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Atlaas by Lullivy
Elastic paces carry the powerful build of Daunt on strong, athletic legs, walking with the demure to demand attention without even needing to bat an eyelid. She is shaded a pristine white from head to two, tainting her hooves in a pale tone and there is not a marking upon her clean cut body. From her sides, two great feathered wings spread with an impressive span, continuing the same as her body, pure and unmarked. Her face contains her only stand out features. Black inky orbs without pupils and across her eye is a bubbling scar in the form of an upside down cross, the traditional marking of her family. Her mane and tail come in great weaves from her crest and dock, thick and long.

The secret feature of Daunt is the black blood that runs through her veins, a categorical trait of being a true Katharas.

Art by Purrsain

Quiet | Mature | Reserved | Independent | Loyal | Calm

Vengeful | Cold | Selfish

Silent as the stars in the sky, the creature prowls with demanding demure in her wake and effortlessly draws attention in her graceful paces. But the interest is rarely met with anything other than a bored look and silence. Her words are sparse and often she remains unspoken but the lyrics that do crusade of her tongue are often weighted with meaning, speaking with a careful and calculated tongue, which highlights her quiet and reserved nature. Another key mannerism of Daunt is that she walks with a level of maturity that few can match, poising herself not as a girl, but as a lady who stands on a fortress of independence.

Beneath the exterior is a women who seldom few get to meet. She is surprisingly kind, loyal to her few friends and keen to help them out wherever she can. However she doubts her abilities to hold and maintain friendships. Sometimes her quiet nature and collected frame can give the simple impression that she doesn’t care when in fact she truly does have the ability to care immensely. Daunt does not possess a hot head, and is instead calm in her approach to situations and tactful about them, knowing when to push and when to stop.

If you delve further into her psyche there is yet more to uncover. A darkness bubbles in the centre of her being, stirring and brewing. Vengeful antics and cruel ideas often enter her thoughts and sometimes the darkness of her past is overwhelming. She can be cold as ice, emotionless and hard hearted, even selfish, without much explanation since she will never tell of her secrets.

TW: Rape

“She’s beautiful,” A mother’s voice, soft and proud under the moon.

“She is – The spit of you,” A father, in love with his family.

A Katharas, proud to bear the black blood of her family. The daughter of the moon was predicted greatness by the elders of the family after being groomed from a pool of foals, chosen to become a higher member of the family and hold a position of authority. Education and learning worship to Rae came easily to the filly who drew attention just for her graceful presence and mature mannerisms. However whilst she thrived in terms of progressing through the ranks, surpassing even the older foals, her home life was a shambles of neglect.

Then, came the sudden death of her mother from infection. Her father wept for days before turning. The now, year old filly was the spit of her mother, tradition Katharas scar slitting across the eye included. He eyed the young girl, destined for royalty and ripped away her innocence, making her swear not to say a word. The acts of rape continued periodically throughout her time with the family.

Sworn to secrecy about the abuse that prolonged, the quiet child fell silent. Her studies became tedious and she grew slightly rebellious. All hopes of her future fell through, the family no longer saw her as a high standing member of society. Anger seethed, she became more lonerish and dark thoughts overwhelmed her mind. It was at the grand age of 6, did she make her final debut. Beating her father, she disabled him with ribbons and dragged him into the midst of a harmonious ceremony.

“Dearest father, I shall watch you burn,”

Setting alight to the man who had abused her for so long. She watched all her feelings ascended in streams of smoke as he lay coiled and tied, screaming and others tried to rescue the dead man.

Daunt swiftly left in silence and continues her path today.

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Hi guys, I'm Teal! I'm 20 from the UK and recently have decided to get back into writing, so I apologise if I'm rusty! I'm a bit of an awkward soul, with a love for equines, memes and Narnia! I do a part time photography course at my local Uni and own a husky with my partner.

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