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Arabian X


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Arabian Cross - 14.2HH - Sunset Coat/Mane - Magenta Eyes

Phoebe is a small but eye catching creature. Bearing an Arabian-esque build and a modest height of 14.2 hands, she weighs roughly 840 pounds and has a slight, dainty appearance. Though composed of soft edges and long curves, she carries herself with a surprising strength and confidence, a boldness to face whatever the world has to offer and leave her mark in it.

Her coat is entirely unnatural, based in a vibrant purple touched gently by a sunset orange across her rump. Streaks of misty white add a cosmic element to her appearance, creating subtle barring across her legs, sides, and face. Specks of faded white are littered across her cheeks, neck, and sides, and they glimmer like stars when light catches them. A small, white star sits in the center of her forehead, from which radiate a series of thin white lines that extend past her bright pink-purple eyes.

A long, full mane of a rich, dark purple falls past her shoulder, the same color as her hooves. Her equally long tail takes on the colors of a sunset, fading from a pinkish orange to the same deep purple at the tips.

Passionate - Loving - Generous - Stalwart - Optimistic - Brave - Naive - Self-righteous - Sensitive - Stubborn

Friendly to a fault, Phoebe has no qualms about striking up a conversation with just about anyone. Even those with an intimidating or closed off presence might earn a tentative remark to test the waters, and if given any ground she’ll gladly run with it in the hopes of making a friend. Bubbly and optimistic, she’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it won’t stop her from at least making an introduction.

Radiating kindness and generosity, she has a place in her heart for everyone. Because of her boldness and passion, she often has a habit of placing herself between others and danger, willfully intervening on behalf of anyone who needs it--and even those who would reject her assistance. Self-righteous and stubborn, it doesn’t matter what anyone says; Phoebe will do whatever she deems necessary in order to enact justice.

With a tendency to feel every emotion to the fullest extent, she is easily an incredibly sensitive individual. Sadness as well as joy are equally liable to induce tears, as are frustration and anger. She wears her heart on her sleeve--her kindness, her compassion, her love--and with the naivete of youth she wishes to receive the same in return, at least from a special someone who will complete her offer of knowing her to the fullest.

Likes: Positivity, Friendly Faces, The Night Sky, Cool Weather, Bright Colors, Magic, Mysteries, Pretty Things
Dislikes: Negativity, Meanness, Summer Heat, Failure, Heartbreak

(Inspiration: Sailor Moon)

Can be found training in soldier duties, patrolling the borders of the Dusk Court, or admiring pretty things.


Phoebe’s life began simply and quietly. Her parents were the level-headed, practical sort, and only sought about having their first child when every preparation had been carefully made. They were delighted in their beautiful daughter, considered her a blessing to build upon and grow, and they did so in their quiet, well-mannered way. Even at a young age, however, their girl was willful and energetic, ever eager to learn, to try, to accomplish, and they struggled to keep up with her.

Though they were able to teach her much, Phoebe always felt rather stifled by them. Her wonderful ideas were not always praised or encouraged, and there were many things they deemed too dangerous or too uncertain for her to attempt. She sought positive companionship elsewhere, from the other youth and adults who shared their home, but rarely did any other parents approve of her behavior.

Despite their differences, her parents loved her no less. They tried--boy, did they try--to sculpt her into someone a bit more like them: calm, composed, rational. But Phoebe was her own person, her own horse, determined to be bold, daring, righteous, and so very open to the world. They knew before she did that she needed more than they could offer, and eventually she realized that too. There was a great big world out there in need of someone like her, someone optimistic, bright, willing to take a chance and make a difference.

She was fairly young when she left them, barely old enough to begin making decisions of her own. But choice had been a big deal with her parents, and they believed Phoebe, more than anyone, needed to make her own choices in order to be happy. Offering her their blessing, their constant support even from afar, they let her go, and she traveled eagerly, excitedly, anticipating her next great adventure.

Finding it, however, proved to be difficult. Many a lonely day and night were spent in places foreign and strange, always with the constant thought, I must keep going. And so she did; she crossed land and sea, forest and field, mountain and plain, until she reached a new, wondrous world full of possibility and opportunity. With a good feeling growing within, Phoebe sought to make a place for herself there, in the land of Novus.



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Character reference image by M. Richards (social handle unknown.
Character table bust image by WalkersPets of DA.
Profile banner image by Anton Darius of Unsplash.

Played by:

Mouser (PM Player)


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06/02/19 Character application approved; Mutation redeemed for Dusk Court incentive. -SID
04/04/21 +400 signos and removed mutation item from inventory & records. Mutation (for shimmering white markings) no longer needed for this character due to the April 2021 design rule changes. -INKBONE
04/17/22 Moved to inactive from Dusk Court Soldier during EOY507 AC. -INKBONE
05/11/22 Moved to Dusk Court Soldier from inactive per member request - LULLIVY