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Jaguar Love x Leviathan
hanoverian x anglo arabian x draft pegasus

In color, Inferi is genetically a blue roan with black chimera. Her flowing curtains of dark hair are accentuated by soft silver highlights, and she sports one single tall, torn stocking in the fashion of her grandfather, Maero. A partial bald face gives her an almost skeletal facial marking, and she is also a bearer of the family crest: a gruesome little blue roan skull, a macabre reminder on her flank to anyone that might want to tangle with her that she is a warrior, born and bred. Her wings are mostly black, stretching an impressive span for a girl her size, although not out of proportion. Hooves of ghostly green hint at an echo of power she once possessed from a god that she once worshipped, yet they are dull now, her magic condemned and extinguished. She is a flighty, unpredictable fighter that is delicate in feature, with large, thickly lashed blue eyes. Often she can be looked on as small, perhaps even weak, but she is built stocky and athletic with a long, sleek back and strong legs. She can grow beautiful feathers from her legs, but shears them off in the fashion of her old house, having been taught she needn't have extra hair if she were to be a fighter. Yet a seed of rebellious nature had been planted in her at a young age, and she grew her mane out long and free, never letting anyone touch it and teaching herself how to braid by watching the servants. Her hair is often worn braided down her neck, and she will spend hours before dawn plaiting her hair in preparation for battle. Her tail, however, was trimmed once by her mother while she was sleeping, and it never grew back, fostering a mother-daughter rivalry that is mostly unspoken by the family but well known.

it’s high noon when you step into the pit
Inferi is tough as knives, never backing down from a fight - even if it’s at the family dinner table. While usually employing a casual disregard for the authority of her superiors, she has learned to keep her mouth shut in order to truly dissuade them from being any the wiser. Her true motives are often unknown: she keeps them a closely guarded secret, along with her scorching hot temper. As a skilled manipulator, she expertly works her feminine appearance to her advantage, often convincing others that she is something she is not, sometimes just for the fun of it. Make no mistake, this mare is nothing to trifle with. Since her ex-communication from her family, she has haunted the shadows, looking for a new place of belonging and believes she has now found it on Novus. She is still very much bitter about being expelled from her family, but refuses to acknowledge or expose any lingering feelings about it, such as sadness or feelings of rejection. Softer emotions were struck out of her at an early age. There was never any room in The Vow for weakness, and emotions, especially love in any form, was the largest weakness of all. Of the gods on Novus, she relates most with Caligo. Inferi has devoted herself almost completely to the deity of the night, and is actually quite religious. Having been stripped of all of her magical powers, she seeks desperately to reclaim power in any form now, practically driven mad by her lust for it … That is assuming she wasn’t born with the innate desire for it.

it’s a monster's ball and they’re digging a ditch
“Inferi! Eyes up here! Let’s begin.”

A contentious, manipulative mother. A retired warlord for a father. Inferi was the product of selective breeding, created for one purpose only: to bleed, to fight, to defend The Vow no matter what, even at the cost of her life. As a child, she was schooled completely in written and verbal language, as well as books, sciences and maths, however, her true talents - as her mother and the rest of the family had hoped - lay in the battle arena. As soon as she was old enough, she was thrown into the pit with the other youngsters, many of them older and bulkier than her dainty legs, scraggly and unkempt in contrast to her cherub-like face. Yet, there was something inside of her, a fire burning that would let nothing deter her. Every time she hit the ground, she got back up a little quicker, fought a little bit harder, and she would not stop until she could no longer continue or until she had won. In the beginning, she seldom won due to her size and lack of knowledge on how to use her wings. Yet, even as her mother, the infamous Jaguar Love, lamented on her failure of a daughter, Antioch contested his aunt: there would be a place in The Vow for Inferi’s indomitable spirit, and he would see to it himself.

Antioch took Inferi into the dungeons of their family estate not long after a series of defeats, when he noticed the girl beginning to get frustrated. They journeyed together, deep, deep down into the ground, and there, he showed her what he has shown few others. She will not speak of what she saw that day, was sworn to secrecy by her cousin, but a slow, devilish smirk rises to her lips and a frightening gleam shines in her eyes whenever she is asked about it. She rose from the depths like a phoenix, her eyes aflame, and when Antioch shoved her into the ring afterward, she found her feet, beat her wings to raise the dust and took down almost everything that stepped in her way. The other youngsters cried foul, saying that Antioch had favoured the filly, that it was unfair. She fought them outside the pit as well as inside now, and when she approached her older cousin about the targeted attacks that were growing more and more frequent, he simply shrugged.

