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Novus closed 10/31/2022, after The Gentle Exodus
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I Am Not Invisible
Blue is often a misleading color, especially for eyes. Blue eyes are never too dull nor too keen but what they are is still, and cold, and stark.

Emersyn's eyes, though blue, are lively, burning, and deep. They are not like oceans nor are they like rain. Against a pale white face, the eyes hold their own dangerous, electrifying energy. The rest of Emersyn disappears once you've met that sterilizing gaze.

Emersyn is'stormcloud' gray and the two front legs are fully suited in black with white socks up to the hock. There is barring on both of the rear legs. The body is tall, sturdy, masculine, but too slender in the face to be female. An observer might report that Emersyn's initial disposition is calm, contemplative, and approachable (with natural caution). Black streaks down Emerson's cheeks separate the whites from grays in such a manner that it adds both elegance and ruggedness as well as some manner of adrogyny.

Emersyn's hair is divided into two colors down the crest of the neck (left side the same uniform gray of her coat and the right pitch black). It is worn swept to the gray side(over her right shoulder) - always. It falls naturally into gentle, sweeping (pepper colored) waves.

The tail is full but straight and tapered-long, It is a similar black to the mane (right-side). A dorsal stripe down the spine connects the colors in the bird's eye view of a straight line. A black freckle (barely visible to most) rests like a dirty secret beneath the last thick wave of hair, just between sloping and strong withers.

The coat texture is silky, seamless, and velveteen. There is no visible scars, but due to the way the follicles stack against light, it would be difficult to identify scars without being close enough to get bitten. (is it worth it?) ~~~

This Is A Lie
Emersyn is apathetic and extremely manipulative in order to get what she wants. She is willing to go to draconian lengths to serve her agenda, even if it means putting herself in harm's way. She is very uptight and obsessive compulsive in the sense that everything in her life must be neat and orderly. She has an intolerance of physical touch unless it is on her terms. Emersyn can frequently be seen exhibiting compulsive behaviours when in larger groups or when others have entered a space that she has made her own.

Ultimately, she is very cold and calculating; highly intelligent with a large vocabulary and holds high professionalism among peers and civilians. She can be ruthless with herself or with other lives in order to serve her own agenda. Emersyn is apathetic to others, especially those she deems to be 'below' her. Emersyn is not above severely agonizing others which can (in extreme cases) lead to torturing or killing her quarry to blemish plans for those she wishes to ultimately antagonize, and furthermore, control.

Her only goal is to succeed and watch those who stand in her way, suffer.

Emersyn will rarely show that she is capable of feeling emotions such as infatuation, sadness, anger, and embarrassment. She holds her own personal values and morals (though compromised) above others and with valiant confidence. Rarer yet, there are certain moral codes that she will sustain but they are unknown to many. This is due to the fact that Emersyn trusts no one and can only trust others to follow through with her plans.

In a position of power, Emersyn would make a worthy adversary that is as difficult to remove from that seat. She will always pave a path that is easy for others to follow her en mass. She is loyal only to her own plans - which - in certain cases, can be very useful to those who share common beliefs.

Positive: Loyal to self, Resilient, Intelligent, Critical, Vigilant, Patient, Astute.

Negative: Selfish, Aggressive, Petulant, Megalomaniac, Mercurious, Violent.

You Will Never Know What I Did
Emersyn is the daughter of a great Nobleman named Nicolai, a high-ranking military official who valued his success as a career Tactician over all other things, even family. Emersyn's mother had no part to play in her life other than to carry what Nicolai considered to be the perfect breeding. Emersyn knows nothing about the mysterious woman that Nicolai arranged to have a child with - she does not exist as far as Nicolai is concerned, Emersyn does not even know her name or the shape of her face. Taken at birth, she was handled by carefully chosen handmaids. The child grew up four years in complete seclusion inside the lofty estate and grounds that Nicolai guarded quite aggressively.

Inside the Nicolai Estate, Emersyn's life was dedicated to all things that her father saw fit to teach her. Schooling, discipline, and hard combat training became her life. Emersyn's conditioning would ultimately affect her ability to build lasting relationship for the rest of her life due to lack of socialization furthermore resulting in a severe lack of trust in anyone outside of her small, exclusive circle of handlers and trainers.

To become the perfect soldier put a strain on Emersyn and Nicolai's familial relationship with each other. Nicolai maintained a very sterile and unloving grip on Emersyn, treating her more like an object that he could hone into a grand weapon for himself to wield. Today, one year since her release from the compound, Emersyn is a tightly wound individual, ready to unleash four years of an intense, and somewhat cruel upbringing into the world.

He invested many hours into conditioning Emersyn, removing her from the 'self' and stripping her of an identity. Within the empty shell, Nicolai filled his own ideas and thoughts into Emersyn. Ultimately he created a better version of himself and live vicariously through her successes.

Emersyn was released from Nicolai's grasp and let into the world after an unfortunate illness took him. A blessing as much as a burden, Emersyn was now free do the only thing she knew how to do - fight and win.

It is unknown how Emersyn came to be in Novus. Initially she arrived both wild-eyed and delusional, and has had little time to adjust to a life without Nicolai dictating every second of it. Emersyn has not spent much time on the Novus plain but has already created a lofty home for herself in Delumine by leaning on a few unsavory figures for false credentials (and money to survive) through blackmail. Old habits die hard, and the woman is a bit of a mysterious shut in while she organizes and plans her next steps now that she has established citizenship within the borders of Dawn. ~~~

Active & Parvus Magic

Know Thyself

Passive Magic

Govern Them From the Shadow

Bonded & Pets

We Do Not Keep Friends

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Suspect Everyone

Outfit: Shaped and molded after the wings of a bat (if it had 27 fingers), and all the webbing that gets shaped and stretched between the long, delicate flute like rods, makes for a menacing shape in the sky if it were to ever to be seen from above.

There are many intricate mechanics for each bone, joint and every pull or twist where tendon and ligament might be. Each part has been hand-made to dictate nature - through radical kinetic engineering - what bones and tendons do in flight.

Originally this was not a design that was not intended to be flexible or foldable but within the Novus barriers, it has undergone enchantments that not only allow it to contract and expand without trouble, but to fly. It must be worn correctly for it to function at all.

It is made out of finely made material of unknown origin, taupe in color and all of the mechanical work is done in a deep mahogany that has been polished to gleam, the source is unknown*. These wings are roughly attach to a harness that fastens up the wearer's neck, across the chest and down to each knee on the forelegs. All of the fastenings are brass, and the leather is natural-toned. Alchemic formulas are branded into the three leather straps that go across her throat and chest, they read top to bottom: Spiritus, Air, Fly.

(Leonardo Da Vinci's 'Ornithopter' design is the inspiration)


Emersyn will carry a slender, sharply pointed, two-edged rapier with a simple guard. Each quillon bares a large, smoothed sapphire in it. The handle is made out of bone and wrapped in black leather. The ricasso is a brilliant diamond-like silver. The blade shimmers as if it has been cut from silver crystal and is very light reflective and mirror like. ~~~

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The Things You Could Tell Me
Emersyn does not know that the black freckle between her shoulders exists. ~~~

Emersyn is my first character! Thank you RB and Bru for all the arts.

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