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take you in the sun to promise land

Harmonia and Olympia will surely grow to be beautiful women who carry themselves with elegance and grace. The girls are a fair, blush toned roan on the majority of their coat; from their jawlines to their knees and their hocks. Here the roaning stops, giving way to the rose hued hair beneath. Their hooves are a pale, natural peach and I daresay they will favor their mother’s build when they are grown—dignified and powerful, with a finely arched neck and deep chest. Their ears, however, come distinctly from their father as they stretch toward the sky. The scent of pomegranates and roses trails them wherever they go.

You are waiting for me to mention their condition, yes? Harmonia and Olympia are conjoined twins, attached at the chest. They share a single body but the girls themselves are quite distinct. Harmonia has clear blue eyes, like an early morning sky or slightly tinted glass. She bears a white mark upon her forehead, and her mane and tail are rich chestnut in color. Olympia's eyes, on the other hand, are lightest gold such as honey or the reflection of the sun. She has a white mark much like her sister's but upon her nose, and her mane and tail are a lighter auburn. Almost sun-kissed. It is their differences that make them stand out even more.

- Dr. Marose's initial physical assessment of Harmonia and Olympia

show you everyone

They call themselves Ia.

It is clear to me that Olympia is the leader of the two. She is brazen, bright and incredibly outgoing. Even as a girl she was eager to make companions of strangers, always surrounding herself with other equines. The older she gets, the more I wonder if Olympia isn't trying to fill a place left inside her by the absence of their mother. She is almost unapologetic in her familiarity of others, her intimacy.

She struggles with pride—it's in the shine of her eyes and the way she carries her head. Other than her sister, Olympia believes herself akin to a goddess and others as mere mortals and playthings. The older the girls become, the more evident the separation in their sensuality. Olympia is beguiling, if not outright provocative, even in our conversations. It's difficult to imagine how anyone can resist her charms, paired with a flutter of those golden lashes.

Harmonia, on the other hand, is a much quieter soul than her sister. She is demure, almost modest, though she is most certainly aware of her beauty. It makes me wonder, is it all a ruse? Especially considering Harmonia goes along with her sister's antics as she always has. This has exposed her to many kinds of equines and situations that she might otherwise not have been, were she her own. She has always been talented, ever since she was a girl.

Blessed with an angelic voice, and their combined beauty and charm, they make quite the entertainers I'm sure. Ah, but one place where Harmonia most certainly differs from her sister is in her gentleness, her affection. She appears soft as the blue of her eyes, quiet and dignified and kind. This is perhaps what lures others in. Or perhaps it is what makes them stay, after they have already been drawn in.

- An excerpt on traits and behavior from the files of Dr. Marose

it's the time for the season of loving

Their father, Aias, tells me they were born on a warm summer night. He says fireflies danced over the ground and stars danced across the sky, but there was a storm brewing on the horizon. He describes it as having loomed, as though it was waiting, as though it was a predator.

The girls were born after a long and difficult labor. But born they were. An anomaly, some will say. Others may call it a blessing. Whatever the word for the sisters who would come to be known as Harmonia and Olympia separately and as Ia together, one thing was certain: that night changed many lives forever.

The labor was difficult, as said. Their mother: young, beautiful Iole, was rushed to a medic's room almost immediately after the birth. The first time the girl's stood, the storm broke—at least, that is what I've been told.

Iole lived long enough to see her daughters, to look into their eyes and give them their names. It is the last thing she did for them. She passed, shortly thereafter. I think this is when it all began. It was after this moment that I started to see them.

They were young, of course, but loss deeply affects even the most innocent of spirits. No surrogate can ever replace the woman who named them, who saw who they were and who they would become and crowned them so. Perhaps… it is their names that shaped them? It's difficult to say.

Harmonia and Olympia grew strong and healthy, and surprisingly unostracized by other foals their age. The children seemed rather fascinated by them. Olympia enjoyed it greatly, basked in the attention even. Harmonia seemed to care less for it, or rather seemed to revel in it less so.

Harmonia discovered her talent early. A little songbird, that one, and together the girls dance. They always seemed to know just the way to get what they desired, but not quite in the way of children with pleading looks and charming innocence.

They never speak against each other, even in sessions which the other cannot hear (a practice I have never needed attempt, until these sisters walked through my door). Their loyalty is either so great, or I suspect, strangely, that perhaps they can sense what the other is saying even without hearing. Is it twin insight, or is it something less phenomenal? Simply, perhaps, the vibrations of their voices?

When you have lived your whole life as a part of a pair, surely you must develop some special senses. That, however, is not a science I can test nor fully comprehend.

They rarely talk of their mother, though if from not knowing her or not desiring to it is difficult to ascertain. What little they talk of their father they seem fond of him, and the occasions I have spoken with Aias it is clear to me there is nothing in the world he loves more than his girls.

I do believe that he has overcompensated for their loss, and that this attributes to the way that Harmonia and Olympia view the world. While Aias has only ever wanted the best for them, I have long advised him to take a stricter approach with their parenting. I fear, however, that the damage has been done and they will always want for everything and nothing all at once.

I continued to see them, all through their childhood and into adolescence. To be truthful, even to this day, I cannot say whether it is I who was studying them or they who were studying me.

Harmonia and Olympia will always be one of the greatest mysteries of my career, simply because I do not feel I know them any better now than I did the first day I met them. They are an enigma, and even as I write this I confess that I think much of my time with them was unprosperous.

I watched them evolve from young girls who had just lost their mother and were learning how to see the world for the first time, into strong women who act as though they're able to conquer that same world with a coy smile. Still, I wonder how much any of what I know of them is true.

- As dictated by Dr. Marose, a history of Harmonia and Olympia's case

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