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Nachzehrer looks a lot like a horse, but he also looks a lot like a djinn that has lost his vassal. As such, the vagabond prefers to dress down on most occasions carrying with him - at most - copper bracers on his upper forelimbs and lower hind limbs, as well as a single, multi thread chain necklace made out of the same copper.

Nachzehrer is as tall as he is lean, wraith like and rail thin, and somewhat ominous looking. His coat is a deep obsidian black, and is as reflective and polished as hematite. In rare lighting conditions, it appears as navy blue, sometimes shimmering deep coppery tones. His skin is brilliantly decorated and the scarification tattoos that spread across his forehead, across his chest, and the bright blue slash across his throat, make the traveller that much more fancy looking. In truth, they are all markers of a deeper, and possibly darker past.

His tail is full and usually kept braided to be kept off of the ground and is hardly ever undone. If it is, it falls in long black cascading waves to the ground. He keeps it plaited to reduce getting it too dirty. By appearance, Nachzehrer presents himself as neat and orderly but occasionally he will be decorated in bright colorful powders that are applied to his face, neck, and chest. He oftentimes will decorate with fresh wreaths of flowers, rudraksha beads, and even perfumed oils made from the rosin of incense.

He has a bald neck, no hair grows. Instead, a thick and rather viscous smoke emanates from the bare crest as if it were a mane made of carbon and air. It billows, swirls, and puffs like smoke but is unable to be smelled, tasted, heard, only seen and sometimes felt (like a breeze). It is cool and silky to the touch, and it is benign without any further attributes.

It is directly rooted to the psyche of Nachzehrer, the fullness/thinness of it is subjected to his thoughts, feelings, or even situational moments. If he holds his breath, the smoke will stop billowing and dither out. If he is breathing erratically, it will lap and wave like a wild fire. This is purely aesthetic.

He has three eyes, two of them are where they belong naturally, and the third rests vertically (up and down, not side to side), and remains closed due to the fact that it is not meant for looking, only Seeing, a power recently lost once upon Novus shores. They burn a bright and patina green (as does the third eye). Three bands of copper plated scars stretch across the third eye.

Nachzehrer possesses sacred scarifications plated in a colloidal copper metal. On the right side of his neck, closer towards his shoulder, he has a detailed scarring of a three headed lion with the tail of a striking king cobra. Nachzehrer recognizes it as one of his past incarnations, one that sleeps deep within him still. He believes to this day, that it is still capable of being awakened.

The only other copper embellishments to his appearance are the thick flat cuffs that wrap around the upper and lower forelimbs of his body that upon closer inspection, are engraved with Sanskrit prayer, blessing, enchantments that - in another life - bound him to his equine form. The back legs each have a singular, thinner cuffs around each leg and are without engravings. The tail has sprays of copper in the braids used to keep the boundless heaps of black hair in order.

*** Lastly, though few know this particular feature about Nachzehrer, is that he bleeds copper blood. It is a mutation over the years of misusing all manner of occult material. This is possibly what gives the occasional coppery shimmer through the more translucent areas of his coat.

Overall, Nachzehrer can be described as a kind and caring man who is both young and old. Auspicious. Wise yet always learning something new. Libraries cannot hold his interests, books are a bit of a bore, and if he is to learn it - he would much rather experience it instead. Nachzehrer speaks with a voice that is accented with worldliness, of infinite knowledge (although he will never claim to know everything). If he speaks on the topics of magic or other divine workings, he will always speak of it all as being wild and feral and ever-changing. He will only ever encourage a magic user to explore their abilities in an attempt to unlock something uncontrollable and strange within them. He can be considered a disrupter of peace and tranquility, a bringer of chaos, a harbinger of change. Yet never categorized as anything directly dark, dangerous, or disastrous. Vitriol is not something that can be found in his blood - and that is what makes his intentions quite confusing.

Nothing lasts. Despite being a very mellow kind of a guy, he is quite wary of his surroundings and demonstrates an underlying paranoia that it will all disappear within the blink of an eye. Perhaps it is all of his travels that have left him wary of anything seemingly stable. If it is too good to be true, it probably is. The trauma of his past is not only reflected in his eyes, but in the overall disposition of Nachzehrer which is malnourished, and tired, all the time.

His mind is over-expanded, to the point that he might seem dismissive of problems that are not as small as he makes them seem. This is due to being through too much, over exposure, and the multitude of life experiences that he has both lived and suffered through on repeat.

