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(WHEN HIS MAGIC GOES DORMANT: he loses his ability to use his chameleon skin and defaults to his birth skin)

When he is unable to shift colors, his natural coat (true coat) will automatically appear. Ahote was born a tawny buttermilk dun overo paint. All four legs, ankles down, are white with perfect peachy ivory hooves. His skin is pitch black up to his knees. The overall color of his body is the color of bleached bones and desert sand. The mane is stiff bristled in his youth, though when it is allowed to grow out it will be long and full, matte-black, and flowing. His tail is long, full, and a cascading black. His ears, nose, lips, and dorsal are deep black. White blotches interrupt the solid gold coat, just under his left arm and up the shoulder, into the neck, where it disappears into the hair line and returns running down the right side of his eye and cheek. It ends in a thin snippet just under the chin before it turns black. A few more white patches run across his chest then under his belly, flaring out from the inner thighs of each leg, curling over points of each hock. Both eyes seem to be rimmed in black with white eye lashes to make Ahote look doe-eyed and expressive.


The colors of Ahote's eyes truly unique, each one a chimaera in design and separately strange from the other. Ahote has segmented heterochromia, each eye is divided in half (top-to-bottom) with two colors of vast opposition. The top half of each iris is a brilliant daylight blue much like the Solterra sky. The bottom segments of each eye resemble the sand, gold and amber, shimmering like a thousand beads of glass. Or wet worms. Your choice.


Traditionally, Ahote in Hopi means 'Restless One'. When he was named it had nothing to do with the fact that he was, indeed, prone to wandering. It had everything to do with how many nights of sleep his mother would lose raising him. It is hard to recognize him somedays, but his mother could recognize him out of a herd due to the luster of his silky golden base coat and color fragmented gaze. He dawns no other extremities other than sharpened teeth - something his mother insisted on before turning him over to the desert for trial. His smile is as menacing as his bad habits, if knives could smile, they might look a lot Ahote.

The Good:

Respectfully persuasive, courageous, protective.

The Bad:

Restless, Unsocialized, Relentless.

The Ugly:

Aggressive, Uncouth, Menacing Nihilist, Mean-spirited, Selectively Dishonest (to severe degrees).

Overall Summary:

Think of the worst neighbor you know, or have known. If you cannot think of one, think about worst kind of antagonist and not necessarily a homicidal killer or your neighbor’s biohazardous hoarder tendencies. The experience of getting hit in the face when you least expect it is more pleasant than being on the receiving end of Ahote’s assholery.

Think of someone whose existence alone is loud without having to make a sound. Think of the worst feeling you get when you meet someone you are sure you hate. When someone keeps staring at you. When someone keeps teasing you when you tell them to stop. When a boy chases a girl because he wants to ruin her day, not because he likes her, and all the chaos that ensues once he’s pushed her down into the mud. Then laughs.

Ahote is young, therefore a jackass and still has a soft and malleable personality that is waiting to be shaped by the right hands. He makes mistakes only when he isn't careful or does not properly anticipate the outcome of his actions. He can be nice or he can be very mean, especially to pretentious, fancy highfalutin people. Ahote has good judgment when to curb his manners, but terrible timing.

He has some kindness. Mercy. Compassion. But it is very seldom given because he was never a child who received it himself, as he ages and is made to understand, a greater kindness may take the place of the obnoxious boy thing that he is today.

She named him Ahote for many reasons, because he made her restless, because he was restless, because his mind was wild, wilder than their ancestors and before words meant wisdom. When he arrived, unexpectedly and quite turbulently his mother was convinced that there would be a great disrest in their family so long as Ahote remained.

The devil that lived in the desert deserved Ahote’s soul, not the sand, not the sun - certainly not Solis - but Sin itself. Ahote was a young slinger with a stinger that never gave his mother a chance at having a moment of inner peace since he had been dropped face-first on this rugged red clay.

(a side note)

When he isn’t stealing expensive liquor out of the bars or raiding the private collections in homes he has broken into, he tastes that dirt and that stone. He likes the feel of grit between his teeth and the tang of blood on his tongue.

Breathing in nothing but dust, his mother made sure his lungs were red with Mors sand. He will never understand the ritual, and theorizes that she was baptizing him in the name of a red sunset she was particularly fond of. He will never forget the tang of copper, iron, and the minerals of all the sands of the desert on his tongue -- his first kiss of blessed life. Then she kicked him when he didn’t open his eyes at first. He was latent with everything, his health seemed poor.

