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Trevelyan is a Carcharhinus Equus Ferus, a Horse Shark. He is a member of a species that is not often seen in Novus, though the bulk of the shivers, or groups, of the species are not far out from the borders. He is one of the taller males from his shiver, standing a solid 18 hands tall and being built similarly to a Hanoverian, but with slightly stockier bone structure.

Trey is striking in color, seeming reminiscent of a Blue Tang fish with his blue roan coat and golden yellow roaned markings. His markings are very dun like in appearance, with yellow gradient across each limb that begins with barring and ends with a nearly orange hued fade at the very ends of his tail and legs. Trey has shoulder and hip bars, as well as the dorsal stripe that runs along the upper edge of his dorsal fin. His face has yellow along the muzzle and more barring extending nearly to his ears.

Trey has bright yellow eyes, eyes that can cool to solid gold in appearance with anger or sorrow and warm to glitter like the sun with happiness. On either side of his face, he has 2 pearl white horns extending from the back of his jaw. They are blunted, not much use for anything outside of ornamentation. His mane is roughly middle ground of what his species leans toward. It tends to stand in a mohawk unless wet, alternating bands of blue and yellow. When wet, it flips to either side and reaches about 1/3 of the way down the width of his muscular neck.

Carcharhinus Equus Ferus scar with darkened patches, similar to roans on land. These scars are not always easy to see, depending on where, the color of the CEF's pelt, and severity of injury. Trey has a collection of scars across his back and one of his legs from an assortment of various injuries. Between his neck and his dorsal fin, there is a small cluster of scars that were the result of sparring with his sire. On his dorsal fin and toward the center of his fluke are scars from dominance battles with his older brother, one battle was won and one was lost. At the base of his fluke is a single scar, the result of a dominance battle with a younger colt that he triumphed through. At the tip of his fluke are a few scars that are the result of an attack by a stallion from outside of his shiver. His older brother and Trey worked together to fight him away from the mares and were successful. Just past his dorsal fin is a cluster of scars that are the result of an attack by a Thresher shark. He had ventured too close to her nursery and escaped with wounds that needed tending by the shiver's medic. The final, and most recent set of scars is on his left rear leg. These scars were from an attack by a Great White shark and left him injured and far from his shiver. This injury was cared for by Polar North and was how they met.

Minor Mutations: Trey has 2 dull horns on either side of his jaw, as well as having the shark tail and dorsal fin that are not common in equines outside of his species.

Design by Chaosy - Species name by Chaosy - Lineart by PaisleyPerson

Positive: Determined, Honest, Well Spoken, Kind-hearted, Strong willed, Reverent, Loyal

Negative: Blunt, Snarky at times, Can be confrontational, Headstrong, Possessive,

Trey is quite the enigma where some are concerned. He was born and raised in the sea, constantly fighting for dominance and strength as well as ranking in his shiver. He and his older brother fought for dominance most often, and it molded him into a stallion that was not one to take much crap from anyone. Even with the battles with his kin, he adored them and would gladly put his life on the line to protect any of the members in his shiver.

Trevelyan's sire wanted him to be the next Alpha, to take control of the shiver when he was gone. This was a matter of debate in the family, due to the fact that his brother should have been the obvious heir with his elder status. Trey didn't want to lead. Did not want to be the one that everyone looked to and wanted answers from. Trevelyan is not the best choice for Alpha and he made certain to make that known to his sire at every opportunity.

Trey is loyal and determined, the type of friend that most search for. But at the same time, he is hard-headed and a bit possessive of things and horses that he determines should be under his wing, so to speak. He is not afraid of conflict and will step up if he feels that someone is being wronged. Under the good qualities lies a snarky ball of sass that is sometimes a bit much to handle. He is strong willed and likely to stand up for his beliefs... He believes in the Maker of all things, and is often heard speaking oaths to the Maker or even using phrases that highlight this belief.

Trey was born in one of the coral reefs not far from Novus's borders. He was the second son from his parents, which were the Alpha pair of their shiver. There was one older son and one older daughter, but Trey was the final pup born to the pair. For the first year of his life, Trevelyan was coddled by his parents, played with by his siblings, and spoiled like befit the son of the Alphas.

Shortly after Trey turned one, he noticed a shift in the shiver. The Alpha pair was getting older and an heir needed to be named. The Maker willed the choice be the strongest male son of the pair. That day, a pure white female approached the pair of sons. She was the largest CEF that had been seen by their shiver, standing a massive 19.3 hands. This was the lead priestess for the Maker, believed to be his beloved. She evaluated each male and then discussed her findings with the bull Alpha. After she left, her glimmering albino coat making her visible for much longer than usual, Trey's father approached the males.

