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There isn’t much to him, yet.

He’s still nothing more than a boy - a little awkward, narrow in the shoulders, not yet grown into his fifteen hands. His sister used to joke that even as a foal he was pure white, but spent so much time on the shoreline that he began to resemble it, splashed with blue and gray and smokey cream. Now he looks like the beach on a foggy day, mist over his body and his eyes dark blue.

But those cloud-soft looks are deceiving. There is a mischievous shine in his eyes and the curve of his smile can turn sharp as a fishhook when nobody’s looking.

His is a name made for whispering. That’s how he hears it most often, when his clients come looking for him in the sea caves with the moon just a sliver over the water. But in his imagination it’s always a shout - sung out loud and raucous for a hero, for a king.

He knows he has a long way to go. Coming from nothing, just another poor commoner on the outskirts of the court, navigating the sea-caves since he was first old enough to brave the water and the dark. All he’s rich in is confidence (the foolish confidence of any boy with nothing but dreams and the time to realize them) and the knowledge of the tides and the weather and each species that makes the coast its home.

But he’s using that knowledge (with a little help from Benvolio, his bat companion). He’s turning it to profit, guiding the smugglers to caves where they’ll never be discovered, hiding anyone who’s willing to pay not to be found.

One day (if he isn’t caught before then) he’ll have enough to leave the barren sea-cliffs and make something of himself.

dishonest - secretive - dismissive of authority - prone to daydreaming
clever - ambitious - hardworking - curious - adaptable - self-confident

It began with a threat, as so much in his young life seems already to do.

“You, boy - you ain’t seen nothing, hear?” The speaker was a grizzled stallion missing an ear and wearing the kind of look that said he’d be happy to make it so that Caspian matched. Naturally the colt - only about a year old, then - nodded in compliance, although he had seen. Enough to know the man and his companion were trying to hide something they ought not have, and enough to know that they’d soon lose it, given the spot they’d picked.

Anyone else might have walked away and left it at that, but Caspian was already an opportunistic sort (as he had to be, to survive) and besides, if whatever was in that crate went missing, who would they blame but him? “But sir,” he began, eliciting a scoff that sounded more like a mastiff’s cough. Unperturbed he continued, explaining that due to the full moon, the tide would be higher than usual when it came in, and their hiding place would be as good as Atlantis by midnight. At first they were incredulous, then angry (a reaction he soon found to be frightfully common whenever he tried explaining things to adults), but by the time he began pointing out the high-water marks and places where seaweed and dried-out starfish clung they softened to surprised acceptance. After that, it was simple enough to recommend another place, a little ways back in a shallow cave - he could show them, for a coin or two -

And so started his career.

It wasn’t a difficult thing for Caspian to turn criminal. He had no moral guidance, born half-feral in the winter after the great floods, when the ground caved in and many drowned or were washed away and all the common folk trembled for fear of the gods. He grew up with his sister and mother (their father had vanished to the capitol to ‘earn a living,’ though Caspian never heard whether he’d been successful, as there never returned man or money) on a windswept meadow overlooking the sea. The waves were his constant companion, and the gulls, and eventually a little brown bat he called Benvolio after a sidekick in a play.

So he grew up half-wild, always daydreaming of better things, whether wings to explore with or great riches to command with. And now, though the smugglers still make their threats, more are beginning to seek him out by name…

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Benvolio is a little brown bat with dark shaggy fur. As the name suggests he’s tiny, with a body only a few inches long and wingspan under a foot. Shy and quiet, Benvolio prefers to keep out of sight, and tries to temper Caspian’s more outrageous ideas. He helps his bonded navigate the myriad sea caves around their home.

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