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Kibou is a relatively ordinary looking individual. He has no horns, no wings, no strange or unusual markings. He’s a simple sorrel in color, with light cream dappling that extends over his back, hip, and sides of his abdomen. His mane is a light flaxen in color.

Kibou a an Arabian x Draft cross with a strong, stout build but a curved, elegant face. He has the build of the draft, but the curves of his body are definitely reflective of his Arabian heritage. His skin is pristine, unscarred, and otherwise perfect. He is not the warrior his mother is, but the healer his father aspired to be.

From afar, he looks tall, regal, and collected. He looks like a confident individual when he stands erect. His eyes, though, remain soft and welcoming and they seem to draw you in much like a siren draws in men.

Having been raised by only his mother, Kibou embodies many of the personalities traits of his mother because that is all he’s ever known. However, the death of his father has significantly impacted his ability to trust and let go.

Kibou is a loyal individual. He will protect and serve his queen (or king) with a loyalty that comes unmatched. He would lay down his life for the cause he believes in. There is very little that would cause him to turn his back on his court or on his family.

He has a strong sense of duty. His mother raised him to always serve his court first and foremost. He would bend over backwards to ensure that his queen (or king) has upmost faith in him. When he is called to heal, he heals. When he is called to fight, he fights. When he is simply asked to be a friend, he will be the best one you’ve ever known.

He also has this insatiable need to help everyone, even if they are the sworn enemy. He cannot help the drive to help people and will offer aid to anyone who asks. It does not matter if the “help” they need is physical or emotional healing. Kibou always tries his best to ensure that everyone is happy and content.

Most importantly, Kibou is kind. He has a heart that feels all the emotions of the world and he wears his heart on his sleeve. Even if he does not like someone, it will not impact the way he treats each and every individual.

Kibou is also very brave. His mother taught him courage and he takes every opportunity to show that he has what it takes to protect his family and his court. While he may he scared and shaking in fear, he will always put on that brave face and do what needs to be done.

Kibou also cherishes friendships. When he has decided that you are a friend to him, there is nothing he wouldn’t do. While he is selective about his friends, he will treat each and every friend as family.

All the good things aside, there are some qualities about Kibou that could be considered undesirable. He can be seen as resentful towards the individual that killed his father. He hates seeing the sadness in his mother’s eyes and he hates the individual for taking away her light and taking away his father. He wants so badly to have that father figure and because Metaphor was killed, he has a bitterness to him that cannot be cured.

He also has a tendency to hold grudges from time to time. While he will bend over backwards to help another individual, if that individual crosses him, he will never forget the wrongs done to him.

Because of what happened to his father, Kibou sometimes comes off as distrustful. He seems to keep an emotional distance from other individual so it can be hard for him to trust others and others trust him in return. He does not believe that people are innately good.

Finally, Kibou lacks real world experience. Without a father to teach him about life, he has been forced to learn on the fly. His mother is less than helpful when it comes to the art of love and relationships so he must learn as he goes.

Kibou was born out of love between Metaphor and Katniss. While his father died shortly after his conception, his mother is still alive. Their love story is a tragedy that has shaped not only his life but that of his mother’s. He lives with his mother in Night Court.

Active & Parvus Magic

Cellular Regeneration
Kibou will be able to regenerate damaged, lost, or broken cells of any organism. This is mostly considered a “healing” power as he can regenerate lost limbs, heal broken bones, and stitch skin back together.

Tier I: Discipuli
At this level, Kibou has limited control over his magic. His power is limited to just a small area of skin going no deeper than the outmost layers of skin. Essentially, he can only hear minor cuts, bruises, and scrapes. He can only regenerate equine cells.

Using his magic can be very taxing, both mentally and physically. He is only able to use his magic for no more than 30 minutes at a time. After use, he will feel extreme exhaustion.

Tier II: Vexillum
At this level, Kibou has a little more control over his magic. He can regenerate cells in the skin and/or soft tissue areas. He can begin to heal muscle, tendons, ligaments, and other soft-tissue injuries. He can only regenerate equine cells.

Kibou can use his magic for up to two hours and makes him feel tired and weak after use, but not completely exhausted.

Tier I: Periti
At this level, Kibou has even more control over his magic. He is able to regenerate cells related to blood production in the bone marrow as well as bones. At this level, he can regenerate minor amputations (like an ear, foot, tip of the nose, etc). He can only regenerate equine cells.

Kibou can use his magic for up to one day before feeling any exhaustion. After use, he only feels mildly tired.

Tier I: Dominus
At this level, Kibou has complete control over his magic. He can generate large amputations. At this level, he can even regenerate the cells of non-animal species like animals, trees, or other organic species. No longer is it just restricted to just his own species.

At this level, he has unlimited use of his magic and suffers no ill effects from prolonged use.

Passive Magic


Bonded & Pets


Saki is an adult female Vervet Monkey. She has a black face and hands, while the rest of her fur is a grizzled-grey color. She weighs roughly 9.5 lbs and is about 18 inches tall.

Like most monkeys, Saki is an curious individual and takes to exploring her surroundings and those around her bonded. She’s a light-hearted, happy monkey who rarely feels angered or threatened. She maintains close relationships with her bonded and her bonded’s family and court. To her, they are no different than the familial group she would associate with if she were in the wild.

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Kibou has an enchanted orb given to him by his father just before his passing. Upon his birth, the orb will once again begin to glow with life. It follows him on his path through life, guiding him and showing him the light when no light can be found. It is a beacon of hope and a constant reminder that his father will always be with him, no matter where he is.

He also has a small satchel that he wears across his chest to collect items that he will one day use to make medicinal pastes and other healing brews.

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Hello, my name is Zombie! I've been RPing since I was 13 years old. I have two dogs and they are my babies!

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08/24/19- Character Application Approved. Realistic Bonded approved and sent from Easter egg 504. Sent 20 Signos for character reference. Also sent enchanted item from Metaphor's (inactive sire) to Kibou's account. - NESTLE
08/26/19 - Active magic approved and level 1 item sent. Enchantment item approved
10/03/19 +3 EXP for Zombie/s 1 year joining anniversary. -AIMLESS
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01/23/21 +2EXP for participating in IC Event (Denocte Summer Beach Bash TID5877) in TID5899. -INKBONE
03/19/21 +200 signos and Moonflower item for encountering random event TID6223. -INKBONE
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