"You need to be stronger... both of you. It will come down to a battle to see who shall become the next Alpha." He told them. That was the day that he started training his sons. That was the day that Trey received his first set of scars. After months of training, the colts were pitted against each other. Trevelyan lost soundly, receiving another set of scars to show his brother's domination over him. These battled became more frequent, though scarring was rare.

After Trey turned two, his sire became more insistent on training and battles. Trey and his brother faced weekly, starting to even out in terms of who won and who lost. He was about two and a half when he soundly defeated his brother in a battle that was more intense and much more bloody. Trey came away with another set of scars, though his brother was not the victor. In a fit of youth passion, one of the younger colts decided that if he could defeat Trey now, he would be put into contention for the position of heir. That battle was hard, taking everything that Trey had to continue. The blue and yellow bull won, barely. Trey went home with 2 sets of injuries that would turn to scars, both showcasing his prowess in battle.

Just before Trey turned three, he began to explore more and found himself in a bad place. He had somehow come up on the nest of a mother Thresher shark. She chased him through the coral and into a ravine deep in the water. Cornered, he prepared to fight for his life. They battled for over an hour, both slowly wearing the other down. During that time, he saw her listing to the left and leaving a large opening that he could possibly use to escape. After a feint toward her, he darted through that opening. As he passed, the mother shark caught the tip of his fluke and cut it deeply. Trey escaped and the mother returned to her nest, but it was yet another patch of scarring that would forever tell a story on his pelt.

Not long after the altercation with the mother shark, Trey turned three. The first few months were a monotony of the same, sparring and battling, exploring the world that he lived in. Trips to the surface were few and far between, the shiver living primarily in water and only leaving the ocean for trading. On the way to trade, a rogue bull CEF attacked the shiver. With the help of Trey and his brother, their sire chased away the bull and managed to protect the entire shiver with no major injuries. Trey and his brother both received scars from the battle, but wore them proudly. They had earned the scars by protecting those that looked to them.

When Trey was nearly four, he decided to strike out on his own to explore more thoroughly. He traveled down the coast, leaving the warmer waters for ones that were a bit cooler. Here, he got into trouble again. A massive Great White shark attacked him, managing to flay open his right rear leg just above the hock. Struggling to get away, Trey found himself on a beach and watched in fear as the shark circled the shoreline and waited for him to return.

A small, young filly approached him at that point. She was not much smaller than he, though her colors were nothing he had seen before. His species was bright, while she was muted. Her pelt was the softest of grays, painted with lavender and blueish purple. The filly had been training under one of the nomad medics and brought him to her for help. With the nomad's help, Polar North closed the wound and nursed the bull back to health. They pair became fast friends, spending every waking moment together until he was healed. On that day, he launched into the ocean to find his shiver. Upon returning, he was confronted by his brother, the new Alpha. His parents were gone, both killed in an attack by bull sharks. Trey tried to find his place with the shiver, but grew more and more unhappy as time passed. Finally, when he was four and a half, Trey left the shiver and began to explore the surface world more fully. Part of him was searching for his dear friend, part of him wanting to find a place where he belonged.

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Species Name: Carcharhinus Equus Ferus

Average Heights: males: 15hh to 18 hh; females 16hh to 19 hh

Build Information: Usually lithe and leggy, though bone structure can vary from very light to heavy. Middle ground tends to be similar to friesians or hanoverians. The species does not have excess hair or leg feathers. Manes tend to be short, ranging from roached like a war horse to mid neck in length.

Color Information: While they are genetically mostly shark, their colors seem more fish like. Bright and vibrant hues, with males being even more so than the females. Markings tend to be equine, including paint, dun, dapples, roans, and white leg and face markings. The species is predatory, so there are no worries about blending in, allowing more expression in pelt colors.

Other Information: Scars darken rather than lighten their pelt.

Culture Information:

Mating Info: CEFs are slow to emotional connections. Even as parents, it tends to take longer for them to bond to their pups. Courtship between members of the species is slow to build, but can become extremely intense at full connection. Due to this, most do not begin to look for a mate until five to six at the earliest. This gives them time to adjust to life and learn more about themselves before trying to understand a relationship. Males tend to be more willing to have small flings while females tend to prefer committed relationships.

Beliefs: CEFs believe in a single god, the maker of all things. Their hierarchy is led by the priests and priestesses, then the Alpha pair of the shiver. Most are not particularly religious by any means, but they all have a respect and reverence for the maker to some degree.

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