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“My soul is full of longing
for the secret of the sea,
and the heart of the great ocean
sends a thrilling pulse through me.”

Each night her mother would tell a story to her when the moonlight was at it's brightest, when it ran like a silver river through the windows of the castle and caught on her skin like dew. “There is a place where everyone believes there is a sea of dreams that everyone sails on each night. Each night they close their eyes and just before sleep carries them away they all say one word--” Every night her mother would pause and brush back a streak of dark hair from her shoulder so there was only silver skin to catch the silver moonlight. “Avesta.” And each night she would close her eyes on the melodies her name made against the dewy moonlight and sail away.

There, upon those waves that knew her name, she would forget all the ways in which she looks both like her parents and nothing like them. She would forget the way her scales glimmer black as ore in the sunlight when she lay tangled with her sister by the lake at summer. On the deck of a ship, she would forget how her eyes are darker than her mother's bright blue eyes. She would look at the tide, sail by another ship, and not think of how her own eyes are as dark as the bottom of the ocean. Each time her hair would get caught in a nightmare wind, she wouldn't think of how it was streaked dark like a brittle bone that ate the colors of a dark sea like it was ink on paper.

In her dreams, and on her sailing ship, she would only think about how the entire sea knew her name.

Every twilight, and every morning, when she landed on the shore of this realm she would remember that even though she shares her father's gray coloring, her mother's horn, and her mothers scales, that something about her was so very different.

Avesta tried not to think of it as wrong.

“She loves the serene brutality of the ocean, loves the electric power she felt with each breath of wet, briny air.”

Even at her calmest, when her features are as smooth as a quiet sea, there is something in Avesta that suggests she deeper than even the Arma Mountains. Maybe it's a look in her almost gray, almost black, almost blue eyes that suggests a new storm. Or maybe it's the tempestuous way her smile comes and goes as quick as a wave at high tide. Maybe it's nothing more than the way her skin always shivers with something electric begging to be free.

Then there are moments where she crashes open like a hurricane. Sometimes she's all recklessness and rage. And sometimes her mother looks at her and thinks that she is afraid of this child tainted by something primordial. Avesta if she knew, would say that nothing born of night, and the sea, with a dragon for a guardian, and warriors for parents could ever think of being tame.

Avesta doesn't want to be tame. She wants to be wild, and feral, and she wants the freedom to uncover every secret that this world and the next thinks to hide. And when she is like this-- this wolf of a girl, who speaks poetry even as she bares her teeth, is when she is both terrible, and monstrous even as she is graceful.

Yet when her sister presses a touch against her throat, where her pulse is always rushing, rushing, rushing, Avesta always settles like a low tide. Even her parents and Fable have little power to cool her ferociousness (she would never give them that power).

For her it has always been her twin and no one else that will see the way in which she dreams so fiercely for something that always seems just out of reach.

“There is, one knows not what sweet mystery about this sea, whose gently awful stirrings seem to speak of some hidden soul beneath...”

Avesta was born in the summer of 504 from the love of Eik and Isra, and from the taint of the sea left behind when her mother was reborn.

She has a single sister (her twin), Aspara.

Active & Parvus Magic

“wake up, wake up.”

Avesta's power is similar to her mothers in that it has the potential to be something terrible. But where her mother can change one object to another, Avesta (who is tainted wrong by remnants of the primordial sea in her mother's blood) can give life to objects. She might make a stone move across the ground like a snail, or beg a flower to dance about her hooves. Rarely can she give life to anything that is dead, but that never stops her from trying to tell a fallen sparrow to “wake up and fly”.

Eventually she will learn to control the things she wakes up, but while her magic is young and weak she can only beg them to live and hope that nothing turns the full power of it's life onto her. Often she'll look to her sister to tell her which objects might want to wake up.

Parvus Magic

Anytime that she's starting to feel like a wolf trapped in the skin of a girl, her magic starts to leak out. At first it's nothing more than a flower lifting it's roots from the ground to dance around her skin. Then it might be a gemstone pulling loose from the market fountain to flit around her head like a butterfly. It's never anything larger than a small stone that she can give life to and the moment that her feelings settle (normally once her sister touches the furious pulse at her throat) everything that lived falls to the ground dead and still once more.

i. Discipuli

When her magic is at its weakest only small things will listen to her when she says, 'wake up'. She must almost always be touching anything she wants to wake up. It could be either a tap with her horn (this works the best) or a brush of her lips as she whispers to the object. She might tell a stone in the wall to 'wake up and be silent' when it's telling her sister stories too gruesome for her. Or she might tell a painting of a meadow bathed in sunlight to 'wake up so that the moon might rise'. But it can never be anything large than a stone or a window and she hasn't yet discover how to put the things she animates back to sleep. Once an object is awake it's almost always too powerful for her to control. Eack time she 'wakes' anything up she will feel tired. In the case of trying to wake up something too large for her magic she might experience a bloody nose and the object rarely stays away for more than a few minutes.

