing the ability to render others unconscious, suppress their memories, modify minds to be agreeable, control minds, sway sensations to induce altered perception, bestow/heal mental disorders, create/penetrate mental barriers, etc.

His magic is wild and entirely out of his control, leaving him exhausted and, in turn, even less capable of controlling it. Thankfully, his magic is only capable of working on another individual should he make eye contact with them -- and even then, he does not have the capability to affect them too strenously. Individuals affected may find they have minor difficulty storing the details of the encounter in their long-term memory, or perhaps they might be a hint more agreeable to his suggestions than they normally would be, or perhaps they might find themselves feeling in need of a nap. These affects are short-term and will generally disappear within an hour of eye contact being made -- any eye contact before the hour is up will reset the 'timer'.

His magic begins to affect those that he does not make eye contact with, so long as they are within five feet of him. He still struggles to control the magic, generally incapable of directing it, but he is less fatigued all of the time. Those affected by the magic may find themselves struggling to recall details of their encounters, or perhaps remembering the wrong details. It begins to imbue his words with suggestion, influencing a weaker-willed listener to agree with his views, although stronger-willed individuals will be lesser or even not affected, depending on their willpower. He is beginning to have the ability to sense mental barriers and even to erect his own, although his own shields are fragile and prone to shattering easily. The effects of his magic will begin to last up to five hours after the individual has left the 5 foot radius. This will be a stage of heavy research into his magic, and will leave him much more prepared for the next stage of his magic use.

With heavy research and practice, he has learned how to reliably control the magic effects, and his radius of use has increased to 10 feet. He can sense other's mental shields and begin to hold his own, although he cannot break through at this time. He is beginning to be able to consciously manipulate memories and senses, and these memory alterations may or may not hold for an indefinite period of time, depending on the individual affected and the energy he pours into the magic at the time of manipulation. Those who hear him talk will be easily swayed towards his arguments, although higher willpower individuals may take more convincing to be swayed. He can make individuals drop into a dead sleep, but it is exhausting for him, and the unconscious period only lasts for about 10 minutes -- it will take him several days to recover from something like this. Effects will last up to 24 hours after leaving his radius of influence.

He has finally mastered control over his magic. So long as an individual is within a 35 foot radius, he can affect them. His own mental shields are strong and difficult to break except for others on his skill level, and he can break weaker shields with ease. Memory and sense alterations take less energy and can be held indefinitely, although he may have to refresh them every two weeks or so to ensure the magic remains strong. His arguments are convincing even to the most skeptical of individuals, and he can take control of an individual's mind for up to six hours should he so wish, although the longer he holds the magic, the more tiring it will be. A touch from his mind can will individuals into a dead sleep that will last up to 24 hours. If he truly wanted to, he could wipe an individual's mind of all memories and thoughts and replace them with what he desired, although this would require enough energy that he would need to spread the work out over several days, and would still leave him entirely exhausted at the end of it -- enough so that he would be risking death through magical fatigue if he were not careful about it.

Valefor's eyes, hair, and swirled markings will often exhibit a fire-like glow when he uses his mind magic.

Passive Magic


Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

the thing is, even if i could go back
i wouldn't belong there any more

Enchanted Bracelet -- A golden bracelet fastened around his left foreleg, inlaid with strange runes. When activated, his hair and body throws off illusionary sparks that hold no heat and emit a very faint light.

Satchel -- a small leather satchel that fastens around his neck/shoulder with a golden chain, meant to carry scrolls or a small amount of books.

Golden Jewelry -- A ring of gold wraps around Valefor's first, smaller horn, linked to a chain that connects to a golden ring in his right ear.

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