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(Detailed Ref Sheet)

Vaeri is the night sky in equine form and a true Shed-Star. Her coat is an array of navy blue hues that seems to shimmer in the light like twinkling stars. Going from her neck and stretching to her withers and shoulders are stripes of lighter blue on both sides. She has various white markings on her face and legs. There is a white patch around the tip of her snout that breaks off into stripes going up to her eyes and underneath her chin and throat. She has white stocking-like markings although they do not cover her entire leg, mostly the back part and stretch upwards to cover the back of her thighs.

Her eyes seem like stars themselves, alternating from a very light blue to silver depending on the lighting. She keeps her mane and tail long and both have an ombré of dark blue to light blue. Her build is that of a lighter breed, possibly some mixture of Arabian. She remains on the skinnier side, allowing her to be more agile and fluid for her dancing (and stealth). Upon her head are two dark brown horns shaped like antlers. They do not shed off like a typical deer due to their material. However, the most noticeable feature of Vae's is the floating moon in the center of the antlers. It's connected to her magic and changes with the phases of the real moon.

She does not typically wear accessories, although she does keep with her a clear quartz stone tied to a simple black cord that she can wear as a necklace. It was a gift from her parents when she was younger. Vae also has a small leather bag she carries around to keep any important belongings (and things she's stolen within a secret compartment).

Determined • Free Spirit • Outgoing • Stealthy • Accepting • Confident
Impulsive • Pathological Liar • Kleptomaniac • Immature

A very simple way to describe Vae would be that she is a wild child. She is not a type that can be tied down and enjoys even the little things in life. She would much rather prefer to go out to explore or go on an adventure than sit around at home. This is partially what ends up motivating her to leave her family and join the main Court because she craved the freedom and excitement. Romantically too, she is non-committed and enjoys love in itself. Vae will likely never be the one to settle down with one mate and will more often have flings or multiple partners at a time.

Given that fact, she is very flirtatious. When coming to the Court, the path of an entertainer ended up being perfect for her so she can meet many others and enjoy herself. She likes to join the dancers, but will eventually use her light magic to do shows in the markets or at other Courts. For the most part, she likes to do it for the fun of it, but tips are always appreciated.

Although in looks and first impressions, Vae is very sweet and outgoing, part of her wild side has some negativity. She's always had a stroke of kleptomania, more due to her love of shiny things than anything malicious. This was another reason she decided to leave home as her family would get very angry at her and try to get her to stop. Because of it, she has hoards of random trinkets hidden in her house or on display if they are from far enough away. She'll often steal random objects, but only keeps the shiny ones or most useful. Over the years she has developed good stealth skills to aid in her bad habit as well as learning the art of lying. It's also just fun to make up elaborate stories that others believe instantly.

Being a Shed-Star, she grew up with their customs of astrology and tarot reading and high regard for Caligo. While Vae does not do much practice herself, she still remembers what she learned and may sometimes do a reading here and there. It's not a very big part of her life anymore, but she still respects it and certainly still worships Caligo without question.

Vaeri was born into a family of Shed-Stars that lived within the Arma Mountains. They made their homes out of the caves close to the peaks to be as close to the moon and stars as they could. They were accustomed to the higher altitude after many generations. Their priests and priestesses kept to the traditional practices of astrology and tarot reading, passing on their skills to the youth. Vae's parents were a priest and priestess, so she learned everything directly from them.

Early on, Vae showed signs of possessing the light magic that ran through the Evenstar family line. It was not a common ability, so once the small moon appeared above her head, it was clear she had been blessed with the special power. She appreciated the gift from Caligo, but not so much the extra attention from her family. They wanted to make her into a priestess and later leader, but none of that interested her.

The older she got, the more she felt drawn to explore further into Denocte and onward. Unfortunately, her family group preferred isolation, so it was frowned upon to stray too far from the mountains unless you were a higher priest or priestess. This made Vaeri extremely restless and more prone to rebellion. She often snuck away to the markets, admiring the many wares being sold and watching the dancers on stage. She can't remember, but this is likely when her kleptomania started since she's managed to sneak away many items from the markets specifically. It quickly became a bad habit that her parents caught onto and weren't very impressed. Even when she got rid of the more useless items and kept the prettier ones, they didn't appreciate her stealing. It caused a lot of fights, including their expectations for her in the tribe, which ultimately led to Vaeri leaving and never coming back.

Since leaving her family in the mountains, she's made her place within the Night Court as an entertainer. She enjoys her freedom and can't wait to start exploring more of the lands within Novus. She still thinks about her family often and misses them, but knows this is the better decision overall.

Active & Parvus Magic

The manipulator of light

Tier 1: Discipuli - At the beginning stage, Vae can make her body glow and create small balls of light (about the size of an apple) for a couple minutes. She has not yet mastered her ability, so she relies even more heavily on the amount of moonlight that's available. Therefore, she's more successful at this at night and during full moon phases.

Tier 2: Vexillum - Now that she's a bit stronger, she can control light during any moon phase, although it's still hard for her to do so during the day. She is able to form light of any color with more ease and can start making them larger (now about the size of a watermelon) or into different shapes. She can also start to make them move with her mind, but this is very taxing at this stage so she can't do it for very long. Her body is able to glow more strongly as well, really emphasizing the shimmer in her coat.

Tier 3: Periti - At this stage, Vae can now form light much more easily at any time of day and into any shape she wants, even into "creatures" that can walk alongside her. These creatures can't do anything but follow her, although she can control the intensity of their light as well as her own glow. If she chose to, she could make the glow so bright she could cause temporary blindness in another being. She would only ever do this as a defense mechanism or very briefly to aid in stealing something quick. The "creatures" she creates have to stay close by her and cannot stray any further than a few feet in the air or at ground level. If she tried to make them go too far, they would fizzle out and disappear.

Tier 4: Dominus - At her final stage, Vae now has the ability to create large scale light forms. She can still create "creatures" with the same qualities as mentioned above, but now they can be as big as a massive dragon if she wanted to. They can fly as high in the sky as she wills them to without needing to be very close by her. Perhaps the most spectacular light show she can manipulate now is the aurora borealis, which she enjoys doing almost every clear night.

Parvus Magic - Vaeri has a small floating ball of light above her head in between her antlers. It takes the form of the moon and changes with the real moon phases.

Passive Magic


Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Necklace: Given as a gift from her parents, Vae has a clear quartz crystal point tied to a simple black cord. She can wear it as a necklace, but doesn't always. She tends to keep it stashed in her pack so she doesn't lose it.

Leather Pack: She has a small pack made of leather with a few pockets. She uses this to keep some of her belongings, although there is a secret compartment she uses for anything stolen until she gets back to her house. Attached is a strap so she can wear it around her neck. It typically sits off to her shoulder when worn.

Weapon: Coming at a later date.

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