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At first glance, one would easily see the similarities between Maeve and her mother, Morrighan. Her coat is a grullo paint color, although her patches of white are much smaller and more sparse in comparison. Unlike either of her mothers, she has a flaxen mane and tail. The white markings at her throat and along her neck and hindquarters are more like stripes. She also has a blaze marking on her face and white surrounding her left ear. Her legs have alternating patterns of dark brown and white patches. This makes her hooves have alternating colors as well. Lastly, she has white spots on various places of her body.

Matching the fire that Morrighan so famously wields (and eventually Maeve herself), Maeve's eyes are bright orange. She has various small accessories that are almost similar to those on her other mother, Al'Zahra. She has a necklace, a chain on her back left leg, a nose piercing and several ear piercings.

As for Maeve's build as a child, it's a bit disproportionate. Her head is slightly too big for her body, as are her ears, and she's about as skinny as a twig. As she gets older, she'll grow into everything and end up standing a bit taller than Morrighan at around 15 hands.

Adventurous • Curious • Compassionate • Forgiving • Trusting • Self-sufficient
Anxious • Indecisive • Self-critical • Gullible • Clumsy • Easily discouraged

On the surface, Maeve is a typical child. She's naturally curious and always up for an adventure. She sometimes won't have a filter, but it's not meant to insult, more to question and understand. Although she's more soft spoken, she still enjoys exploring the world past the mountains. Usually any time she makes it out of Denocte, it's against her mother, Morrighan's, wishes and/or might be from her other mother, Al'Zahra's, influence. Her mothers don't always agree on how to raise their daughter, but Maeve doesn't mind. The world of Novus is a large and fascinating place and she wants to learn as much as she can.

However, she's a bit of an oddball considering her parents. She is far too awkward to dance or be flirtatious. While she'll sometimes get frustrated, it's not nearly as volatile as Morrighan's anger. In fact, for much of her childhood, she will be afraid of fire. It's not so much the element itself, but what it means. She sees how quickly Morrighan gets angry and how destructive she can be with it. The last thing she wants is to be like her mother in this way, so being near fire or the idea of being able to wield it scares her. She doesn't want to be tempted with that kind of power so she avoids it as much as she can so there's no risk in harming others. Unfortunately for her, she'll end up inheriting her mother's fire ability as she gets older. Eventually she will learn to use it in a way to heal others rather than hurt them.

It will take her some time to learn who's truly trustworthy, but Maeve tries to see the good in others. For this reason, it makes her more gullible and too trusting. Morrighan knows this, which is why she tends to be so overprotective. A lot of times it comes across as her mother not giving others a chance, but it may get Maeve in trouble if she's not careful.

For now, Maeve is mostly trying to figure out her place in the world. Many look at her differently being the daughter of an intimidating Regent and it quite honestly intimidates her. She knows her mother cares for her, but not only is Morrighan highly protective of her, she tends to hold high expectations. It's likely from growing up in a war-driven society, but she will not expect her daughter to want to become a healer. Maeve more than anything wants to make her family proud, so she will struggle with this and wanting to impress others. All this makes her question herself a lot and her own abilities. She'll become easily discouraged if things don't go "right" or if Morrighan isn't happy with her. When this happens, she'll tend to lean to her other mother since she isn't so harsh, but it's tough since she doesn't live in Denocte with them. Perhaps she'll never understand why.

Daughter of Morrighan, Regent of the Night Court, & Al'Zahra, Vagabond

Active & Parvus Magic

The power to manipulate fire and use it for healing purposes

Tier 1: Discipuli - In the earliest stages of her magic, she's only just realized that she has an ability to conjure fire. At first, she will try to avoid using any ounce of her magic out of fear that she'll become like her mom, Morrighan. However, the longer she tries to push it away, the harder it is to control when her emotions run high. If she's overly anxious, frustrated, etc, a small flame will appear out of thin air for a few seconds before fading into embers. She will eventually start to accept her "fate" and later realize that being near fire has healing effects for her. If she has any minor cuts or scrapes, bringing them near an already existing flame will actually make them heal much quicker. This starts to make her realize that she has the ability to use fire in a different way than her mother.

Tier 2: Vexillum - Now that she has started to embrace fire as a part of her, she is starting to work more towards controlling it at this stage. She is able to conjure a small flame for a few minutes (with or without kindling). If she's holding it simply with her mind, she'll soon grow tired and will need to stop. Although, it's a lot easier for her to hold a small bit of fire in the air if she borrows from an already existing flame. She's also able to more easily heal her own physical wounds by holding them near fire, although deep wounds are much harder to work with. She can slowly start trying to heal others by bringing fire to their wounds, although this quickly takes more energy out of her so she can't do it for long. Finally, she is beginning to develop a heightened sense where she can tell what someone's energy level is. In a practice similar to reiki, she will eventually be able to heal someone not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well by clearing their energy flow (or chakras). For now, she will only sense that they could use this type of healing and might simply talk to them to see if she can try to cheer them up.

Tier 3: Periti - Maeve has almost mastered her unique healing abilities at this point. She's now gained full control of fire manipulation. If she wanted to, she could create a large flame with her mind or borrow a lot from a large bonfire, but she refuses. Instead, she sticks to only working with as little fire as she can to prevent any danger. At this stage, her fire healing abilities are much more effective on others. She is more clearly able to sense when someone's energy is blocked or if they're wounded. In order for her healing to work, she must be standing in front of them and then controls a flame so that it hovers over their body, primarily where any pain points or clogged energy points are. She does this until she can tell that their energy is back to normal flow, or until she grows too tired, since she hasn't fully mastered this technique yet. At the very least, she's able to heal physical wounds on herself and others more quickly using her fire magic. She has to be careful and make sure her own energy flow is strong and clear or else her healing abilities won't work. As much as she prefers to heal others before herself, it's imperative that she practices her own self-care.

Tier 4: Dominus - At last, Maeve has mastered her magic and techniques at this final level. She considers herself a full-fledged fire healer now and can heal any sort of wound (including clogged chakras, or energy flow). She can borrow from or conjure up any size flame if she wants to, but she still prefers to use only what she needs. She is able to perform her fire healing for long periods of time without tiring and any wounds she has will heal within seconds of being near fire.

Parvus Magic: Maeve's eyes will glow and flicker like fire as she concentrates on her magic (or when she's in a very emotional state).

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

Rory: Maeve's bonded is a juvenile Cooper's Hawk who will be about 15 inches in length once full grown. He has brown wings with the rest of his body being white with brown speckles. Once he's an adult, his coloring will change to a grayish brown head and wings with more of an orange speckled pattern on his chest. He is not very sociable and won't spend too much time closely with Maeve, preferring to go off hunting on his own or keeping an eye on her from above. If she's ever in danger though, he will do everything he can to defend her. Often times, he will act as her "eyes" and help her find her way if she gets lost while exploring.

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Maeve has very dainty accessories. Around her neck is an orange chain with a diamond shaped pendant at the end. Wrapped around her left back leg is a similar chain but with orange rings hanging down. Then she has a nose ring piercing and several small ear piercings on both ears.

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