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At an impressive eighteen hands, Jetsam is a formidable stallion of great elegance. His muscular shoulder curves into a healthy barrel, strong hindquarters built for heavy artillery in the back. The slope of his nose is delicate but noticeable, and his harlequin mask - marked tellingly by a black heart in the middle of his forehead - is stunning in its stark contrast. The two scars carved deep over the bridge of his nose serve only to make him look menacing, wolf yellow eyes notwithstanding. Both of his ears are torn as well, a large scar on the underside of his throat and more scattered across his battlebred body. As far as a base coat would go, he is perceived as a soft, polished grullo, darkening to a sickening black near by his throat, all legs dipped in the same. Along his back are white marks akin to those on his face, each circular dash representing the vertebrae of the spine. Harlequin paint against his beautifully dangerous legs, white socks over black satin, with blots of white painted on his ball joints. A spattering of flecked fur along his left hind leg gives the macabre appearance of a little skull, a genetic branding of sorts for his “prestigious” dark heritage, for all it means now. His hair is lengthy, unruly, and often worn tied back or partially braided. His mane and tail are both a deep, rich ebony with pale powder blue highlights.

His wolf form is massive as well, around five feet tall at the shoulder. Thick, jet black fur covers him from head to each clawed toe, and his eyes seem to burn with some unnatural knowledge - but perhaps it's just a trick of the light.

Witty yet introverted, Sam prefers to spend his time alone, reading, researching, or travelling. He tends lean more toward living away from densely populated areas and more enjoys falling asleep beneath the stars. Despite being a genuinely nice, generous and selfless guy, he tends to see himself as something darker and more dangerous, and tends to have a warped perception of himself, which only adds to his anti-social behaviour. Obsessive might be a good word to describe him at this point, as he has actively been searching for his lover for … more years that he likes to think about, but he is selfless in his endeavors: he knows Mattie needs him, whether Mattie knows that or no is yet to be seen. He decided to become a healer not long after discovering he was a werewolf, hoping to make up for the fact that he was born a bloodlusting monster. While he is a medic now and will likely continue to be, guilt still haunts him of those that he has been unable to save. At his core, he is an emotional creature, but he has the ability to become very detached, which used to frighten him, yet he now understands that there is a time and place for these feelings … or rather, apathies. He has a tendency to stutter when he is flustered or under pressure, but if it came down to it, he would go toe-to-toe with anyone that got in his way or challenged his beliefs.

Born with a heart too big for a colt of his damning pedigree, the young, naive Jetsam Volta began as a lover of all and enemy to none. He chased butterflies, he saw beauty in rushing rivers and sat in solemn admiration of the world around him. But as he grew, so, too, grew his hunger for those darker, more dreadful things. He found himself enraptured with the idea of blood, found the scent … enticing. He feared the hunger the lurked within him, afraid of what it might do if he let it out, of what he might be capable of. And while his older siblings were catering to their own needs, he was dancing with the devil on tender feet across the forest floor. Instinct drew him into deep parts of the wild at night, where he learned through trial and error to defend himself against the wrath of beasts, aided only in his darkest moments by a ghostly pale wraith, something that shimmered into existence solely to send whatever sought to hurt him running before disappearing again.

Being a curious and scholarly young male by now, he fancied himself a researcher, but failed to find any information on supernatural creatures of this type. In his search for answers, he had to answer more and more calls from his personal demons, driven by the ominous rush he felt every time he heard his heartbeat pound in his ears: drumming, rhythmic, like the beat of a dance. He liked to fight, sat bruised and bloody so many nights alone tending to his own wounds for fear of what his sister might say, fear of the worry he might find in his brother's hard stare, or worse, disappointment. Because of this peculiar delight he partook in, he met a dance partner that captured his attention like no other. His name was Mathias Blackwell: disinherited bastard son of the momentarily Light Matriarch, Adriana Blackwell. Sam's siblings (adopted, of course: Sam was dropped at the doorstep of a relative when he was born, his mother unable to cope with the overwhelming guilt of the crime she had committed in loving a Loner) warned Sam about the angry young man when they found out, but this only made him want to spend more time with this misunderstood misanthrope who had managed to fool people into believing he had little to no emotion … aside from needless anger, of course. Sam was not so convinced. He saw the way that Mattie looked at his sister, how defensive of her and supportive he was. There was a love there, regardless of if he would ever admit it, but Sam decided it would be his mission to make him admit it. Something else was preventing him from repairing his beloved’s perception, however ...

