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Atlaas by Lullivy
Short and muscular, the hardy bred unicorn is built for tackling tough terrain over strenuous distances. Compact in design, with broad shoulders and a well-built neck, but elegant, poising himself with a gentle confidence and kind eye. Pearl coat is splashed with soft golden tones, patterning his body evenly across his mass and splitting his face. Streaks of sandy shades rune through his thick, shaggy mane and tail in sync with his markings. His orbs are a soft blue, highlight his young features and tender pick touches. From behind his ears, two great stag like horns rise tall and proud, defining his unicorn statues.

Round his forelimbs he wears two self-crafted leather satchels, rick brown in colour with a two buckle fastens. Inside, he possess leather work tools, quills and drawing material.

Reference by Lullivy

Humble | Open minded | Courageous | Charismatic | Honest | Kind
| Too forgiving | Self critical | Anxious | Outspoken

Seeker of truth and master of honesty. The male paints himself in an ethical light remaining true to his core values; Knowledge, courage and forgiveness. He is a firm believer in the power of self and the reality of fate, destiny and karma and though he looks to no god, he finds answers in the earth and sky alike, searching for the answers no one dares to find. The traveller spends his days wandering with the bravery to stand on the cliff edges no one risks to toe, and in the storms you shelter from, unbothered by what may strike his carefree attitude. But with dedication and determination, Atlaas has built himself a wealthy platform of craft. He creates statement leather wear and dedicates a lot of time to penmanship and sketches, earning the right to call himself an artist.

His courageous assets can turn the happy go lucky creature into whatever he needs to be when the moment calls, proudly treading the path fate has laid for him. Friends have been plentiful throughout his life, irresistible charm guiding him through hardships and resulting in a well socialised, caring soul. But perhaps he is too kind, too forgiving. Natural creativity pushes the stallion to do better, expecting perfection from himself and nothing less and though he strides through the years with modest confidence, he’s knocked himself more times than can be counted. Yet with firm belief in himself and his worth, he gracefully moves on and tries again. Dreaming and wishing of a better, wiser future for the world, the stallion often feels the weight of the world on his shoulders, carrying with him the mind set of an elder.

Self-doubt nestles within his humble confidence, trying to but rarely managing to hold him back but sometimes spilling into an anxious disposition. He refuses to give in, remaining loyal to himself and his beliefs. And, though he may be difficult to annoy, ignorance he finds incredibly frustrating, frustration being one of few emotions than can cause the stallion to be too outspoken. Nevertheless, he doesn’t see the point in regretting what you do and say if you cannot change it. There is a strong sense of loyalty in the stallion, and a passion for sticking up for others which has gotten him into sticky situations more than he would like to count.

Loss was felt from the moment he left his mother’s dying womb, remembering like starlight the kiss of her lips upon his baby cheeks before she passed after birth. After, he found himself a reject of society but found solace in the care of his rouge father who took him from his herd and nursed Atlas out of foal-hood with the help of a fellow rouge friend. A stunning connection was made between father and son, the two being unrecognisable alone. Along the way, his father taught him irreplaceable skills that the stallion treasures dearly till this day. He learnt life’s lessons the traditional way – try, fail, learn, and try again. Soon the colt blossomed into a carefree, wise, young stallion, making the decision to leave his father’s side and explore the world beyond the boundaries he knew, marking the end of his invaluable raising.

Now the stallion travelled alone, dreamily, wishfully, honing his crafts and selling his work to fellow travellers and finding an assortment of friends.

In all his adventures, three have marked the stallion for life. The first was his first near death experience. A frightful mountain lion had stalked him before pouncing and striking the stallion. The lion had talked, poised and threatened to strike again and Atlaas begged himself to be spared. Then it came, the blows to the head, the raking scratches on his back and with all his might he fought until he was free of the beast, ripped and bloodied, fleeing for his life.

The second was heartbreak. He met a beautiful female, fairy like with a love for astrology and possessing similar qualities to himself. They travelled near a year together, frolicking like lovers do until the day he met her father; A gruelling stallion with the might of gods and wrath of the sea. He did not approve of the slightly built, dreamy stallion Atlas was, and the honestly pushed his luck a little too far in an argument with the beast, who whisked his daughter away under lock and key, without a chance to say goodbye.

The last was the moment he stood upon a cliff edge with the roaring sea threatening him from below. Under the stars he gazed and stepped forth, hoof hanging over the edge, craning his neck to the night sky and closing his eyes, the sound of the sea bellowing under him and the wild caress of the wind sending his locks in a frenzy. He made a wish, reopened his eyes and saw a shooting star streaming across the sky.

With that, he left, continuing his travels with even more hope in the world than before.

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Round his forelimbs he wears two self-crafted leather satchels, rick brown in colour with a two buckle fastens. Inside, he possess leather work tools, quills and drawing material.

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Hi guys, I'm Teal! I'm 20 from the UK and recently have decided to get back into writing, so I apologise if I'm rusty! I'm a bit of an awkward soul, with a love for equines, memes and Narnia! I do a part time photography course at my local Uni and own a husky with my partner.

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