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Thaeron is built like a Warlander, framed with powerful muscle upon strong legs. At 19 hands he stands tall above many, imposing and intimidating, the only evidence of his long-lost divinity. Like many warlanders, his ankles are graced with slight feathering and a beard is braided at his chin.

Coated in blue fur that darkens at his face and legs, Thaeron’s left side is painted with unusual chimeric stripes that cross his shoulder, stomach and mask half his face. Unruly locks frame his face, braided and bunched in many places, a dark blue-black in colour. A leonine tail extends from his rump with curly hair at the tip, as thick and equally braided as his mane. From his brow rises a red, crystalline horn surrounded by a circle of red spikes like worshippers at an altar. His eyes are a blood red, unusual and as enrapturing as they are menacing . Various gold rings adorn his form, mainly his hair, face, horn and tail.

On the outside Thaeron is little more than a typical man one could suppose. His greed for money and love of fighting and stealing is outweighed only by his enjoyment of alcohol and romance. Flirtatious but in the most charming way, his eye for powerful, attractive women has often got him in trouble, particularly concerning a few members of the Vipers Guild who have, more than once, used his skills as a mercenary and run off with the rewards. Playful and somewhat easy going, Thaeron is surprisingly easy to get along with if you can put up with his somewhat questionable language, brash nature and greed. He does of course have a temper on him, being a god of war and death, and uses violence as a means to solve everything. Deep down however is a deep rooted hatred for Gods and Destiny, for he blames them for his mate’s death, though this is nevertheless tied in with the guilt at the downfall of his brethren.

But beneath it all, Thaeron has the heart of a hero, though it may not be clear at first. He may not wish for his life to once more be slave to the throws of destiny but he will not ignore mass suffering if there is something he can do about it. Nevertheless this hero quality needs drawing out, like blood from a wound, for whilst it is there, he has grown used to a life of serving his own interests.

A once powerful god of death and war who existed on the outskirts of his brethren’s splendour and wealth, Thaeronovian, now known simply as Thaeron, is all that remains of an ancient era forgotten by even the oldest of Alanaris’ citizens.

Created at a time when the balance between Good and Evil was stable and war was little more than the subject of tales and ballads, Thaeron was shunned by his peaceful brethren who bathed in the riches of a happy society. And whilst they were worshipped and revered, he was despised and feared. So those early years he spent trying to amuse himself within the confinements of peace for his magic, his very existence relied on aggression, war and death.

A few years on and it seemed that Thaeron and his brethren, despite being Gods, were not the highest power in the universe and Destiny decreed that Thaeron would impact the world. As the balance between Good and Evil tipped and war broke out the steed finally found his calling, thriving upon the battlefields of mortals and immortals alike, fighting alongside them, raising their dead to fight for him and even starting the odd war. His power built, his alter rich, and war only increased under his watchful eye. But Destiny decided something else and as the years of violence went on a higher power called to the war and death god. He followed that pull, that instinct, aiding the armies he felt he should aid and following a path already laid out for him. He met a girl, fell in love and the two continued on his journey. Until it was held that only Thaeron could save Alanaris from the unbalance threatening to plunge the world into decay. So he pushed on, doing as Destiny decreed, aiding some wars, stopping others. But when the time came, when the pivotal moment arrived, Thaeron had a choice between saving the Gods or saving his mate and unborn child. He chose his wife, the other half of his soul, how could he not? The Gods fell, their powers diminished yet their immortality remained, cursing them to watch the world that had once worshipped them. But fate is rarely kind and despite his choice, Thaeron’s wife perished in the aftermath of the Gods’ decent. Alanaris was saved, but Thaeron lost everything.

For years the god hid in the Stormy Mountains, gaining his power as war once again unfolded but he soon grew bored of self- imposed exile and a centuries later, came down from the mountains. The Gods were all but forgotten, reduced to immortal beings living among a mortal society.

Drinking and stealing his way across Alanaris he garnered a reputation as a bold and ruthless thief, a man without morals with a lust for the pleasures of life. But no one remembered who he had once been, what he had once done and perhaps it was a blessing, perhaps it was a curse that he should be the only one to remember his sins but either way he grew bored of the land and sought out new ones.

Active & Parvus Magic

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Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Thaeron’s weapon is a great war hammer named Bloodbane, stained and aged from use. The weapon can be likened to an axe on one side and a hammer on the other with a faint red tinge to the metal from centuries of bloodshed. Fashioned from bronze, mountain-iron and inlaid with rubies, it is roughly as long as Thaeron is tall and is strapped across his side and back when not in use.

Various rings, forged from ancient dwarven bronze, adorn his form. He has two rings in one ear, three in the other, studs on either side of his muzzle and a piece around the base of his horn. Rings and clasps encircle the braids and bunches of his mane, tail and beard and a series of clasps and rings adorn his tail. (This is accounted for by the 3 free items and an additional accessory item.)

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Reclusive little english creature with a love for fantasy and the night

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