Adriana had left Mathias with deep lacerations in his heart, and even Elysium - his younger sister - could hardly keep herself together when she spoke about their dam. There was no cure for this, he knew. Trauma was not something one could just put a band-aid over. With his sister Elysium’s help, Sam tried literally everything, just in case. It came down to a love potion, to help mend Mathias’ broken heart. Procured by Elysium from one of the mysterious healers of their homeland, they thought for a minute they could really have a shot at reaching out to him in the way they longed to - with affection instead of a closed fist. After so many years of neglect and abuse at the hands of a woman he hated so much, he was deemed broken beyond redemption. The love potion did not work. To love Mathias was to love a fistful of knives to the chest, suspended, the taste of your own blood on your tongue. Despite Sam’s own urges, he felt remorse - an enormous, unhealthy amount of it. He was gentle, good-humoured, and well-mannered. In every way, he feared himself, truly feared what he was capable of if he Let Go - of morality, of empathy, of compassion. He longed for Mattie to have the ability to truly be able to feel love, and have it reciprocated. But he was young, then, and he had not yet understood what it would take to love Mathias beyond these few good years. He was crushed after his final experiment failed to produce any type of reaction. Something slipped into Sam's gossamer facade that day, something like the pain of a short, sharp blade, twisted just right. He will not speak of it to this day. After the potion failed, something just wasn't the same. He was more passive than he'd ever been, barely reacting to anything that happened around him. That is, until one day, Fate gave him no choice but to react.

See, Sam’s birth mother, Skyline Volta, owed a debt … A life debt. This debt was incurred due to her choice in partner: a Loner, with mentionable royalty in his bloodline. This debt was owed to a some old blood fake royalty wearing the pseudonym of "The Vow". Due to being absolutely impossible to find, this gang of dangerous and violent psychopaths decided to hunt down her last known living kin: Jetsam, and a brother he didn’t know existed: Matchbox. He was snatched from his loved ones after being lured away by an illusion and The Vow interrogated, tortured, and experimented on him. What no one expected, was for Sam to evolve. All it took was one bite to reveal the monster he had been hiding all this time: A massive black wolf with furious amber eyes, a legend living. The blood was strong in young Jetsam, had always been, yet it had been domesticated in him until the moment he had been bitten by another werewolf - to protect him? Or make his life more hellish? He wondered this as he made a haphazard escape and ran until he could no longer run.

Resting by the river, a familiar Angel came to him with a message, but it was not a good one. He had been imprisoned longer than he thought. Mattie had burned his mother’s kingdom to the ground and disappeared, leaving him behind in a world he no longer knew. Not only this, but a prophecy had come, foretelling destruction. He dedicated his time to learning to heal, so that he might repent and be cleansed of the wolf’s misdeeds. He turned his anguish into a blade, fighting the world alone, but softened it for a pretty face that he travelled with while searching for those he’d lost. She was serene. She saw beauty, too. Her name was Savannah, and he wanted her in a way he wasn’t capable of understanding. In his own way, he loved her, but felt scared to touch her, afraid he might hurt her, so scared of what he might do. He held himself in check for a long while using a potion comprised of wolfsbane and moonflowers, but he knew the wolf in him would always come back, and if he missed even one dose, he would be putting Savannah’s life in danger. He left her in the dead of night, a good-bye letter on the desk where his cloak had been.

After leaving Savannah, he clung to a lead someone had given him on some orphans that might or might not have been related to his long-ago bespoke battle partner, hoping that somehow, this would lead him closer. In his delusional loneliness, he pictured their reunion as something choreographed, synced to the rhythm of their combined aggressive arrogance, wrath and skill. He was the only one Sam would never pull punches for, and part of him was always thrilled by that notion. The years ticked by endlessly, painfully, as he ran from the cities where he lived during the full moons, forced out in order to protect them from his change, hunting the deer in order to satiate The Wolf and trying to keep himself with his head in his books and following the wind for Mattie’s scent.

