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watch your body pull itself back together
then let your soul do the same

Standing twenty hands at the shoulder, he once made an impressive sight on the battlefield -- a frame packed full of muscles, dripping in blood as his horn cut through all who stood in his path, and his golden stripes gleaming in the dying light of day. Now, he still retains a decent condition, but many of the muscles have softened without constant vigorous training, and while he is still an impressive height he is not nearly so fearsome.

His base coloration is a graying-out, faded cherry bay that covers his entire body, fading into black stockings upon his legs and muzzle. Most of his body is unmarked except for gleaming, golden scars -- the only natural markings he carries are the zebra stripes that cover his face. Interestingly enough, these stripes (along with his once sharply tipped horn) seem to be coated in a gold plate, resulting in a metallic protective surface. While thin and flexible, it is extremely tough and difficult to break; however, it does make movement difficult if it forms over his joints. he will be prone to arthritis in his later years due to this.

His horn is thin and grooved like a unicorn's horn, measuring nearly two feet from base to tip. The end was at one time extremely sharp and deadly -- once used as a fearsome weapon, it is now chipped and purposely made dull.

you and atlas are one and the same
cursed to carry a weight you cannot bear

Upon first meeting him, one might assume he is standoffish, maybe even shy -- he rarely goes out of his way to start a conversation, though he is polite whenever such an occasion might arise -- one might get the idea that he is simply inexperienced in the art of socializing despite his age. He tends to avoid making close friendships as a result of the guilt he still carries, although he doesn't realize that this is the reason -- he tells himself that he isn't lonely, that he's fine with mainly Nietzsche as company, but in truth he's simply lying to himself.

It's the same situation with his sexuality: the trauma from causing the death of his first crush, coupled with not having realized that what he had was a crush on the other boy, he has inadvertently repressed himself and his sexuality as a result. Between this and his solitary lifestyle, Corinthian has generally met little to no challenge in regards to his concept of himself as heterosexual -- and is likely to be using his quiet nature as an excuse to avoid socializing, for fear of concepts he might have to face should he try to dip his toes into the dating pool. However, since he has met Anberlin, he has begun to untangle the traumas of his past and his sexuality.

Those who get close to him are often shocked to find he has a sense of humor at all -- especially one as snarky and occasionally caustic as his is. He has a knack for timing and a sense for weaknesses, one that could be cruel in the hands of someone else, but he generally prefers not to take advantage. He can be accurately described as a gentle giant, preferring to avoid violence whenever possible, but should someone threaten his friends (or more importantly, his sister), he isn't afraid to open up a can of whoop-ass on them.

He is deeply religious -- likely as a result of his search for redemption -- and has begun a spiritual journey into uncovering who he truly is beneath the guise of a child soldier.

if you don't get it off your chest
you'll never be able to breathe

-- unknown parentage, abandoned to the soma astrali herd as a newborn. raised as kill fodder for the arena. somehow managed to survive the arena at a year and a half with five other yearlings/two-year-olds, only one which was a slave like himself. claimed as a slave by marcus aurex and given the name corinthian dawning, dawning being a commonly given slave name.

-- entered training and began to grow close to the other slave who had survived the arena, a colt by the name of artois. marcus found out about his crush on artois and forced him to kill the other slave, then called him an abomination and explained why such desires were abnormal.

-- graduated his training after two successful missions and a mission where a herdmate turned on him due to his slave status, resulting in the scars on his neck. he was pardoned for the failure due to having had to fight both a more experienced herd mate plus the herd they had warned, and having managed to partially complete the mission despite heavy damage to himself.

-- was assigned to guard the young nietzsche as he healed from the failed mission, and became her sparring partner / mentor when the young filly survived the arena. grew close to nietzsche as his only source of real companionship, while the rest of the herd often treated him like he was less than dirt in their eyes. began to be sent out on missions with nietzsche and other young assassins until he 'earned' the honor of being trusted enough on solo missions. completed several high-status kills and missions over the course of a few years, along with many smaller missions as a companion to a 'true' member of the herd, usually nietzsche.

