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Soft grey eyes stare out at the world, his ageless soul reflected in a soft expression. The man is draped in a shimmering silver, each muscle accentuated and apparent under his pale skin. Standing at 16.1 hh, strong legs and metallic hooves carry him easily over the earth. Climbing greedily up each leg is a splash of alabaster. However, on his hind legs, the pearly white climbs higher than his front legs.

Upon his dark snouth, a white snip moves slightly with each breath. This simple marking adds so much character to the otherwise silent and observant man, even if he doesn’t mean for it to. From his neck, wavy ivory locks cascade to the ground wildly, never remaining trained, a reflection of his wild spirit. Seir’s tail is as elegant and beautiful as his mane, soft and still unruly.

However, Seir’s most alluring quality are the assorted roses that sprout from his shoulders. Their faces seek the sun, constantly growing and fading. Petals often fall from them but they are healthy and thriving, living off his pure essence. The flora also act as a perfume, their pleasant aroma causing a calming sensation for Seir. This is most likely his wildest and yet still charming feature.

Seir was a young god, stripped of his power yet forced to watch life rush past him in a terrible cycle of stillness and loss.

Now, Seir has changed, the darkness that had leaked into Delumine has stained him, changed him. The once kind looking gentleman has taken on a foreboding appearance costed in midnight and ivory. Upon his face, an odd mask, crafted and created of spiraling bone by something ancient, hides his eyes from the world. Perhaps they are still swirling pools of quicksilver, or maybe there is simply nothing there at all but pits of roiling inkiness.

Sprouting from his shoulders, dark feathered appendages reach for the heavens, dusted with the purest white near the base, as if a gift from above. He no longer possesses a thick mane, but rather an extended tail, coated in hair, moving about seemingly of its own accord.

The once god’s appearance is drastically changed but his mind and heart are as wise and sharp as ever before.


Intelligent, gentle, observant, trustworthy, wise, humble.
Loyal to a fault, apathetic, pessimistic, bitter.


The man is an anomaly, a young god stripped of power and orphaned by his own accord. A lost boy, he longs to have a place and seems to only find such things in the forest with the trees. Seir is a lonely creature constantly seeking nature and the secrets hidden there. The stallion doesn’t desire to be heard but rather to observe.

From the lifetimes he’s lived, Seir has grown slightly bitter and pessimistic about the world and its inhabitants. Rarely, does he allow words to pour from his soft lips, he finds little need for them. Often, the stallion expresses himself with the slightest swivel of his ears or a simple twitch of his face. Seir isn’t often entertained or surprised but he allows himself joy if such an occasion presents itself. Only someone truly special could gain a smile from the antlered man.

The intelligence and wisdom Seir possesses could surpass a library and still, he searches for more. The knowledge he carries is locked behind a wall of silent restraint and dismissal of the world moving around him. A deep seated distrust guards his heart and only a very determined individual could pry that beating organ from his chest.

It is not that Seir believes himself greater than anyone, he only finds no need to speak or form relationships, it is in his nature. But, if one is lucky enough to be trusted with his hopes and dreams, he will never speak ill or deceive them. A certain undying loyalty remains embedded within him and no manner of evil could deter him from it. This is perhaps one of his greatest flaws.


It was a haven, that place where he was born. The wind whispered so softly in their ears and the sky flickered with their dreams. They were young gods born in an old world, hidden by greedy parents who feared their powers. There were nine of these children, their blood filled with magic and their faces always holding a smile. Laughing and frolicking through the meadow, the foals were sheltered from everything, their home created by ancient gods.

Seir was one of these special children, he was one of the middle children but he refused to be overlooked. The flaxen colt’s curiosity caused him trouble, their prison was their petite utopia and they knew no better. The children never grew older for their parents wished to remain the most powerful, they couldn’t quench that fear of being replaced. These young gods exhibited unnatural power, their souls humming quietly as they enjoyed that place, their hearts suppressed.
However, Seir grew bored and began exploring further, testing the limits of their home. He was gifted a lantern at birth, a representation of his power. He was a guide, a guide for the lost, the living and the dead. So, that soft glow allowed him to move further into the dark wood then his siblings. This was the beginning of the end for their family.

After plenty of time spent in the forest, Seir felt something deep within him. Somewhere inside, his soul had began screaming as it fought for freedom. Perhaps it was the trees that called his magic to the surface but either way, it exploded from him. The blinding light stained him, that white tree marking climbing up his leg hungrily. Lifting those dull eyes to the leaves, the smokescreen was lifted and bright emerald appeared in its place. Seir was filled with life, the very energy of the trees seeping into him, they whispered and sang to their new son joyfully.

Seir often returned to the clearing where his siblings played but he began growing and he was starting to pass his older siblings. The antlered boy rushed to the safety of the ancient giants and hid from the only beings he’d ever known in fear of exposure. It was only a matter of time before his creators realized he was missing but their negligence would grant him time. The towering wood encouraged the growing stallion as he searched their prison for any sort of weakness or crack. They longed for Seir to be free and he was fighting with all he had, the truth had been revealed and he had no reason to stay in this place.
Finally, after several years, Seir found that fracture in that invisible wall that encompassed their small haven like a net. With his friends singing behind him, Seir allowed his magic to fly from him, that untethered power ripping through that miniscule flaw and crumbling the world around him. Screaming erupted behind him and he heard the booming of those gods, those things that called themselves his parents and yet he did not fear them. Holding that beautiful head high, he simply walked through the rift and into the dark.


After what seemed to be an age, Seir emerged from the blackness into an unknown world. The man remained quiet as he observed history moving on around him as he remained in a small forest, his magic feeding the land. The young god grew older and finally stopped maturing, his power settling and freezing him in time. Seir remained there for a very long time, those verdant eyes watching time pass. From that long life he gained much wisdom, his knowledge of life and its challenges seemingly endless. But, it could not last forever.
The stallion had remained there for many, many years before the nearby capitol expanded and began destroying his wood. The trees, however, did not fear their coming deaths and they urged their dear friend to flee and begin anew. With crystal tears rolling down solemn cheeks, Seir left his home behind, again, and travelled on. It was difficult for him to keep his power hidden, especially when nearby flora seemed to perk up at his arrival, but he only allowed small amounts to leave him every few weeks. That magic surged within him and finally, it threw him into that known midnight once more.


When the antlered creature found light again, he’d landed in Novus, the towering trees immediately embracing him. Seir’s magic had unfortunately been lost to the darkness but he remained as ageless as before. The man isn’t sure how long he’d been there but he’d heard on the breeze that a new king, a king of flowers, had emerged. That childhood curiosity suddenly sparked once more in his chest and he allowed himself to emerge from the depths of the Viride and appear in the capitol for the first time, those aged eyes watching everything quietly, just as the trees would.


Since stepping down as regent, the man disappeared deep within the depths of the ancient wood. There, he waited and watched, watched as the king and his evil spawn poisoned Delumine. However, upon their disappearance, he re-emerged, his appearance changed by the deathly magic that had seeped into the Viride. Unwilling to let Delumine fall, the godling climbs from the dark and returns to the light.

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