ii. Vexillum

Avesta has, after a long stint of leaving things awake around Denocte, finally learned how to put something back to sleep. At first she can do no more than put a single stone back to sleep so that it settles back to the earth instead of flying like a lark. Eventually she will figure out how to put a few things back to sleep at once, but it rarely works as it should the first time. A flying object might fall and start rolling across the group. A painting might fall into a state of being half-alive, the sun might rise in a meadow of snow but the grasses keep blooming like it's noontime. But when something is alive, and she wants it to stay alive, she might be able to give it small tasks like: follow me, go left, go right, find my sister (but the things often do not listen well).

As she gets stronger Avesta has also realized that she might 'wake up' a single tree, or tell a small puddle to 'wake up and move out of my way'. She can never animate anything larger than an oak or a willow three.

iii. Periti

Avesta knows she is just on the cusp of understand exactly what her magic can do. She can put almost all the things she's woken up back to sleep (the larger objects still fight her, like a copse of trees or a lake). Her control over anything she's told to 'wake up' is almost absolute. She can tell an army of stones to protect her and her sister from harm. Sometimes she tells a garden of ivy to 'wake up and block this door' or 'wake up and try to keep Fable from giving chase'. The latter she often does when her and her twin decide to run off for a dangerous adventure. Although once she's too far away from the awake objects they start to move slow and groggy until finally falling back asleep.

At this level she is also realizing that she can almost animate an entire garden at once if she's touching a flower planted in the same soil. Or she might tell at the doors to stay locked in she's touching the largest one in a single building. It's been the source of many frustrations for the people of Denocte, yet they still love her.

iii. Dominus

Avesta's magic is as strong as it will ever be. She might tell a small forest to 'wake up and march towards the meadow' if she needs shade on a summer day. Sometimes she tries to tell the sea 'to wake up and follow me' and a small stream might stretch across the sand and follow her for a mile before the sea decides to claim it back. Or if she's feeling reckless she might tell the wind 'to wake up and bring me a storm'. Although she can never really control anything larger than a small meadow, or a small forest, or a hill of sand and rocks, that does not stop her from trying. Often the large objects listen for a hour before getting as wild as the earth and can be until Avesta to forced to put it back to sleep.

Flowers often seem to wake themselves up around her without a touch, and the sand seems to make itself into a form that might follow her down the shoreline as she plays in the tide. She rarely puts these small things back to sleep, instead opting to let the smaller parts of the world dance and live as long as it wishes. But she knows, even as terrible as it is, that she could put it all back to sleep again no mater how much it loves being alive.

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

“Some girls are full of heartache and poetry and those are the kind of girls who try to save wolves instead of running away from them.”


High in the Arma Mountains, Foras, was left abandoned as a pup with his siblings. Far above the alpine zone where the prey was scarce and thin with hunger and the ground was almost always covered in snow, his mother wandered off too far from her cubs for hunting and never came back. By the time Avesta and Aspara found him and his siblings, they were alive but their hearts were slow enough to be sleeping. Avesta was only able to save two of them by telling their hearts to wake up and beat faster. Foras has been loyal ever since.

Wraith Wolves look like nothing more than Arctic Wolves except for the splash of icy coloring on their fur. They are always slow to grow and what might take a natural wolf a year to develop might take them two. At a young age they can almost never take on their wraith form, and if they do so accidentally it never lasts more than a few minutes. But when they reach two, they can easily slip in and out of wraith form.

In his wraith form Foras sheds all his regal serenity and becomes more like a demon. His size goes from four feet at the shoulder to six and half. All traces of gentleness are gone from his eyes and they start to glow the same color that the center of a flame might. His fur is replaced by something that looks both like ice, snow, and muscle. A shifted Wraith Wolf can also pass through objects at will such as a wall, a boulder or a large tree. Foras is highly unpredictable in this stage, although he would never hurt Avesta or her family the rest of the world around her might be at risk. Once he's mature this form can last for days although the shift back to his resting state is often slightly more painful because of the extended time spent as a wraith.

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

“All shadows of clouds the sun cannot hide
like the moon cannot stop oceanic tide;”

The only accessory Avesta has is a band of lace and satin that runs around her neck. Black pearls hang from the widest parts of it and are surrounded by black beads. It was woven by a shed-star and given to her as a gift the first night she explored the markets with her family. She has not taken it off since, although her mother always had to adjust it to fit as she grows.

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