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I want to see what you see from the comfort of your skull

Aeranas is a pale, and lanky figure. Each one of his limbs are long, thin painted with the gentle colour of cream. Upon his knees are pale blushes of rose, the same shade that paints the tip of his muzzle. Upon his frame are speckles of darker cream. They are scattered just behind his shoulders, and jaw. Aeranas has a feminine build for a male, and adorns his frame with a light, thin blue scarf given to him by his grandmother.

The scarf extends the length of Aeranas' body. He can rarely be seen without this item, as it is something he cherishes greatly. Upon his crown rest a set of antlers resembling those of a white-tailed deer. Aeranas has long and wavy cream hair that extends well below his knees. There isn't an aspect of Aeranas that does not boast his reputation for being lanky. The lashes upon his eyes follow a similar suit and are long. His body is not chiseled with hard edges, but with gentle curves. From the slope of his jaw to each joint in his limbs.

Aside from his antlers or scarf, the most colourful part his body are his hooves. They are a shade of gold that is only slightly more vibrant than his cream hide. Aeranas has pastel pink eyes, making his overall appearance gentle.

I remember when you were just a breeze upon my face

Aeranas is a vibrant being, and his personality is a stark contrast to his actual appearance. He is whimsical, and can easily become genuinely excited about life. He is always in awe of the world around him and embraces every day like a new adventure. Aeranas identifies as a drifter, someone who wants nothing more than to see everything the world has to offer. He will shun no opportunity for an experience, even negative experiences. Aeranas can be described as a bright individual, while he is intelligent he is no scholar. He is not content with reading the stories others tell, he wants to be the story they tell. If his personality could be summed up into an idea, it would be that he is a breath of life in a room.

He rarely succumbs to emotions that would cripple others. Aeranas is a very positive creature, and quick to comfort others. He is also quick to make friends and tries his hardest to make sure that his friends know how important they are to him. Aerie truly cherishes those who will boldly embrace the adventures he finds for them, but he will never fault them for turning down his offer. Aeranas is very sentimental, and at times his whimsical nature can detriment his relationships. It is not easy for him to take things seriously, and he has often received criticism for wanting to live in his own world. Aerie is not always in touch with reality, and serious conversations make him uncomfortable.

Aerie is no fighter, though he is unafraid of the filth that comes with being an explorer. The only hard situations he avoids are those that are social in nature. He tends to be good for pick-me-ups but flounders when he is presented with any real issue. Aeranas is aware of reality, even if he avoids accepting reality. He holds onto the ideas his grandmother gave to him, that there is no one way to view the world. Aeranas firmly believes that reality is made of experiences, and because no one has the exact same experience, reality is subjective. The beliefs he holds are much harder to coax out of him, but once they are out he has trouble with stopping them from escaping.

I'm rising, I'm falling, I'm losing all control

Aeranas was raised by his grandmother, and remembers almost nothing about his parents. He had barely been weaned when they had disappeared from his life. Aerie had been deeply confused, and very sad when they vanished. It was during this stage of his life that his grandmother taught him of experiences and that even pain was important. This taught him how to feel, and how the world around him affected him. This is also when he learned how little control he had over the course of destiny. Aeranas was afraid for months. He rarely stepped outside of his grandmother's shadow. After months of hiding beside her, she decided it was time for him to learn what a wonderful place the world was. Though his grandmother was old, she informed their herd they were going to travel the world until she too left Aeranas on his own. The young stag was only a year when they set out.

This is when he learned that all of life was an adventure, and that fear could only hold him back. So they traveled to many lands and took part in the experiences of various cultures they came across. Though his favorite part of every adventure they had was the breathtaking landscapes and sunsets they saw together. His grandmother had always been there beside him. They saw valleys carved by receding glaciers and watched the sunsets that scattered light across the crystals of snow. They watched pirates set their ships to sail, while they hitched a ride. The world was bigger than he could have imagined, and the adventure of life started to become less frightening to the young stag. It was easy to see as time went on that traveling was getting harder for his grandmother, and so their life slowed down. The pair settled down for a few months in a bustling city full of life. It was in this city that his grandmother gave him the scarf he now carries with him everywhere.

The scarf represents the adventure and time he got to spend with his grandmother, and it is the possession he holds most dear. Aerie's grandmother continued to grow weaker, but she was determined to see their journey through to her very end. She would not accept his pleading to settle down and enjoy their remaining time together. So she and Aerie set out once more. Their last adventure would take them a few weeks walk from Novus. They were in the middle of a vibrant show with entertainers on their way to this place called Novus. Their plan had been to follow the entertainers to see what this strange, and exciting world would hold for them. His grandmother fell ill, and they spent her remaining weeks in a court with a vibrant culture. Aeranas was crushed to lose his grandmother. She had been everything to him, his literal best friend.

He had never seen her happier in her last few days. The stories she told and the memories they recalled together. She admitted to him that the world frightened her deeply before they had set out on this journey and that she was glad they got to share so much together. She told him she wanted him to continue seeing the world, and though she would be physically absent she would always be with him. That he need not fear the world because she would always travel with him. Aeranas mourned the loss of his most precious friend for months before he ventured to Novus. It was his first adventure alone, but he wanted to keep the dream that his grandmother forged with him alive. He wanted to keep her memory alive, and the only answer he had for that was to continue experiencing the world, no matter how frightening or uncertain it was.

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Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

A long thin light blue scarf as long as the length of his body is always fastened around his shoulders or neck. A gift that was given to him by his grandmother, that he now sees as her contribution to his journey even though she is no longer with him.

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