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-Image does not show her horns-

Baphomet is a striking figure. She is seventeen hands of well-defined muscle. Her coat is a rich mix of sooty blood bay and chestnut thanks to the chimeric nature of her dna. Her eyes are golden yellow, cold and calculating with very little emotions visible. Ebony mane and tail drift over her form, tail reaching her pasterns and mane ending at the base of her shoulders.

On the opposite spectrum of her rich, darker hues, Baphomet has a spattering of white markings. Each of her legs is painted at varying levels, causing her hooves to shift to a peachy pink color. On her face, a striking cross is at complete opposition to the personality that formed her cold and callused heart.

Baph is one that adores ornamentation. She has a trio of golden bangles on each of her forelegs that jingle when she moves. A thin golden coronet graces her head, a slender golden saber tooth tiger canine tooth sliding right down the center of her forehead. Around her neck, a crimson cowl scarf rests against her chest and along the curve of her muscular shoulder.

Strengths: Intelligent, Cunning, Determined, Eloquent, Honest, Confident

Weaknesses: Cold, Overly Ambitious, Cruel, Power Hungry, Impatient

Baphomet is less apt to be kind than she is to simply take what she wants. She was left alone as a foal and leaned how to survive without any assistance. That included stealing, seducing, or even blackmailing others to get what she wanted. She was never afraid to use her body to get what she needed, enjoying using her wiles around stallions that seemed unable to hold back. A large part of her is proud of her ability to distract stallions with her appearance and body and she is not afraid to show it.

While Baph was young, she was naive and unafraid. As she grew, she was used by stallions, abused and left behind. She became cold and calculating, no longer believing that she could get what she wanted just by being a mare and offering herself. She started to learn how to fight her own battles and began to do what she could to make things work her own way. She was careful to avoid stallions while in heat, managing to not have any foals in her early life. Baph was intelligent and cunning and her experiences just enhanced those traits. She also has a lust for power, wanting to rule and ready to do almost anything to do just that.

Baph was born to a mare that had no love for anything but herself. She left her filly alone and struggling to survive. Her sire watched the unusually marked filly from afar, not wanting to intercede and wanting to see what she would do on her own. For that was exactly what she was, alone and fending for herself. In his mind, any child of his should be able to survive no matter what her mother was like. And Baphomet did survive. She became strong and just as power hungry as her sire, wanting nothing more than to be the one in control and knowing that she had many assets that she could use to her advantage. Even with these desires, she was naive, believing that she could earn that power in by using her body and mind to draw it away from others.

Her young years became a mix of stealing and taunting the boys. She used her feminine wiles to get her way with the younger stallions and was not afraid to take what she really wanted from those that her seductive attempts would not sway. That was until she tried to seduce a stronger and older stallion. He left her broken and nearly dead when he was done with her, causing her mind to shift and her naive nature to melt away. As she changed, she was unsure of how to handle her life without the ways that she had used while growing. She ended up abused by multiple stallions until she was so cold that she was a completely different being. But even those changes did not destroy her desire for power and strength.

As she aged, she claimed a herd and began to rule it with an iron hoof. A stallion was brought in to help continue the bloodlines, one that she knew that would obey her every command. Any that crossed her or disobeyed were either exiled or killed. Foals were put into a training program to become strong on their own rather than needing help from others. One of those foals resented her training and began to use that training to plan his revenge against the tyrannical leader.

When Baphomet turned 6, the young stallion struck out. He incited rebellion among most of the herd and began to fight back. The stallion that had been Baphomet’s consort was killed in the attack, along with a handful of older horses that had become aligned with the mare. Baphomet herself was injured and forced to flee before losing her own life during the uprising.

Baph fled for months, pausing only when she needed rest and food. She healed on the run, though there will always be a slight limp in her right rear from the attack. Miles passed and she transitioned into a new realm, a new world that was ripe for the picking. Grinning at the life around her, she began to work through a new plan for power.

Active & Parvus Magic

Passive Magic


Armor, Outfit, and Accessories


1. 3 golden bangles on each foreleg, total of 6 thin golden bangles total

2. golden coronet on head with golden saber tooth canine tooth that sits down center of forehead, all made of metal

3. 24 inch long Crimson cowl scarf that rests against chest and along curve of shoulder muscle

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