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Sereia is fine boned and delicate. It seems at times that she is light as a bird and as fragile as a flower. Never does she seem to hold enough weight upon her frame - a consequence of too many days spent without meat.

There is something of a swan about this kelpie-girl. It is in the way she moves within and upon water, tranquil and yet… lethal. She moves like a dancer. Sereia is a siren born to lure prey into her web. Yet she is the spider that does not wish to eat, nor weave her gossamer web. So she dances and hopes no one watches, she sings and hope no one hears.

Of her sisters, Sereia may be the most adept upon land. So in love with it, so desperate to escape her nature is she that she has spent many hours upon land. Enough hours that now the swan-sister is able to move with as much balletic grace upon land as in the water.

Her skin is pale as bone within the cool blue of water. But the glow of the sun affords it a warmth, a creamy gold. Yet whilst the sun lends her some of its gold the sea reminds her of what she is and darkens her body at its points to the deepest blues the sea can paint.

Sereia wears corals and shells and land-found trinkets. They hang from her hair and her body. Each one she treasures, each one she gifts with a story. Into the plaits her sisters weave into her hair, Reia twines reeds and seagrasses, land flowers and pearls.

In the water she takes on a sea-form: sleek, with fins akin to a betta fish. Her body is a winter sea - whites and greys and golds and blues. Her eyes are the richest gold. They say she once swam out to the point where the sun fell low and touched the sea and this is the sun itself that manifests in the warmth of her gaze. Their hues are as rich and lazy as midsummer’s sunsets.

The Essence of Sereia.

If you wish to know, in a nutshell, just who the fifth sister of Minn is, then know this:
She is sad and whimsical, full of myths and fairytales (with all the beauty and potential they bring and yet the utter disconnect from reality too). Her story is one of harnessing the struggles of adolescence and trying to find your place in the world and learning to accept yourself in the process.

She is flowers mixed up with weeds, swans with their mix of savagery, danger and yet utter beauty and tranquility, snowflakes that never melt, stories of different kinds of love... a strange beauty in everything… That is Sereia.

But if you wish to know why some call her Reia and others whisper Sara, then you need to know more about the soul of the kelpie-girl called Sereia.


Where do we start?

When myth was first founded in a small truth? When gods were based off real men and women, when sorcerers and magic were founded in unexplainable events? It is in these original moments that we find the embryonic soul of Sareia.

She grew up on dreams of the mainland and stories of the greatness of land horses. She holds to myths and fairytales of kelpies who have become land horses and lost their sea-born carnivorous nature. Myths and fairytales that have lost their grounding in reality and become so wondrous, so utterly ethereal that a whimsical child with unrest in her heart began cling to them like the ribbons of a balloon that will pull her from the watery depths of her own reality and carry her away.

Reia, as her family call her, is a dreamer girl. She always has been. She gets drunk on stories, she clings to those her scholar sister Jana whispered in her ears when they were so young. They swapped knowledge for fairytales and Reia sank deeper and deeper into the depths of wonder and imagining.

Escapism is why this girl is so in love with magic and myth. She is a slim girl. A thin ribbon that ripples with the wind and dances with the tide. As a child she starved herself. She made herself unwell until the kelpie instinct, feral and unconscious, reared up and kept her alive in a frenzied binge of blood and meat and bone. Sara has seen the savagery of the kelpie nature. She knows first hand the desire to hunt and each time she captures prey and eats of its meat she feels her teeth ripping into her soul. She feels how her soul bleeds. It is not uncommon to find her weeping, utterly distressed, totally broken by her feasting upon meat. This kelpie girl strives not to eat meat but to be something better, kinder, than what she is.

She loves. She loves too much, some might say. Sereia has been in love with the land since before she can remember. And each time she is on land she falls ever more in love with it and those lucky enough to live there.

Sereia is fragile in the way of a dying flower always yearning for the light - fragile and yet choked beneath a weed of her own making. She resists her animal nature. She is the soft edges of two pieces that do not fit together. She will always be searching until she finds peace and acceptance within herself.

The most beautiful part of Reia is the part of herself she strives her hardest to flee from. In truth, she is perfectly one and whole and as she should be but the travesty is that she cannot see it... might never see it.

She is that ache in your breast when you see the pale beauty of a swan. Sara is the grace of its subtle curves, the elegance of its flight, the serenity of its drifting. And Reia is the feral hiss that slithers from its beak, the sudden lunge of its long, slim neck, the savage beating of its wings as it attacks. She is the dance of the swan, savage and elegant, beautiful and terrifying. Sereia longs to dance and thinks she knows not how. Though it is in her soul, in the places where self-hate has had her biting and ripping her swan feathers from. She dances within the sea where her sisters call her Reia, she dances upon the land where she makes them call her Sara. She cannot see how those dances are the same, how in her being she is Sereia: one song, one story, one whole and wild creature. A rose with beauty and with thorns, wilting because of her own curse.

Positive: Loving | Generous | Playful | Empathetic | Ethereal | Loyal | Friendly | Caring | Hopeful
Negative: Stubborn | Obsessive | Introverted | Diffident | Feral | Violent | Dissonant

Sereia is the fifth princess of Minn.

And that might have been all you needed to know in a fairytale where princesses are saved because of their beauty alone.

Sereia is beautiful. She is beautiful in an aching and fragile way. Like flowers wilting beneath the summer sun, parched of water.

Quite when Sereia exactly stopped trying to eat meat is unclear. But ask all the sisters of Minn and they are likely to tell you that she has been this way since they could first remember. They might say she loves too much, too desperately for the creatures they eat. The creatures they need to eat in order to survive. There is a circle of life - is there not?

But that does not stop Sereia’s heart from breaking when she eats meat - when she takes a life to nourish her own. She began to stop eating meat when she was far too young. At first she refused to hunt when they pointed out a young seal pup for her to catch. Then she refused meat when they brought it to her. Over and over they brought her meat and again and again she refused. Sereia grew slim and weak, but her will was strong. In their love her family shouted at her to eat. They berated her, the ignored her, they despaired for her, they reasoned with her. They tried everything and yet, nothing would work, nothing would inspire the child to eat until she was so weak and starved that instinct rose fierce and feral and desperate for life. Her kelpie nature would binge, savage and possessive. She would gorge, ravenous and wild upon the beaches, within the sea and after, after she would weep from guilt and refuse to eat meat again. For nothing good ever came of it.

So she was a fragile child, too thin - too often ill. She trailed her older sister who always carried books and made her tell her another fairytale or myth about the land and the horses who lived there - who did not need to eat meat. They were soft and sweet and able to walk through the woods without their bodies growing dry and aching for the warm of the salt-water seas. She dreamt, like all children do, of princes and kings and gods. She yearned for magic spells that turn kelpie girls into land girls, of land princes who might dare to fall in love with a kelpie princess.

Sereia grew and as she did so did her self-loathing and dreams. Her dreams of finding a prince faded as they do for most children. Only Salome’s fate held a prince within it, though the rest of her sisters were princesses, they were likely not going to secure themselves a prince. And Sereia was content with that. But whilst that dream withered, her desire for the land only swelled, filling the space her childish dreams left. Now she yearns to become a land horse - to never have to eat meat.

She will find a sorcerer, one with magic enough to turn her into a land horse. Ah how she longs for that. But Jana might warn her of the princesses who wish to big and fall to curses. But Sereia will hear nothing of that. Not when her heart is too full of love for the land.

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