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( BUILD ) Marwari x Thoroughbred
( COAT ) Black and silver with blue shades thrown in
( EYES ) bright green
( HAIR ) sea green to moss green gradient
Naida's skin is charcoal black in color, and once, her coat was once the ebony sheen of an oil slick. Over time she has begun to have a silvery color begin to form along her neck all the way to her stomach and inside of her legs. She still has a bit of an 'oil' sheen to the black coloring of her coat, with varying blues and greens that show up more easily under the sunlight.

Naida has a strong sport horse build; her bloodline a mixture of Thoroughbred and Marwari to swim and battle amongst the raging sea. However, unlike her brothers, she inherited her mother's delicate, feminine looks; her hot-blooded side manifesting in refined, dished features from another world entirely. Like all Sea folk of her kingdom, Naida also has a partial leonine tail, ending with a large tuff of hair the colors of sea green and moss green gradient. Her legs bare no markings, except for the white socks she has for each leg. Her eyes are the color of bright green. Her most interesting feature would be the sharp teeth that are in her mouth, they are unlike anything her family has or her people have.

( POSITIVE + ) whimsical , empathic , hopeless romantic , motherly , protective , brutally honest—
( NEGATIVE - ) gullible , volatile , unpredictable , moody , manipulative , vulgar , bi-polar—

Naida is in essence, the sea made woman; her personality an ebb and flow of each other. She has a hard shell around her, much like a crab protecting the soft flesh underneath. At her core, she is protective and oh so very motherly; especially to those she cares about, to include her lovers and most importantly, her crew. Naida is empathic, and often described to be very emotional. She has bi-polar tendencies, and can be as unpredictable as the ocean itself. One moment, she can be found to be kind and loving, and the next.. a volatile hurricane with anger that spirals into a cyclone of rage. Naida does not mean for her fury to manifest so harshly; in most cases, she has no control over it, much like the sea she loves so dearly.

As she is new to the land of Novus and it's unknown oceans, Naida has grown to be suspicious and rather gullible to those she meets. She is not without common sense, however, she has slight naive thinking due to her lack of knowledge of such a place. Naida is still the daughter of the Sea Court Queen, and the princess and lady of the pirate king himself. Because of this, she is political and knows her ways with words and the ways of kingdoms. Although she can be vulgar, having grown to live without a filter, Naida is still described to be sweet and lovely at times. An ocean daughter and mermaid with a tongue as sharp as a silver dagger. She loves deeply, whole-heartedly, and enjoys the beauty in every small little thing. Although she is betrothed and hopelessly in love with her king, Naida is also polyamorous; much like many that call themselves ocean fae. She is not bound by her passions for only one soul; instead, Naida enjoys sharing her wealth of love and romance with many. Lastly, Naida is loyal, almost to a fault. She will do anything — anything — to find out the whereabouts of her potentially sunken ship, her crew, and best of all, her pirate king. Her lover. Her heart in the flesh, besides the sea.

From the ocean she was born, kissed by salt and brine, and to the ocean she shall always return.

In a land far far away, dwelled a kingdom that lay in equal balance between the land and sea. The world was covered in a deep ocean of brightest blue; the sky the richest cerulean, the earth the lushest shade of emerald. This place was home to a commonwealth of sea-folk and land-mermaids; for they were ocean fae, blessed to be at home on the surface and in the fathoms below. Here, in a wondrous place that could rival that of stories told to children, is a kingdom home to the Court of the Sea. The ocean fae were ruled over by a Court that was equally just and brutal; a mighty family of a kingless queen and her sons, and one, sole daughter. An ocean-daughter, the youngest of five in a kingdom that did not choose an heir by order or gender, Naida was born to be the Obsidian princess; blessed by salt water and their gods that ruled the seas.

From birth, she was tough; a hard shell that protected her from the violence that felled the court, and also as soft as damp sand at her center. Her brothers taught her the meaning of protection, and destruction; but there was also a kindness there, like the soft lapping of ocean waves on the shore. Her mother, the Queen, groomed her for rule, as she did with all of her children. However, Naida's heart was not bound to a throne crafted from opalescent pearl and carved sandstone; no, her heart was forevermore tied to the sea. The raging waters that churned during summer storms, the tropical coves that beaconed to her like lost treasure, and the mysteries that lay at the bottom of the ocean floor.

As she grew older, Naida found herself more and more unmistakably drawn to sea and it's hidden wonders. Her mother, having banned her at youth from venturing too far out of fear for her only daughter's life, knew all at once that nothing would keep Naida from the ocean, and the ocean from her in return. So she set her young daughter free; under one condition. She would be arranged to marry a pirate king's son; to unite the Sea Court and the rulers of the untamed waters under one, powerful union. Rebellious, Naida despised her mother's — her Queen's — demand. She attempted, and later failed, to run away. To swim as far as her legs could take her. But the ocean-daughter soon realized, as salt and brine began to rob her of oxygen below the water's edge, the reason why her mother forbade her from the one place she felt most at home.

Naida was drowning; not a single drop of magic in her blood, the sea gods having cursed her with the inability to transform. She was damned with legs, not fins; unlike the ocean fae that were blessed with both.

The gods did not leave their sea-kissed daughter to perish, as no one other than her betrothed dove to save her. Plucking her from the fathoms and onto his ship — her ship, now — Calypso's Fury. Although at first she was brazen, her savior more of a captor that chained her, Naida grew to warm to the life on the sea. With him, her pirate lord. She was a mermaid with legs, and as time passed, the princess became a mistress of the ocean herself. A cut throat, a hardened lass, a pirate herself. All at once, she found herself falling head over heels for her king, her lover. And together, they ruled the ocean seas to every corner, every cove, and every bay.

Their names were known far and wide over the course of time. Having left her kingdom far behind her, but not forgetton, Naida embraced her new life, coming to enjoy it's riches and passions and heartaches with every ebb and flow of the ocean's waves. One night, however, her world came crashing down as a rival would-be king set their ship — their crew — ablaze with emerald fire. She was tossed into the ocean, her lover caught in a feud for their rule over the seas; her last view of him battling cutlass to cutlass before the water claimed her. The night slipped away to morning as she drifted, her body balanced on a piece of wood from her own ship, until the sun and shore woke her. On the sands of a foreign land and a sea she did not know, Naida found herself here. In a place she knew nothing of, and with no knowledge of her ship, her crew, or her beloved, lost king.

Here, she will do anything to find them, and to win back the seas and what is so rightfully theirs.

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Ref image done by Spoupi. Avatar from Memuii. Original Sea Court concept adapted/modified by Roo/Keira.

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