The desert nearly killed him on his third, fifth, and seventh day of life, and on the eighth day, his mother would say that he had a bit of a stubborn streak and a temper that outmatched it. Only, she never smiled when she said it. Although his mother was a seasoned warrior with eyes that have always been dead, they reflect worry where words won’t. Worry for her son. Worry for others who may come to know him.

She prays they will never know him the way she does.


He was the only boy in a band of seven, a mother and her two sisters, and a cousin off each of them. All women. All savagery. All he ever learned from them was how to raise Hell. How to take what he wanted. Steal what he couldn’t take. And operate with the same venemosity and lethal mind as a desert snake or prowling cat - or a Davke, even.

Two years into his rather self-centered, and socially underdeveloped life, the boy was nothing short of a feral tomcat wanting to turn his sights farther into the desert. Ahote wanted to make his own trails and not to follow footsteps and challenged for his freedom away from the band. He had been a source of their suffering for quite some time. (-- by pure choice, mind you)

A challenge for emancipation was something relatively unheard of (as the tribe takes care of itself and one another) But there are prices one must pay and there are sacrifices one must make. And to give up something both comforting and precious as a daunting token of bravery was the first of three challenges. For Ahote he chose his favorite weapons to offer, his sling and a stiletto.

He had to survive against his aunts and cousins cruel and contriving hazings until he was summoned challenge the matriarch - his mother. It was no contest, his mother bested him long before he could get his practiced shots in. And, even though he was beaten within an inch of his life, his mother left him to the desert on trial. She expected him to die. She believed that the little pain in the ass would get himself eaten by the end of the night with all the blood on his face. She hoped.

Surviving in the desert with nothing was easier for a nomad who knew how to find his water, dig his scrape, avoid his poisons and toxic plants, and to conserve his energy, pray to Solis when needed - but don’t waste his time or your own with stupid ponderings. Ahote never considered himself a religious kind of a soul, but Solis was the Sun, and, he was the sun’s Shadow as well -- never question it.

Finding a direction to go might have been the hardest part for Ahote, even though he spent most of his childhood climbing fences and running up shutters like a nimble cat, going everywhere he could go before the sun went down -- But now, the sun was going down, and instead of going back - he must find his way forward.


Ahote's relationship with his mom was/is like any strained relationship with a narcissistic mother failing to connect with her teenage son. He grew up with the same customs and traditions his mother grew up with, and could never deny his Davke blood - but if he could leave and find his own tribe he would feel more fulfilled. Ahote does not particularly agree with the idea of following a path of tradition. He knew at a very young age that his place was somewhere else, and he would wait until the time came to prove himself.

This leads to present day, Ahote is now alone in the desert, he looks young but worn. As if some desert beast has mangled his spirit but left no scars other than the reflections in his eyes. He asked for this though - he challenged for his freedom - a Davke does not simply walk away from their family if they wish to survive, they must fight for it. He left in the summer of 504 after altercations arose once he declared his challenge for leaving the isolated community. He barely won it after being beaten within an inch of his life. His sheer stubbornness won him his freedom of being hunted to death by his mother, her sister, and his cousin who was downright unbearable.

Active & Parvus Magic

Passive Magic

His passive magic (UPON APPROVAL) will be to have transformative properties over his skin which renders him in different colors, coat patterns, and at highest concentration, textural changes to all hair fiber. A chameleon comfortable in his own skin, Ahote's rare and weird skill comes with a uncontrollable habit of shifting while he dreams. The patterns can often reflect the type of dream he might be having based on the patterns on his skin. Because it is magic, there are other rare cases where he can produce colors outside of the natural scope of equine color, but it is limited due to natural variables (weather, health, temperature, situation)

WHEN THE PASSIVE MAGIC IS INACTIVE: He has a base appearance that has been populated in the Appearance slider.


Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

He has a small dagger that is small, diamond shaped, and slim (almost looks like it could become a very deadly and accurate head of a spear). He possesses a sling that has a specialized pouch so that he can dock his dagger into it and use it as a sling-bow.

He has three thin golden bangles around each of his forelegs.

**The dagger is a small 5 inch silver blade with a glass ampule inlay (where he can load poison into it) it has a pinprick of an aperture on the tip of the dagger. That will release the ampule's contents through suction once it has penetrated the target (assuming it is living)

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CATCH ME IF YOU CAN (upon approval);

Ahote is as difficult to catch as he is to be identified in a crowd - only his mother knows her little boy's face .. and he hates her enough to never see her again. He can mimic coat patterns and colors.

This is because he has chameleon skin, he might look soft and organic to the touch, but up close the squamation of rough, varying scales make up the tones and patterns of his ever changing coat. He is limited to natural earth tones and natural patterns. High-stress situations can sometimes produce a red, shale green, or slate blue, but it is very rare.


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