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Gypsy x Arabian


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Gypsy x Arabian Unicorn | 14.1hh | Paint (ivory x obsidian) | Baby-Blue Eyes

A bodice covered in an ivory sinew that is pulled taut against a thick frame, muscled yet short (only standing at 14.1hh). A built neck arches gracefully out from her shoulders and is adorned with the dished face of an Arabian. Baby blue eyes peer out from behind layers of pearly locks. Ivory kudu horns, tipped in the same baby blue as her eyes, are situated between her ears – seeming to sprout out from her forelock. Her stocky build continues down her shoulders, her back and to her hips. Thick pillars of limbs are what carry her, fashioned with the normal gypsy feathering around her fetlocks and pasterns. Obsidian mars her coat near her flank, peppering out much like a rabicano pattern would place white against an otherwise pristine coat. If one were to look from far enough away, one might be able to make-out the black as a cloudy night with the arc of a moon just below the point of her hips. Her mane is put together in a running braid along the left side of her neck, tail flowing freely and grazing across the ground just barely as she moves. Her hooves are a dark obsidian. In her braids are small obsidian stones shaped like crescent moons, scattered across in what looks to be a careful pattern – even if it was just random. Then, around her neck lays a pendant with a small, cloth, black crescent moon attached to it. Fastened around her gaskin is a dark leather pouch, which she uses to store a various assortment of herbs and occasionally her necklace (dependent upon the situation) in order to keep them on hand.

Intelligent, Caring, Friendly, Loyal, Eloquent, Reserved | Anxious, Compulsive, Tactless, Submissive

Have you ever had that pounding deep in your skull? The kind that reverberates across your forehead and throbs deep in your ears? How you can almost hear your heartbeat taking over your head? Have you ever felt your mouth go dry and your body feel light while you listened to that ominous thump? Felt your skin start to prickle and the world go cold – even if it is a hundred degrees outside? Have you ever started to feel as if you were floating outside of your body, looking down at the world with no control over how you responded? How your body wasn’t your own for that period of time, but rather that of the flight response built in? Have you ever felt the world just collapse on you, the weight pinning your chest as you struggle to breathe? Even the meekest of breaths now painful and near impossible? Such things almost sound like a form of torture, do they not? Except they aren’t - well at least not a form inflicted by someone around her. No. They are self-inflicted in a sense. Brought about by a world too large, too uncontrollable for her mind to be willing to fathom. Too much stress, too much excitement, too much physical labor might cause her to break down into a world where those questions are all she knows. Anxious? Perhaps that word might be an understatement for those moments... Panic tends to fit much, much better. Panic that can only be fixed in patterns. Groups of five. Voices and the touch of friends. That tiny, soft, obsidian, crescent moon made from cloth. That has a chance to stop it, though the calm can’t necessarily stop the compulsions themselves, nor can they keep her from tactlessly speaking while she gathers all of her bearings.

But this... this broken part of her mind, while it keeps her submissive when placed in a group, has also served to nurture a completely different side of her. While reserved, for fear of the world biting back, she cares for all which she comes across. It is in her nature to want the best for the others around her – perhaps because of the pain which she suffers on a fairly consistent basis. If one is able to get close to her, they will find that she would do everything in her power to keep you alive and well and to ensure your happiness. Alas, she will only be able to call a select few her trusted friends, and those are the ones who she desires to have near her when her mind can no longer stay within the confines of her body. She is most definitely a different soul – one that comes with many awkward intensities thanks to her intelligence. Yet, she can manifest herself in such a fashion that her speech and her actions flow eloquently together in order to put others at peace. Her instinct is to be friendly, and she has a tendency to clam up if the situation calls for harsh words (either directed towards her or towards someone she deems unworthy of the treatment). Alas, her tactlessness in certain situations might come off as an attack or simple rudeness – even if in her head she saw it as a presentation of the truth which needed to be said.

She grows, and she slowly gets better at managing the gut-wrenching feelings – so most days one will only come across the friendly, intelligent, but reserved version of herself. Should (as she calls them) the monsters in her head decide they’d like to play, however, she might fall back into a place where she hides and the tactless words which she couldn’t process tumble from her mouth. She hopes it will be few and far between, but without the ability to see the future she is stuck with just that – hope.

Before Novus

The past Wren and Kindred share is similar, yes. Afterall, there was never meant to be one without the other – or so they were told. Kindred, however, tells a far different tale then that of Wren’s if you were to ask her. I suppose the best place to begin is that of when and where the twins were born. So, get settled – it might be a bumpier ride than you are used to.

Kindred and Wren were born late one spring evening. It should be normal, after all many are born on spring evenings – it's just a fact of nature. Alas, this one was special. Well... special to the roving band which they grew up in, though we shall get to the reasonings on that a little later. As the twins emerged from their mother’s womb a lunar eclipse started, and by the time they were struggling to stand and get their bearings it had finished. This is very climactic, no? It wasn’t intended to be that way – no one could have planned it. The band of roving assassins for hire, however, found this to be a sign. Usually those of a religious background would find twins themselves to be a sign, as rare as they are, but coupled with the lunar eclipse... it was almost befitting of a prophecy. So, what caused the band of assassins to believe this to be a sign, you ask? Good question. The simple answer was a preoccupation with death. Kindred would call it a religion... the worshipping of life and death. Wren? Wren calls it superstition. Both no longer believe in this religion/superstition, but the reasoning as to why will be explained as we go forward – no need to rush our little story time.