When he isn't being a handsome gentleman who thinks about others before he thinks of himself. He can be a bit of a deviant if guided by the right hand. He tends to spend most of his time in solitude, and in meditation. The reasons are quite simple, due to the fact that Nachzehrer is traditionally more of a monster than the man he has become. He has nihilistic tendencies, and can fall back onto old habits that involve draining those near him of their vitality by whatever means necessary.

There are two sides to every coin, for every positive there is a negative. For every pure thought there is something corrupt. The wrongness within Nachzehrer is almost impossible to pinpoint. He can be quite clandestine about his intentions. He hungers for all the things that he has not yet tasted. Underneath all of the incense smoke and prayer, lies a monster so profound and disturbing that it makes his namesake a worthy and befitting title.

Every powerful deity has their manifestations which are experienced throughout their lifetime(s). Good, bad, terrible, they all present themselves when they are necessary. Time has no plan for those who are the fearless crusaders that travel it, Nachzehrer is one of them. In the beginning he was a young boy, cared for and looked after by a hierarchy of men. Women meant nothing to him growing up; they were currency, traded goods, carriers of the future, and their lives were small and insignificant. They were animals that were meant to be kept the way a farmer keeps his hens. Used when needed, slaughtered or traded out when obsolete. At first Nachzehrer followed in the footsteps laid out for him, and travelled the pathway of his forefathers without questions. He was very successful, but at what cost? Highly intelligent and ever-so curious, the desert could not keep him after he had achieved all that he had been taught.

He found that his life was too small and without much meaning. Keeping a small empire and following the same rinse-and-repeat routines day after day worked for many of his brothers, but it did not work for him. Over time, he learned that he did not prefer to keep women the way he was taught to. Once, wild travelling with his harem to collect water, he encountered a desert sage that once told him ‘A man in this world without learning, is as a beast of the field.

Like a spell, Nachzehrer’s third eye opened as it recognized the sage as a divine spirit. It was as if the wise old man was speaking to the quieter parts of the young sheikh's soul, parts that had been sleeping long since before Time.

It was an immediate uprising of his spirit, Nachzehrer realized then that his scope on life was too narrow, too fulfilled as it was, and he knew he had been asking for a sign all along. It was then, he spent three days with his wives and gave each of them pieces of him. He could not apologize for a life that had already been lived, but he could promise them a better one. He lead them for days and days on a journey that would take them somewhere where they could all be free. Each one of his wives (and there were four) received a part of that which would no longer be his; gold, riches, the credentials needed to survive on their own. Without much else, the black stallion left to go deeper into the desert on his own, driven by divinity.

He would spend three more mortal years travelling everywhere, being anything (being everything). A king and a monster, a god and a devil, a part of shadow, of light, and finally a relic of pure chaos, but because Time and Magic are lawless, it would be several lifetimes lived within those three years before he would return to begin a new life again. That time is now where he has found Novus, and lives within the wilds of both Night and Dusk as a wanderer, a vagabond.

Active & Parvus Magic

Passive Magic

Nachzehrer's passive magic is a residual effect of an active magic now turned passive. At one point his bald crest emitted toxic black smoke that he could use to intoxicate or poison unsuspecting victims with. Now within the borders of Novus, the magic has become passive, and the end result is a harmless black smoke that can do no more than tickle a sneeze out of anyone close enough to inhale the smoke.

It is attached to his psyche, meaning the smoke can flare up or choke out due to psychological, emotional, situational, or even metaphysical (it tends to disappear around water-based magics, and grow large around fire or air based magics). It is a non-toxic vapor, tasteless, odorless, scentless, and can be considered relatively colorless despite the fact that the smoke is black.

Bonded & Pets

Eventually he will find his bonded in the sands of Solterra, a king cobra snake that is pure copper and gold. It will spit a blinding venom and contain the same venomous properties as a cobra snake would possess in nature. It's name is Vasuki, and tends to remain coiled over Nach's shoulders.

Vasuki is usually dormant and unresponsive unless Nachzehrer wishes for it to be awake. It is an auspicious creature, benevolent to its bonded and requires summoning if it is to be alert. Vasuki has the personality of a sleeping lion, it has the tendency to become very hostile and aggressive when provoked but prefers to be quite lazy and sleep the day away!

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Just normal decorations, four copper cuffs engraved with an ancient language bar his front legs, two more wrap around his back legs. He carries a wooden beaded prayer necklace that has a long slender brass stake on it. The stake is engraved with with markings of unknown origins and he wears it around his neck from time to time. Sometimes not at all. Nothing emanates with energy or aura. They are only meaningful to him, for what they have represented in the past and for what powers they once held over him.

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His mutation is that his blood is liquid copper.

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