-- at seven years old, was sent out on a solo, long-term mission to infiltrate and destroy a disliked band of gypsies from another land. after ingratiating himself with them by posing as a harmless wanderer who had fallen upon hard times, he was taken in by a young family and accidentally ended up befriending their young son. the child taught him about their religion, which revolved around two goddesses referred to as the 'Twins', and often dragged him to their weekly prayer meetings or to his mother's teachings on healing. for the first time in his life, corinthian was exposed to an environment where it wasn't kill or be killed, and he began to question the ethics of what his herd did.

-- traveled with them to a land called pantheon on their holy pilgrimage, where they were ambushed by the soma astrali. corinthian, afraid of being captured if he were to fight, instead ran to get help for the herd from the nearby kingdom. however, by the time he had returned, the gypsy band had all been wiped out and the soma astrali had left, believing him to have been discovered and executed months ago -- to the end, his adoptive family had protected him, despite his seeming abandonment. he ended up helping to bury the bodies, including the family that had taught him so much, and with a heavy heart he had finished their pilgrimage for them, laying their gifts at the Twin's shrine and falling to his knees with guilt, begging for relief from the weight on his soul.

-- the younger Twin -- often referred to as Mother Night or Sister Death -- appeared to him, and laid a curse upon him for the deaths he had caused and his failure to protect her people, damning him to relive the experiences of those he had killed until he had wept his soul clean.

-- traveled to elysium in order to seek some sort of peace far away from his homeland, and to try and make right the wrongs of his life. reunited with nietzsche and was introduced to her lover maddox, who he did not get along with like the proper big brother he was. joined the corona herd as a knight alongside nietzsche and maddox. consoled and advised nietzsche when she discovered she was pregnant

-- met a man by the name of anberlin due to accidentally dropping his wet cloak on him and having said cloak stolen by the smaller man. however, due to anberlin’s feminine appearance and corinthian’s own obliviousness, he believes that anni is female and as such questioned his sudden attraction to the female sex when he was so certain he was broken.

-- soon after the birth of niet’s daughter, niet and corin received a warning that the soma astrali were after them. They decided to split into three groups, with maddox taking the young foal one way, and corin and niet going another way to draw them off. corin and niet then split off, agreeing to meet up at a later date, when they were due to meet maddox.

-- was ambushed by the soma astrali, including marcus, in an attempt to drag him back home and use him as a defacto heir producer for marcus, who had no legitimate heirs. during this, corinthian was told that maddox and vance had been located and killed. he fought back and escaped, fleeing into the passage to escape his attackers.

-- met up once more with anberlin after exchanging letters with him, in which they attended a ball together as dates. during the course of the ball, anberlin revealed that he was actually male, and corinthian confessed some of the sins of his past. he is still not 100% okay with his homosexuality, but has begun to accept it and work on some of the things he has been taught.

-- came to novus to seek out the wisdom of oriens and to find somewhere that he and anberlin could live in peace.

Active & Parvus Magic

umbrakinesis-- inactive (not purchased)

coming eventually. probably. if i ever get enough signos.

Passive Magic

kintsugi -- inactive (not purchased)

when injured, his wounds will scar and seal over with a golden plating, like armor. his blood can appear golden-red due to this, and if tested, would contain trace amounts of gold. this magic also makes the gold stronger than it would normally be on its own (less prone to being dented or scratched) but as a trade-off, if it seals over his joints or major muscles it can be difficult for him to move. strangely enough, this does not seem to apply to the natural markings, which seem to be much softer than the rest of the gold.

Bonded & Pets

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

he's living on the inside roaring like a lion

Simple Cloak -- a heavy piece of rough, black fabric that covers most of his body and includes a hood, clasped at the chest with a plain silver fastener. Mutation Most of his body is unmarked except for gleaming, golden scars -- the only natural markings he carries are the zebra stripes that cover his face. Interestingly enough, these stripes (along with his once sharply tipped horn and his scars) seem to be coated in a gold plate, resulting in a metallic protective surface. While thin and flexible, it is extremely tough and difficult to break; however, it does make movement difficult if it forms over his joints. He will be prone to arthritis in his later years due to this. Without his passive magic, he cannot produce any more of this gold plating.

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