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Slender but sturdy, coated in dappled buckskin that gleams like gold. White splashes itself across the right side of her face, around her neck like a choker, and on each of her four legs; it even dares to show up on her leonine tail. Velvet gray stretches from her hocks to her knees, darkening the fur there, and her muzzle is the same ashen tone.

Her soot-colored mane is kept cropped neatly along her neck, with her tail allowed to grow slightly longer and more wild; both are interrupted with white hair in certain spots corresponding with the white marking patches. Her eyes are a bright, verdant green, although her right eye is covered in a milky film caused by the scar that intersects the eye; she only has around 20% of vision left in that eye.

Raised on the edge of religion and logic, Vespir manages to blend together mathematical calculation with blind faith in her goddess in a manner that often baffled the more vocal of her detractors. Her mind is sharp and predisposed to a manner of quick-witted planning that might almost seem as though she hadn't planned at all, leading to a reputation of recklessness despite the fact that most of her battle plans worked exactly the way she had meant them to, something she often attributed to Vespera's grace rather than her own prowess in battle; whether it was her own modest nature or a calculated ploy to continue being underestimated by her opponents is unknown by all except herself and Cleopatra.

Irrevocably loyal to Terrastella, Vespera, and the Halcyon Unit; would die for her court and her goddess without a second thought. Believes that the bond between Commander and Vicarius is sacred and that no commander can lead without their Vicarius at their side. Well-meaning but often tactless without Cleopatra to act as a buffer. A believer in vigilante justice despite her own moral compass, she is determined to return Prudence to the Halcyon, and woe befall anyone who might get in her way.


Her birth is recorded the same way the Ilati record all things; around a fire, the Shamans whisper about the harsh birth, celebrate that both child and dam survived, and the child is painted with berry juice and brought out before the Elder to be Seen. 'She will become so much more than us all,' The Elder had intoned at the golden child whose father was not known, who was rumored to be a blessing of Vespera herself made mortal.

This was not recorded in any surviving history book; all they will mention is that Vespir was born and raised amongst the Ilati priestesses. Her mother's name and the status of her father have been lost to the ages.

It is known that she met Cleopatra at a young age, that the two were friends long before they were ever lovers; it is said that Cleopatra helped to 'tame' the wild child, and even taught her how to read and write like a 'civilized' horse.

(They would be wrong. It was Vespir's unnamed mother who taught her to read and write -- and who taught her how to calculate distances, how to anticipate an opponent's reaction, how to plan for the worst situation and turn it in her favor. She would have chafed at the inaccuracies.)

They meant her to be a spectacle, a warning, an oddity; the first Ilati-born child of either gender to join the Halcyon unit, to bear the white stripes of a cadet across their wings. Perhaps they had even meant to make an example out of her, of what savage hubris could do to a mind; except that Vespir would proceed to exceed every expectation of her, impressing even the most reticent of her non-believers. Even so, she was notably homesick during her first year of training, and often found herself ostracized by her less-religious peers.

('Dearest Heart, I feel as though I am a tiger dressed up in finery amongst those who only wish to gawk and marvel. Perhaps Vespera has meant this as a test, for I am not sure how much more of this I can stand.' is found scribbled in the margins of one of Cleopatra's early journals, dated to the first year of their Cadet training. It is nearly 10 years after it is found that the handwriting is matched to Vespir; it had been thought that they had only been friends and roommates in the earliest years of their Halcyon career, and that the romance had come later, after Vespir's promotion. It is the first, but certainly not the last, recorded instance of Vespir inserting her own commentary into Cleopatra's journals; however, most were lost with Cleopatra's research.)

When Santiago announces that Vespir and Cleopatra are his handpicked successors, it is a controversial topic amongst the Halcyon and the greater court. There are arguments that a woman, especially not a former Ilati, would not be capable of leading the Halcyon even in peacetime, and it is certainly not peacetime when the decision is announced. Santiago stood firm on his decision, and it is only a short year later that he is killed in conflict and Vespir takes control of the Halcyon.

('By Her Hand, we will persevere amongst the misfortune that has plagued us. We will rebuild the Ager, and Cleopatra has resurrected the search for Prudence; we have not forgotten our roots.' A recorded speech, circa Year 446, in which Vespir would go on to introduce the daily prayer for cadets and other Halcyon moments. While seen as a controversial decision, the daily moment of reflection and prayer created camaraderie and trust amongst her soldiers, even those who were not so religious.)

Despite her wishes for the Ager to be remembered, plans for reconstruction fall to the wayside as war breaks out over Novus; while she is busy leading campaigns and constructing strategies to prevent Terrastella from falling, Cleopatra is researching the disappearance of Prudence in the background. Vespir takes interest in a Halcyon member by the name of Cicero, picking him as her prodigy and her successor.

(In the early winter, Vespir and Cleopatra are seen entering the swamp, conferring amongst themselves. They do not return, and despite heavy searches, their bodies are never recovered. They are pronounced dead. Cicero and Seneca take over the Halcyon Unit. Cleopatra's research is lost.)

Sixty years later, Vespir awakes in the Tinea Swamp.

Active & Parvus Magic

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories


Leg Wraps: Made of linen dyed black, these wrap around the upper part of Ves' legs and are used to hide some of the scars on her legs, along with a tattoo on her inner left foreleg of Terrastella's setting sun.

Assorted Piercings: Three silver rings in her left ear, and a silver ring in her left nostril.

Wedding Band: A gold wedding band around her right foreleg, tarnished from being exposed to the elements of the swamp.

Restraint: Named a bit tongue-in-cheek, Restraint is an enchanted dagger forged from Solterran steel with a hilt crafted from bone. Inset in the hilt is a small Mookaite jasper bracketed by two snake fangs, which holds the dagger's enchantment; the ability to secrete a paralytic poison that coats the blade, activated by the user pressing down on the gem. While not deadly if treated in time, the poison acts against the target's muscular system, slowly paralyzing the muscles and working its way from the wound inward. The target will have around 24 hours (depending on location of wound) from the time the wound is inflicted to seek out the antidote before their organs begin to be affected by the poison. If the antidote is not administered, the target dies a slow death caused by organ failure within 36 hours; this is dependent on the target getting a full dose of venom. Lesser doses and glancing wounds will have varying effects, but all will affect the muscular system in a paralytic manner. The enchanted venom is seemingly derived from a common species of rattlesnake found within the swamp whose fangs are inlaid on the hilt, and the antidote is commonly found in any Court's marketplace, if a bit expensive.

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