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Briar's most notable physical attribute is the set of elk's antlers that sit atop her head. They are dusky white and baby-smooth, their medium size and unmarred surfaces a product of her youthful age. Tangled at the bottom of those antlers is a tousled, thick, and golden mane - with an equally unruly tail to match.

The color of blood just as it spills, Briar's coat is typically well-kept and soft. Her ears, muzzle, and lower legs all darken into black - all sharp points that contrast well against her brilliant mane and tail. Glistening from depths of her dark fur are two emerald green eyes. They almost always cautiously optimistic and curious.

Underneath the supple wave of Briar's coat is well-built (if small) muscle. She is mostly an agile creature with the elegance of a dancer.

anxious, curious, optimistic, spunky, secretive, temperamental, intentional, emotional, driven, loyal

Her mother raised her to be cautious; so, Briar approaches all things with just that: caution. One can see the hesitance in her eyes when she turns them upon them. An anxious creature, though not overtly so, she still manages to function. That much is clear in the defiant light that glows behind her fear.

Being mildly sheltered, Briar developed a wide and wondrous curiosity for all things phenomenal and mundane. Even a flower with a slightly strange color will catch her attention, and she will study its every twist and turn until it is fully committed to her memory. Her chest usually tightens with embarrassment when she becomes self-aware of this quality: her wildly protective mother is a sensitive spot.

Briar harbors an intense self-preservation, meaning she is often caught in her own world. This may come off as standoffish, and even when prodded the mare is reluctant to divulge anything about herself. A mixture of shame and regret keep her lips tightly sealed.

Do not be fooled, though - Briar's optimism lives on. She is young and still impressionable - it may not take much to crack her shell. She has an intense desire to be desired and to be liked in general, but mostly she needs to be seen. Briar may shy from being the center of attention, but her heart swells at adoration (even fickle adoration).

Briar, for the most part, was raised by her mother. A gentle woman with a mean-streak, she raised her crimson daughter with kind words and a quick hand. If the red girl were to just take on step out of line, her mother would strike her down the nip to the ear and quick lashing of words. She has always had a complicated relationship with her mother, perhaps from the moment she was born.

They lived a quiet life, one of solitude and loneliness. On occasion, Briar's father would pay them a visit, but even that was mostly to a sneak a night away with her mom; and that Briar most definitely found unfulfilling, and she vowed to herself that she would never fall to such low self-esteem.

This is the pattern she grew up with: a quietly angry mother falling for the cheap charms of a rolling stone. Briar grew to resent her father, even hate him; but she could never bring herself to hate her mother. A mixture of pity, sorrow, and fear is mostly what she felt (the three main emotions that led Briar to leave her mother's side).

There is so little the persistent mare knows, though - that much is clear in the way she still holds her head high and keeps her eyes open. She remembers the one second of wide-eyed innocence she had as a babe, and that is what drives her to discover more. There is so much innocence to be found in the unknown, and she lives in a desperate search to feel it.

It was her father's most damning betrayal that sent Briar from her mother's embrace. He finally admitted he did not want her truly, and still her mother trailed after him like a lost puppy. The then yearling heard every poisonous word as they left her father's mouth and felt sick when her mother did not defend herself. Instead of coming to her mom's aid, Briar pretended to be asleep, allowing her mother to trail off into the night to cry on her own.

That is when she finally slipped away.

Now, she wanders, not knowing what she will find but ever hopeful (and ever scared). Now, she wanders, not knowing what she will find but ever hopeful (and ever scared).

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