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Once a brilliant mass of stars all strung together, she has taken on the form of an equine to fit with those of Novus. Her body is still made of those stars she was once part of—she is tangible because she chooses to be, but hasn't quite gotten used to a corporeal body that cannot simply pass through solid objects. Quite often she finds herself stumbling over a tail that stretches down and down, dark locks stark against a shimmering coat. Lit from within, she looks as though in constant motion despite periods of absolute stillness; the ever-shifting patterns across her sides and cheekbones tell tales of dreams that might have once come true. Two pristine horns sit atop her skull, thin and long and terrifyingly dangerous. At times, most times, a whirling star sits between those horns, humming and dancing, waiting to be called upon. Silver, pupil-less eyes dare drink in all there is to see, as a heart yearns to experience all that this life has to offer.

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Innocent | Naive | Clumsy | Wise | Curious | Ambitious | Self-conscious | Argumentative | Skeptical | Wistful | Unusual

A dreamer of the stars, a caller of the cosmos; she is ethereal and doesn't seem to be like those around her. Generally ignorant of how life functions outside of a stellar world, she is considered clueless and quite often finds herself in a bit of trouble; never before had she held a solid body, or was part of an individual mind, so she must now go at life alone without the millions of other voices all connected together as it once was. Easily frustrated at having to navigate a complex land by herself, she is used to being an intelligent being back in her place in space. But now she may be considered wise, though not smart, and this makes her worry about what others might think of her.

Since she comes from a world without any true physical form, everything is assumed to be new to her. She lived a dull life, and finally may find peace with the near-endless possibilities presented to her on land. For all of her faults she is truly kind at heart and immensely curious about learning all she can.

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*In Summary
The story goes--
There was once nothing but a cluster of stars; in a dark world, a blank world, an empty world, they begged for a purpose greater than hanging in a black sky. And so their world once devoid of any glow but from that of their own creation became painted with colors, with millions of pinprick lights setting their space on fire. They weren't alone, anymore, as they hung fervently in their now-bright part of the otherwise bleak side of life, and they weren't alone with their thoughts either--they had been connected, somehow, by the same invisible hand that catered to their whims, and the overwhelming sensation of all those voices was enough to make them feel alive. Maybe they already had been, in some way, living creatures; but without a passion, what was there to live for?

And so that hand wove its wrist again, and with a snap of some fingers a planet had been formed beneath those millions of twinkling stars with their boisterous words. They would never truly know what was on that planet, but they knew they must protect it; they had been given purpose, found passion, and so their lives had felt fulfillment. She was part of that, too, part of them and their way of simple living. It isn't known if she had always been that way, or if she had been created more recently than them (for stars have a funny way of both adhering to and denying the laws of gravity to either exist, or cease to). But her light was brighter than theirs, and she never stopped in her yearning as they had. They were given a planet to look after, but merely looking at it wasn't enough for her. She wanted to know more, tried her share of begging for more, but as one voice mixed with the deafening sound of all those others she was either unheard or ignored.

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*Parvus Magic
Her body is made of the stars from which she came; sometimes twinkling, sometimes nothing more than a smear of purples and blues. A swirling star will appear between her horns at times, something she hasn't figured out how to control. It is always visible when she is using her magic.

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"find a quote to put here"

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