Novus is still relatively new for him, but he has settled as easily as any traveller who has travelled for too long alone can into the Dawn Court. He feels at home among the books, and feels less awkward (read: guilty) about his anti-social behaviours as he would if he were anywhere else. He has plans to continue healing, research documenting his transformative cycles, and falling asleep on his papers when he's finally too tired to think straight.

Active & Parvus Magic

due to the nature of his magic, he is unable to use lesser telekinesis in wolf form. as well, he cannot touch silver with skin or telekinesis

DISCIPULI: At the basic level, Sam is unable to control his magic at all. He is a massive wolf with no concept of morality or The night before the full moon, he feels The Hunger the most: intense pangs in his belly like that akin to starvation, his thoughts consumed by a lust for the taste of blood and muscle. At the full moon - and it is every full moon - he is forced to Change, to become the monster that was hidden for so long in the body of a boy. The Wolf's desires are destructive only, and Sam cannot control himself. He will hunt down and brutalize whatever he can, if he can, and can only remember familiar faces if they have made an incredible impact on his life - even then, if he doesn't recognize their scent or views them as a threat, he is likely to attack. He is extremely vulnerable to silver, as if will burn his skin and to pierce him with a silver blade is to render him mortally wounded, as it will not begin to heal until the full moon has passed. If the blade is left inside of him, he is unable to change back and will die. Only potions mixed 2 parts wolfsbane, 1 part moon-flowers plus a few other ingredients can lower the chances of him experiencing a Change, but the potion must be administered twice daily - once at dawn, once at dusk - and never once missed, for this method of prevention to be used.

VEXILLUM: As Sam learns to tame The Wolf inside of him, a common ground is formed: he can take full control with considerable focus and determination, though this only lasts for brief periods and his power can be overturned if a threat presents itself. He more easily recognizes the difference between those he should and should not be hunting. While he is still forced to Change during the full moon, the side effects of The Hunger are lessened by about 25% and it makes a considerable difference on his psyche. Silver seems to burn him less, but is still the most important weapon against him as it has the ability to efficiently euthanize him if he gets out of control and it is the only thing The Wolf truly fears. He is gaining strength, realizing his other form is a formidable weapon, and knows in the wrong place at the wrong time, he could really do some serious damage.

PERITI: Proficient with his control now, he is learning to work with The Wolf for common gain. He must consume blood and meat of some kind after the initial Change, but then he may take control for longer periods and recognizes those around him as if he were himself. He can now begin to communicate with those around him as well, although his accent is thick, almost sounding distorted when he speaks in Common Tongue. Silver can touch him now, but he still doesn’t like it, will avoid it, and it will still most certainly kill him better than anything else. He is stronger than he understands, but with great strength comes great pain: he still wishes to be peaceful, despite the monster inside. If he tries a little lavender with the wolfsbane and moon-flower potion, it helps him maintain a clear, level head while possessing The Wolf. He still Change, but he is getting smarter: he has tried experimenting with triggering a Change instead of waiting for the Full Moon, and has found some success. With a little more research, a little more focus, he might finally be onto something.

DOMINUS: At the height of his power, Jetsam is capable of fully controlling himself as a wolf, making him a valuable ally in combat as he can now Change at will - albeit with quite a bit of focus. The Change is no longer limited to just the Full Moon, but any time except for the New Moon as there is no moon present and the magic that taints his blood is directly linked to the moon through waves. He refers to these waves, or frequencies, as a type of "song" and has documented it at all at length, desperate to find others of his kind among the wreckage of what he now knows to be a small handful of survivors from his homeland of Cimoron Island. The Hunger is still insistent, buzzing in the back of his mind, the itch that yearns to be scratched behind the back of his teeth … but it no longer controls him. Silver is still his biggest enemy, and because of the nature of his magic, he must continue to practice calming methods of self-discipline lest he lose his grip on his focus - and control.

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

OUTFIT: a bespoke traveller's cloak that doubles as a supply jacket. made of mostly element proof material. contains many pockets, hidden and otherwise, for carrying medical supplies. there is also separate straps across the back for carrying larger items if needed.

WEAPON: a large and beautifully crafted dagger made of iron sits in a soft leather sheath on his right foreleg, sharp as the day it was made.

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