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A creature of the mist and night, Camillia blends well with the shadows. Her stripes act as a sort of camouflage; black, grey, and white. Abysmal eyes cloak her inner thoughts. Sprouting from the back of her skull are a set of four horns. Greyish white locks flow from her neck and tail. Her tail is odd for a horse, the tail bone is much too long and if she isn’t careful the ends can drag along the floor. As a child she often had to clean mud and sticks from her tail. Black feathered wings emerge from her back, a single stripe of white standing out along the front of the wing.

A strange mutation of Camillia's is a set of vampiric fangs emerging from the horses lips. These fangs are not in fact used to suck blood, but are simply another thing that separates Camillia from others.

Negative - Blunt, Selfish, Antisocial, Coarse, Insensitive, Contrary

Positive - Calm, Honest, Clear-minded, Curious, Focused, Independent, Observant, Patient

Neutral - Private, Cautious, Scholarly, Stoic

A mysterious creature, Camillia keeps to herself. Private, her world swirling in her mind is kept from others. She is sharp, always curious for new information regarding the sciences, magic, and creation. Although most learning is precious to her, equine history interests her little. A specialty of hers is her knowledge of the forest, from mushrooms to mosses, to harm and to heal. She constantly thinks of how to keep herself safe. Passed down from her mother, poisons protect her and remedies making her useful in a herd. Her relationship with herds is an awkward one. Distant and cautious, she doesn’t appreciate large groups and is slow to make friends or allies as she calls them. Some might call her antisocial and they wouldn’t be wrong. She very particular about her allies, looking for those that might aid or entertain her. At times she can be drawn to innocent and talkative, perhaps making up for the childhood she believes she was robbed of. She disregards others feelings in favor of honesty. Her helpfulness is limited by its usefulness to herself. She intensely dislikes the boastful or arrogant. She also looks down on those who are overly emotional, preferring to keep her own emotions hidden.

Long before current day, there was a mare named Cybele. She was extremely odd and because of that she quickly became an outcast in her herd. Her days were soon filled with sorrow as the horses she wished to befriend either turned their back on her or made fun of her peculiarity. One horse tried to reach out to her, but was quickly shamed until shunned Cybele once again.

Cybele thought about leaving her herd, but the world was a dangerous place. Proven when a pack of wolves attempted to attack her only for her to be saved by one of the warriors of her herd. Smitten with this stallion, she began to stalk him, her loneliness turning her dangerous. It was a half a year before she built up the courage to talk to him. He was neutral towards her, different than others had been. She had a chance. With her knowledge of magic and potions, she made what amounted to a love potion. It really worked on pheromones, but she thought love potion sounded more romantic. One night she seduced the stallion and Camillia was conceived. But when morning came, the stallion, ashamed of what had happened and what had been done, immediately went to the herd’s council. Too ashamed to admit what really happened, he accused her of devilry and using black magic. Cybele was kicked from the herd and less than a year Camillia’s story begin.

Born in a misty forest with only Cybele present, Camillia was immediately affected by her mother’s growing madness. The love that was normal of a mother was replaced with an obsession. Constant staring as well as unusual comments made Camillia uncomfortable. But with nothing to compare it to, Camillia was at Cybele’s mercy. She was taught all sorts of things, including the poisons and traps that kept the two protected without a herd. Not wanting her daughter to be unprepared, Cybele also taught her of salves and antidotes for their poisons. Her mother also told her of the amazing stallion that was her father. But immediately following her stories her mother would fall into a depression, which meant days of being ignored for the growing foal.

As a young horse with boundless curiosity, she began to thirst for more knowledge beyond what her mother could give her. She would edge closer and closer to the edge of forest, her courage building to adventure away from her sheltered life. But when her mother caught wind of Camillia’s plans, she flew into a rage, going so far as to wrap her daughter in barbed wire for punishment. Camillia felt betrayed by her mother, going so far as to spit on her mother after she freed her. Without the hesitation she previously had, she fled from the misty forest that had been her home. She kept a bit of barbed wire on her neck, to remind her what her mother had done and to never return.

She roamed alone for a week, barely eating and scared of every sound. She had lived the entire three years of her life completely protected by her mother. Now she was alone and defenseless. Her mother had never taught her to fight, only how to make and use poisons and traps. Eventually she found a herd and tried to make herself useful. But, unknown to her, she mirrored her mother’s past, becoming something of an outcast due to her odd nature. Even as she grew used to being surrounded by strange horses and figured out how to act properly in a herd, amity was never in her nature.

In the middle of a hunt for a particularly poisonous flower, Camillia found herself lost. Usually good with directions, this confused her greatly. After some time she found herself where every other horse who entered Novus did, surrounded by a ring of oak and facing a stranger who would explain her fate.

Active & Parvus Magic

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Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Wrapped around Camillia's neck are three lengths of barbed wire. The points have been rubbed down, but they can still be uncomfortable when pushed into her neck.

In addition is a small leather pouch used for herbs and vials and such that came from Camillia's life before telekinesis.

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