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There is nothing extraordinary about Sarkan (particularly in such a world as this, with its magic and mutations) save for his size. At eighteen hands, each inch filled out with Percheron muscle, he knows he cuts an imposing figure. Add to that the well-worn map of scars and occasional burns he wears and most strangers studiously avoid his gaze as he passes through towns and taverns.

When they do dare a glance (or the bolder among them stare outright), perhaps they are surprised by how otherwise unremarkable he is. His eyes are dark blue, his coat a richly dappled gray, and his mane and tail (when he does not keep the former shorn pragmatically short) are cloud-fluff white. This is almost enough to make give him a boyish appearance, if you forget everything else about him.

Sarkan considers himself a simple man, unburdened with complex questions of morality. He does his job, he does it well, and he collects the payment he is owed.

That said job often comes at the expense of another creature’s life - well, perhaps it is unfortunate, but it’s hardly unheard of. If the procuring of magical biomatter was such a terrible thing, would there be a market for it? And anyway, how many lives are improved - or even saved - through use of said materials? So it could be said, in a way, that Sarkan is saving children.

Most of the time, he doesn’t bother thinking on it. And he’s hardly stupid; he doesn’t go boasting about his kills. Far wiser, he knows, to go unremarked - though his easy confidence occasionally draws testosterone-laden ire from others. Usually a smile and a nudge toward the door is enough to encourage a would-be challenger to rethink himself. Sarkan doesn’t drink, almost always keeps a cool head, and doesn’t feel the need to prove anything to anyone. If pressed about what he does (he has never yet been caught) he has no problem lying. It makes things so much easier.

When he is working, he is calculated, patient, and too smart to be fearless. He has no magic, after all, and his quarry is almost always dangerous in some way or another. If he were a careless fool, he wouldn’t have made it as long as he has.

Patient - Hardworking - Pragmatic - Capable - Intelligent - Confident

Shameless - Deceitful - Violent - Amoral

Sarkan was born several seas removed from Novus, the son of a woodcutter and the fourth of seven children.

It was a sturdy life, if not the kind songs were sung about. There was more work than money (and more mouths than money, too), and they lived at the very border of a wild wood that a thousand axes couldn’t make a dent in. Sarkan and his siblings knew better than to venture far into it, least of all alone - if you went much beyond sight of the curling woodsmoke of their cabin, the beasts of the wood might find you. Not the wolves, or the forest-lions, or the owls, who had easier prey than sturdy Percherons, but magical creatures who didn’t need to want to eat you to kill you.
,br> One day, when Sarkan was around two, a stranger walked into the yard where he was splitting logs. He was not from the village nearby, or the town beyond that; he said his name was Montague, and that he was looking for a guide into the forest.

Sarkan sent one of his brothers to go find their father. He stayed to listen to the stallions speak, his curiosity sharp as a whetted ax. The stranger was there on contract, he said, to bring back a powerful antidote for a poisoned princess, and needed someone to lead him to the heart of the wood. He looked at Sarkan as he said it.

So they went, off beneath the tangled trees, and Sarkan discovered that the source of this antidote was the liver of a magical white boar. He helped Montague find the cave, and watched as he set the traps, and caught the beast, and fought it, and skinned it, and extracted its liver with the help of an enchanted knife. It was all very fascinating to a boy who had only split the skin of trees, and spilled sap. And then, a couple days later, they emerged from the wood.

His father was indifferent, having dealt many times with the creatures himself, but his mother was horrified. She couldn’t believe her son had stooped so low - farming himself out to a poacher, and in the forest they called home. “Poaching,” said Montague, “is such an ugly word for something that takes no small measure of skill and knowledge. I prefer to consider it collection of invaluable goods.” In the end, Sarkan’s mother agreed - after he gave them a season’s worth of pay for the work of a weekend.

When the stranger took leave of them, it was not much of a surprise for either party that Sarkan went with him. And so began his new apprenticeship: as a tracker, a hunter, a setter of snares. A collector of invaluable goods.

He took well to the work, learning his trade with eagerness and care - how best to extract the necessary parts, how best to dispose of the body so as not to concern passers-by, how best to handle his prey so as not to keep adding to the collection of scars and burns he soon found himself with. These and more skills he learned from Montague, and the years and the days passed by, until at last the older stallion retired to his riches and gave to Sarkan his own enchanted hunting knife.

Between the kingdoms and territories he passed, moving on when either the pay or quarry ran out or the patrols became too thick. Not long ago, as he spent time between jobs in a bar a few blocks from the dock, he overheard sailors exclaiming about a new island full of mystical, dangerous beasts. To Sarknan that meant valuable. And so he came to Novus.

Active & Parvus Magic

Passive Magic


Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Outfit: A simply cut cloak, mottled with greens and grays and browns that seems to shift with light and shadow. It has been enchanted to repel the effects of magical attacks and compulsions. (Pending approval)

Weapon: A hunting knife with a handle of dark wood and a blade of bright silver, kept in a leather sheath. It has been enchanted to cut through any organic material. (Pending approval).

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