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Upon seeing her, it comes as no surprise that Anandi (nickname: Andi) was born and raised a princess. She moves like someone accustomed to having eyes on her at every moment. Graceful, regal, perfect. Every movement, down to the smallest gesture, is calculated. She does not blink without knowing exactly what message those lowered lashes will convey.

And yet-- she is so very different from the other royal members of that twilight kingdom. There is often a warmth behind her eyes, a playfulness that is perhaps unbecoming of a member of the royal court.

Physically speaking, Princess Anandi is a rather boring, un-noteworthy grey color across her body, with white points on her cheeks, chest, shoulders, and belly. Her mane is mostly white and cropped short, except for near her withers where it is a long dark grey and kept bound. What really catches the eye is her warm pink headdress-- not an accessory but a physical part of her body, used for communication underwater where words do not travel so well. Her eyes are a striking pale green, emphasized by the dark charcoal color that lines them as her nostrils and lips.

  • On land, she moves rather awkwardly-- the opposite of sea legs, if you will-- and so she often keeps to the water.
  • Her frond is extremely expressive. While normally held flared and proud, if she is afraid or unwell it will sag to her neck. When sick, it will be limp and pale.
  • She does not like to be far from water, although she can be. She is most active at dawn and dusk. She is not fond of direct sunlight and generally sleeps during the day.

**Note: The outfit in her reference is typically only worn on ceremonial occasions. She travels Novus naked at this point in time.

Well if there was one word to describe Anandi, it would be adventurous. Life in that twilight kingdom of her youth was simple and it was good and adventure was a foreign concept to those blessed creatures, who never had a need in their lives that was not met. There is a reason that she, of all her sisters, was chosen to voyage to the surface. It was not her age, or her charms, or her mind. It was her daring, her natural drive to not just take calculated risks because she had to but because she enjoyed taking them.

If we take a step back, there are many ways this sense of daring defies her upbringing. She was raised to be calculated, and there is a high risk of danger with every adventure. She was raised to be cautious, yet adventure requires a high degree of daring. So. This sense of adventure, where did it come from?

Perhaps only the ocean knows.

All we know is that for all her elegance and her regal disposition, at her core there is something childlike and wholesome, a Sense of Wonder that most have shed long before reaching adulthood. She clings to this naivete, for she is terribly afraid of what she would be without it.

Of course, she is no storybook hero, no flawless paper doll cut out and placed in a perfect paper-mache world. She has been doted on since the day she was born, and as a result she has grown haughty and arrogant. And, of course, wildly outspoken-- for why would a princess ever be afraid to speak her mind? Used to getting what she wants, when she wants it, she is impatient and brash. In short, she is mercurial; not always a nightmare, but more than capable of becoming one at a moment's notice.

Princess Anandi was the second youngest of seven sisters. They were all born and raised in the twilight zone of the sea, where sunlight is a dark shade of blue. Hers was a reclusive and secretive herd of kelpie, which had long ago moved to deeper waters in order to escape predation by some of the larger, more aggressive clans. By becoming filter feeders and scavengers their days could be spent devoted to culture instead of hunting, music and socialization instead of endless anticipation of the next meal.

As the years passed, unexpected problems arose in that twilight kingdom. There were not enough males. Anandi and her seven sisters did not have any brothers. They did not have any male cousins. None of them were married, because there was no one for them to marry. When their father passed, there would be no new children born.

They were facing extinction.

What followed was a long and drawn out process that we will not go over in detail. In the end, it was decided that Anandi would go to to the surface. To find and bring back a suitable king for her eldest sister. It was her idea, although it took what felt like ages to convince the rest of her family that it was a good one. There was much blue-blooded deliberation, many tears (quite pointless, in the ocean) and far too many arguements, but eventually they all came around. She took two days to prepare and say her farewells, and then she departed.

Traveling to the surface was not as easy as you would think. Anandi was not a whale, evolved over millennia for deep dives. She was strong for her kind, in mind and body, but she was still so delicate. In the twilight zone there were hardly any currents to swim against. It took months of slowly rising to accustom herself to sunlight and develop the muscle needed to swim against the currents at the surface. She had to learn how to hunt on her own, and different prey from what she was used to.

When she finally reached the surface, it was a wild shock to feel the air on her cheeks and in her lungs. She had reached a new world, and although she had a mission to accomplish-- although she was fighting against extinction of her people-- she found she could not stay single minded. There was simply too much to see and feel and taste and do.

Active & Parvus Magic

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Bonded & Pets

The ocean so loved her children that she could not bear to be parted from them. When Anandi's tail morphed to legs and she stepped into the embrace of land and air, the ocean sent a part of itself with the girl, so she would always remember where it was she came from.

The water elemental is a glorified drop of water. It has many of the the physical properties you would expect of water: it is amorphous, clear or reflective depending on the light, and will flow around objects in its way. It cannot be easily held or physically harmed- even if someone were to smash into Anouk with great speed, it would simply part into many drops of water, which it can happily exist as. That is about where the reasonable physics ends and the magic begins.

Anouk's shape and size can change at will, with certain restrictions. It cannot grow larger than Andi in size, and it cannot grow at all if there is no moisture in the air to draw from. It cannot shrink into smaller than a drop, although it can flatten itself (for example, against Andi's skin) so it is nearly invisible. Its usually around the size of a baseball and in a loosely spherical shape, although it also enjoys being in three smaller spheres in continuous movement.

As far as movement, Anouk hovers in the air by some unknown force. It is rarely still for very long, and tends to gently bounce up and down or travel in small circles near or around its bonded's face. In the air it can travel about as fast as Anandi does, but in a body of water it can travel extremely quickly, almost instantaneously.

Anouk's personality is... well, as a part of the ocean, it has all the depth of emotion the ocean has. It is generally wise, calm, and endlessly patient. But it can quickly turn angry, even childish, instantly and for no apparent reason. Anouk has minor healing powers-- a boon from the sea, who could not stand to see her children hurt. By pressing itself into and around minor surface wounds, Anouk can sooth pain and repair torn flesh and muscle.

- Andi usually refers to Anouk as "she/her" but sometimes "it"
- Anouk has all five senses
- "Anouk" translates to "grace"
- If you REALLY need a reference ;P

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in which I dive deep into the word "bloodlust"

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