I guess the next step would be to explain this little band of killers for hire. How they were raised will make little sense without a solid foundation to build off of. No real name was ever given to them, though they had a mutual understanding in the group to train and rear the strongest disciples possible. All were taught in the ways of either poison, assassination, or subterfuge, with a base understanding of all three different types. Romance was not a factor in any of the parent pairings – instead they were placed together in to give the strongest offspring possible. Due to this most children did not have strong familial ties and never gained many attachments to others. Generally, siblings (twins especially) were separated at birth to ensure that the bond between the two did not form. After all, making decisions based on emotion was considered rash and would compromise the mission ninety-nine percent of the time. Then, upon learning the basic skills the children would be split into groups based on which skill was the easiest for them to pick up. From there it would be specialization training and the missions that the herd was hired to do.

The twins were an odd case, however. They were not separated at birth – in fact they were kept together during their basic training. The ideology of life and death was woven into the fabric of their existence, along with the murmurs of elders who believed that the twins would bring their band great power (even the possibility to rule over other lands). Some of the mentors said that building them up together, making them a single unit who could be in two places at once would be the best option. After all, one was attached to the ground due to being born without wings (a birth defect they claimed – reminding all of their imperfections and their need to strive to be better) while the other could claim the skies. It was during this time that Kindred and Wren began to strongly rely on each other – not one without the other. Kindred at peace with the brush of Wren’s wing during difficult training sessions. Each learning to spar separate and together – even having to fight each other to get a better grasp of the other’s weakness and how to protect their partner from it.

From these teachings, however, Wren starts to have doubts – Kindred engrossed in the thought of how we are helping the gods usher those to the places they belong. This enchantment with life and death does not linger long for Kindred, though. Especially not as the pair is split for the specializations. Thanks to her lack of wings Kindred is forced to begin to learn the art of being a poisoner. Kindred’s mentor was harsh and allowed for no mistakes. Slowly, due to being away from her sister and the harsh treatment Kindred started to experience panic attacks. Each week, initially, she was edging further and further away from being useful to the heard. A weakling, an outcast. No. A liability. When it turns into her falling deeper into a pool of panic at even the appearance of her mentor the elders begin to talk in quiet about exterminating her – saying that her sibling was all that was necessary to show the power of their band. Wren did what she could to console her sister at night, trying to come up with ways to help her stop the panic attacks and complete whatever task was at hand – but it wasn’t fast enough. Kindred isn’t sure when – or even how – Wren found out that the band wanted to kill Kindred, but she was told a few months before they turned three that they needed to leave. She does not recall how they left – most of the escape and months spent pursued she spent in and out of a dissociative haze.

On their third birthday the twins made it just outside the Novus border, both willing to believe that even if they were still be hunted that it would be some time before they would find them here. Now, they just have to find a way to make a new life here.

Active & Parvus Magic

Healing By Song

Kindred is able to heal others by humming a tune as she runs her nose against where the injury is. It takes a large amount of time to heal larger wounds as the wounds themselves stitch back together with each note of her song.

Her body will heal naturally from wounds 10% faster than normal

At first Kindred will notice small bits of healing based on what she is touching and singing. It will be very finicky as to when it will work, and it will not heal more than minor scratches and bruising.

She can now consistently heal minor scratches and bruising. Non-life threatening open wounds do not always get completely healed and when they do it will exhaust her.

She is able to heal open wounds, scratches, and bruising consistently without exhausting herself. She is beginning to be able to mend broken bones and twisted joints. She is able to cure the body of poisons 50% of the time They will not always heal to 100% and she will need to sleep after healing more than one broken bone and 2 smaller open wounds. There is a 25% chance she will be able to heal a life-threatening injury but it will cause her to pass out as soon as that is healed.

She is able to heal broken bones, and all of the previous injury types. She is able to cure the body of poisons and to stop small amounts of internal bleeding 90% of the time. If there is massive trauma she is able to stop the most-life threatening ailment 80% of the time and will have to return to heal the others at a different day. Large amounts of healing will still take a toll on her requiring her to sleep due to the amount of time it takes to physically mend things back into place. If she pushes herself too far then she will pass out.

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Pendant Necklace - Enchanted

Pendant with a small, cloth, black crescent moon attached to it. When touched by a nose it will temporarily block sound inputs from the world around the user to assist in stopping her panic attacks. Everyone else will still be able to hear/speak normally. If someone is not touching it the sound of the world around her will return.

Obsidian Hair Clips

In her braids are small obsidian stones shaped like crescent moons.

Leather Pouch

Fastened around her gaskin is a very dark leather pouch, which she uses to store a various assortment of herbs and occasionally her necklace (dependent upon the situation) in order to keep them on hand. Actual pouch is small, not much larger than the size of a loose fist.

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