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Deep within the Viride Forest, a 12-foot tall monstrosity of stone stands frozen on it's hind legs in a rearing position. The statue is sculpted into the shape of an ambiguous, armored steed, and signs of age depict how long it has stood here abandoned in the forest. Moss and vines have grown over it's body like an absurd green carpet of fur and ropes tying it in place. The stone is granite, black with fine white specks. If it were polished, it would shine beautifully. On closer inspection, it appears the statue has been chiseled with runic markings all over it's body in intricate weaves, in a language long dead and unrecognizable. The shape of the head and mane, and other features of the body suggest the workings of an ancient civilization. The eyes appear as empty sockets, and across the flat of it's face, where a stripe or a star would be, a set of runes larger than all the rest spell out the word "LIFE" in an unknown language.

What's that rumbling? As you came close to examine it, the runic writing on the statue suddenly glows with life. Bright blue, though as the statue shifts before your eyes, the runes gleam amber in an agitated state. A breath of air blasts you in the face, smelling of a mustiness that's at least a millennia old. A vine snaps, then another, the statue lowers itself to all fours and towers over you, 21 hands at the withers, eyes and nostrils and runes gleaming with some mysterious magic that pulses in brightness like the flickering of a candle flame, but more... rhythmic, like breathing. It's unclear what is driving this construct of arcane mastery, but it does not seem pleased to have it's dormancy disturbed. Thud. Thud. Snap. Thud. Snap. Snap. Grrrrrummble! The thing begins to walk with heavy hoofsteps that shake the ground around it, causing more vines to stretch and snap with the unstoppable force of this creature deliberately walking towards you, menacingly.

You can feel each hoofstep of this creature jarring you deep in your bones. Thud. Thud. Thud. It occurs to you then, that you should maybe run. You are no match for this thing, you have no idea of it's capabilities, and merely kicking or biting it will do nothing. In your logical mind, stone can not feel pain. You turn tail and canter out of the clearing, you can easily outrun this slow, lumbering guardian, but you will probably never forget this encounter. You know you will hear the sound of it's hoofsteps in the quiet moments of your life, and see it's eyes gleaming and flashing from blue to amber in the darkness... guiding you into nightmares.

Awakened Stone

Gullible, Naive, Chaotic Good, Rebellious
The Golem has a childlike wonderment for everything around it. It seems to not remember much of it's past, and so it acts as though it is experiencing everything for the first time. As naive as this is, it exposes the Golem to a great amount of danger considering there are all sorts of creatures out there that would enjoy having a living statue under their control. There does exist a way to make the Golem become as a mindless servant to the whims of a master, however, the procedure for such a thing was lost to the ages. Getting answers out of the Golem will prove useless, not only because the Golem itself does not remember, but because it does not speak the modern tongue. There are shadows o the Golems personality though, of who it used to be, hidden in there. It has a strong hatred of kings and monarchs, believing them to be nothing but tyrants, and it behaves in such a way that would suggest it cares not for the "righteousness" of law, but acts for the good of all, no matter what chaos that might bring.

Controlled Stone

Apathetic, Dependent, Unthinking, Loyal, Lawful Neutral
Were someone to unlock the methods of gaining control of him, Golem becomes a completely different creature when the command phrase is spoken It becomes as a blank slate, unthinking, unfeeling, unable to empathize or listen to reason. It's entire existence hinges on the commands of it's master, carrying out those commands, no matter what they are, is what the Golem was created for. A soldier that can not flinch away from death because it knows no pain, it can not rationalize morals, or give in to emotions of pity. However, it is entirely dependent on the one who speaks the command phrase. It is in light of this, that the lost art of Golem Creation was perhaps a blessing in disguise. The Golem can never again be used to the betterment of one person at the cost of it's free-will.

This story takes place many countless eons ago, an ancient civilization that has since been lost, leaving little to nothing in their wake to expose their long-abandoned presence. A smattering of kingdoms existed, and in one such kingdom, the king was a tyrant, who over taxed and demanded much from his citizens. Equines were leaving to find residency elsewhere, but when they did, the king would have them hunted down as severely as any deserter or criminal. The king had plans, though, and what the citizens didn't know is that he had his sights set on invading the neighboring kingdoms and annexing them into his own.

War was waged, and the king's forces were soundly defeated. But that didn't stop the king from trying again. For decades, this became the new norm. Every year, the king would wage war, invade, be defeated, retreat, and rebuild for the next try. However, it is said that with each defeat the king became more and more desperate. That is when his mages came to him with a plan, an experiment, they said. But first, they needed a great smithy. Word was sent all across the kingdom and all of the kingdom's finest answered the call. Among them, a stallion by the name of Damien. He was the eldest of two sons, and while he trained to take over his father's forge, the younger of the two had run off years ago to join the king's army.