“I cannot fight this battle for you, Inferi,” he told her. “You must assert yourself as their leader, or be defeated.”

She was scrapping with another young blood, Ravener they called him, when suddenly, what felt like a hundred others jumped out alongside him - a protest to her new found glory. Her cousin, Indira, the oldest of her uncle Cirocco’s children and healer of the family, protested and nearly clambered into the ring herself to come to the filly’s defense, but Antioch held her still. He wanted to see what the girl would do. All at once, an unnatural glow began at her hooves, green sparks emanating from her raised wings, and she beat the small army back, her flaming hooves weapons of burning chaos as she choked her opponents with smoke and scalded them with flame, branding them. When it was finished, only Inferi and the boldest of the colts was left in the ring, both bleeding into the sand … and Inferi was the only one to get to her feet. She raised her wings, her jaw set, and stared down each and every one of the survivors of what they had surely meant to be a sabotage.

“I walk with Death,” she said to them, lifeblood smeared chaotic upon a child’s pink lips. “And I will introduce you to him as I did with your friend if you try my patience again.”

After this, Inferi was only allowed to fight in the pit once per day, and only those her age or older. The rest of her time was spent being taught the more experienced moves on the ground, and then, after failing to contract her father into teaching her, she was trained by another expert in aerial combat. Her own father viewed her as a pest, a burden, and during their one, brief meeting, he had stoked an ember of burning hatred inside of her heart for him, as well as her new teacher. The only one that cared for her, it seemed, was Antioch, and so she became cold, detached from those around her, yet bitterly sarcastic and cruel to the teeth. Her mother never spared her so much as a glance, and while Indira was healing her one night, she was given a hard lesson: listen to every word your told, or there will be consequences. When Inferi began to grow feathers, her mother held her down and shaved them off. Antioch knew Inferi had a mind of her own, and instead of watching the girl suffer, employed his niece, Penance, to teach her how to keep her legs clean. For battle, of course: if someone were to grab hold of them, drag her down, well, what if she injured a wing? Cuts, bruises and scrapes were one thing, but bones were quite another.

Inferi grew into a mighty warrior, looked like a goddess primed for war with her scars and flowing locks of hair. She refused to cut it, threatened anyone that came near it, and for all that Antioch resented her resistance, he admired her gall, and she never let it get in the way of her duties, plaiting it daily for her scrums in the pit. Yet now, Antioch had to make a decision. He knew he wanted her for the head of his aerial division, what with his current flight commander requiring such a steep increase in contract every year for not much work, but he needed her to be loyal to him - and only to him. And so she was sent off with a mission. To this day, she will speak nothing of the mission, or what happened. She was sworn to secrecy and to this day, keeps the oath she made to her cousin. But when she arrived at the homestead covered in blood and empty-handed, Antioch was less than pleased. It was unfortunate, and he lamented to her the sad state of affairs her failure left him in, but they had to move forward, and Inferi had to go. He stripped her bare of her magic, of her clothing, weapons, everything The Vow had given her, and sent her off with a simple, yet personal gift: silver cuffs to wrap around each of her plaits in a small leather bag. She assumes it was his way of wishing her well on her own, yet felt betrayed and could not contain her rage. She lashed out at him, yet he did not so much as raise a finger to her. Simply told her to get off the lawn as the servants were starting to stare.

She flew, then. Flew until her lungs hurt, until the wind stopped, until her wings ached from soaring so far and so long. Inferi arrived in Novus not long after her initial departure from the family, and has devoted herself to the demi-goddess Caligo after learning of her struggle, of her pain. She feels it as keenly as her patron, and worships her in hopes of achieving some sort of closure from her past.

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accessories: silver cuffs to use while braiding her hair, as well as a thick silver band around her upper foreleg with her family crest on it.

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reference commissioned from elegant--tragedy of deviantart.

trivia: inferi is jetsam's great-aunt. age gaps are strange when time is an illusion ...

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