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"There is no happiness for the soul in the external worlds since these are perishable, true happiness lies in that which is eternal, within us."

-- -- --
Standing a towering eighteen hands, Anubis is all muscle-- clearly from not sitting still for too long. Always one to keep busy, it’s easy to see that despite the risks he takes, he does remain healthy. Though, for the most part, there is no telling as to how his insides look from all the illnesses and diseases he has contracted in order to stay in communication with the underworld and it’s spirits.

Raven colored fur covers his body with purple undertones, absolutely no white save for a star in the shape of an Egyptian Ankh hides underneath curly locks on his forehead. Hard, strong hooves in the color of gold are attached to even stronger and muscular legs. Mane and tail are long and nearly drag the ground (his tail most certainly does drag behind him!). A single braid from his mane is adorned with blue and gold-- the favorite colors of Egypt’s greatest Pharaohs.

Gold spectics in his coat indicate that he is anything but ordinary and he is an absolutely beautiful specimen as a Friesian Stallion.

Wings appear to be those of a raven; feathery and light in black, gold and blue.

He suffers from Moon Blindness and as a result his eyes are white.

"There is neither water nor air here, its depth is unfathomable, it is as dark as the darkest night, and men wander about here helplessly"

-- -- --
Extremely intelligent, it’s no surprise that Anubis has the reputation that he does. While not like any of the other of his kind, he can be quite judgemental of his peers and those that think they know better of the world than he does. That is, of course, not to say that he doesn’t have a good heart-- he does. One of gold and it’s for that reason as to why he’s done the things he has in his short life. This stallion, however, does not tolerate a lot-- especially of foolishness where one might get themselves hurt or others and worse. If anyone is doing that at any given time, that’s him.

Glancing at him even without speaking to him first one will quickly notice that there are some things really off-kilter about the Friesian. He has a tendency to talk to himself though there is some debate as to whether that is what he is really doing or if he is in fact, still in contact with long-dead spirits. He has absolutely no problem pointing out other's flaws-- remember, he is a judge. Very quick to get a read on anyone that he may be speaking with or in the vicinity of, if he doesn’t like you, he has no qualms whatsoever of turning his back to you or most often, just walking away without a word.

Because of his chosen path in life, it’s no real surprise that he sort of prefers the silence of being alone it is another side effect of his underworldly adventures. Anubis prefers the company of the dead over the warmth of the living. The stallion has never been in love and while it isn’t impossible, it would have to be someone that could handle his creepy demeanor and deal with the fact that he is, unfortunately blind.

Anubis does have a sense of being better than anyone else and isn’t afraid of letting it be known. Arrogant, hot-tempered and sometimes very easy to anger when something is not going exactly the way he wants it to. There are also a lot of moments where he’ll use sarcasm in order to hide how he truly feels. It’s a way of deflecting things off of him and onto other more interesting subjects.

Though, what can be more interesting than an Ilati?

Overall, he likes to think of himself as a gentle soul, though there is always going to be that part of him that wants nothing more than to enter the spirit world once again as that was where he believed himself to be at home.

"Never forget, the words are not the reality, only reality is reality; picture symbols are the idea, words are confusion."

-- -- --
Born on a cold winter’s night some would mark Anubis’s birth as an omen. One that no one would have ever seen come to fruition so fast. The colt was lively, curious and always wanting to learn. Even when there were sudden dangers, the kind that his mother, Bastet would do all that she could to protect him. His father, Ra didn’t approve of his son’s antics and would do as he could in order to teach him to be the best that he could. It worked, as when he got older he was less rebellious and much more sure and confident of himself and the fact that he was the son of Ra. It made his mother proud, and the stallion knew that was exactly what he’d been born for.

As he got older and matured, however, he would find that he had another calling.

In the work of being one of the Ilati. A very spiritual shaman, Anubis would learn the fine art of being able to go between worlds. In this case, between the living and the dead. It allows him to speak with the long-dead and learning things that he likely never would have in any other way. For his work, though, it’s not simple and because he does not have magic as of yet, he has found other ways to get himself to the other side.

By contracting deadly diseases and crossing over.

Which, at the last moment, he would have a trusted healer be able to bring him back just in time. Anubis realizes the risk involved and he really doesn’t give a damn. He feels rather at home in the underworld.

Unfortunately, though, one too many trips has changed him and not for the better. He is clearly not all there, has odd mannerisms that would cause others to think that there is something terribly wrong with him. Anubis also speaks to himself, which is concerning but honestly, it doesn’t bother him.

He knows that he is one of the well-known spirit communicators and he wears that reputation with pride.

Now, though, he is not practicing his methods of spiritual communication after a harrowing encounter where he almost didn’t come back. Had it not been for another healer getting to him on the brink of time, he’d be one of the spirits by now. The stallion does, however, intend on getting back on top in his field with the use of magic. However, he knows that sort of thing is going to take time-- but he is fully ready to come back strong as ever!

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Has an Egyptian Mau by the name of "Bastet" that is bonded to him telepathically and magically. She has vibrate green eyes and is his constant companion-- even helping him since he can't see.

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