In the end, there were 5 smiths chosen for the test and Damien was one of them. They were each given ore and stone and whatever materials they needed to fill the 100 suits of armor order that each of them were set with. They each had 5 weeks to complete the task and in the end, only Damien succeeded with the finest craftsmanship. Damien was given gold for his work and his suits were taken away, never to be seen again, or.... so he thought.

A few months later, the kingdom made an announcement that a new technological miracle had been invented. A living suit of armor that could fight and move on it's own with no horse inside. There were enough of these arcane wonders to form a full army, and each herd settlement received one for the sake of increasing security on the outskirts of the kingdom. When the time came to wage yet another war, the king's army was bolstered by these new feats of magical mastery. The war was a bloodbath. The golems performed so well that the neighboring kingdom was conquered within a fortnight.

The king declared a national holiday to celebrate their victory, and Damien received more wealth as a reward for his service. He received another order of about 100 suits of armor and thought nothing of it, forging them and sending them on in loads of ten. These were massive, big enough to cover the body of a draft stallion, and so they were also heavy and took a lot of time to complete. He still filled the orders in 3 month's time. Each time he filled an order, the amount of Golems would increase. One by one, the kingdom's fell to the might of this one army. Other mages tried to recreate the miracle of the living stone soldiers, but they could not seem to grasp the secret to it. No matter what they tried. The secret behind what powered the living statues was a mystery.

Until one day, Damien was on his way home when he passed by the golem guardian over his own herd, and heard a.... familiar voice coming from inside of it. He knew these suits were empty, but he would recognize that voice anywhere. Pricking his ears he heard the agonized breathy voice of his brother, pleading with anyone to put him out of his misery. Damien paused to talk to the living statue of his brother and learned all about the horrific truth. His brother told him that the court mages had offered the ranked officers an opportunity to become stronger. He had volunteered for the sake of wanting to become stronger so that he could later make him and their father proud.

The mages led him into a room and fitted him with one of the suits of armor, and then surrounded him, chanting and glowing with magic. It was then that he realized he was standing on a sacrificial ritual circle, as it began to glow. By the time he noticed, it was too late. He tried to move his legs, but he found he couldn't. His body wouldn't listen to him. He remembers watching as his limbs turned to stone, blood pouring from his skin like sweat from his pores, and frothing on the ground to collect as crimson foam. He blacked out from the pain, and ever since has only been conscious like this for a few snatching moments. Moments in which the pain of the conversion still haunted him. Damien was furious, and rightly horrified. He had been supplying the king with vessels with which to trap the souls of soldiers.

When next, the order came for another 100 suits of armor, Damien refused. He demanded that they stop this demonic ritual, and threatened to leave to the other kingdoms and spread the truth. Before he could get far, Damien was arrested and tried for treason, though he did not come quietly and fought for his life the whole way. He was sentenced to spend eternity as a Golem. The king had run out of volunteers and had started using criminals and prisoners of war to fuel his lust for more invincible soldiers.

However, punishing Damien in this way turned out to be a mistake. No other Smithy in all the kingdom, nor in any of the captured lands, could replace the work that Damien had possessed, and as a Golem, he lost his ability to produce the same quality as before. Without the suits of armor being as good as they had been, every Golem created past that mark in time was shoddy, and easily destroyed. The King tasted his first defeat in over a decade and such a defeat lifted the spirits of the rebellion, and the kingdoms that had yet to fall to the Tyrant King. With renewed vigor, they fought back, and eventually began to retake some ground. With each battle, the new golems were easily wrecked with siege weaponry, and the old golems were... well, tougher, but with each battle, a handful of them were lost.

Eventually it came to pass that the king's own original kingdom was all he had control over and there were only 10 original Golems left. A final battle took place, the king was killed, and the kingdom was liberated of a tyrant. The heaviest casualty of all, was that Damien was the only Golem left alive, and without his mage masters controlling him, the spell etched into his body was triggered to force him into a dormant sleep. There, he has stood as a silent, single testament to a once great nation. In the centuries that followed, the Golem has lost all previous memory of who it once was. Nature has reclaimed the area as a vast, and dark forest now covers the kingdom that once existed here. It is here in this vine-strewn quiet glade, that a relic from a bygone era waits, patiently, to be awakened once again.

Active & Parvus Magic

Passive Magic

The runic script inscribed on the Golem's body, as well as it's eyes and nostrils, glows with a flickering, pulsing blue light. It seems to pulse with the rhythm of a breathing animal. The blue light can flash to amber if the Golem's mood should become agitated, or it is carrying out the command of one who has spoken the command phrase.

It is this light that indicates the spell's activity. While the workings of the magic cast upon him is lost to the ages, the fact that it somehow bonds a soul to the stone, thus animating it, is apparent. Should this light ever fade, the Golem would essentially 'die' or fall dormant again.


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Played by Mama Loon
Golem will be role played in the second-person perspective.
Reference image by Jynkyz
Commission paid for by Mama Loon.

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